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Increased Confidence.
Increased Savings.

Why Consumers Need MEG

In health care, cost and quality are not related in the same way they are for other buying decisions.
MEG provides consumers with personal guidance, powerful outcome metrics and accurate cost information to help them choose better-value facilities for complex health care procedures and surgeries.

Through predictive analytics and modeling, MEG identifies members on a diagnostic journey that has the potential to lead to expensive surgery. But MEG goes beyond traditional technology solutions by providing one-on-one support to members as they make a care decision.

The MEG Confidence Journey

High-Quality Standards.
Well-Informed Decisions.

Patient experience information

Composite risk-adjusted quality scores

Proprietary confidence index incorporating quality and cost data

cash rewards for choosing high value care

Consultation with clinical team for end-to-end support

Decision support to identify and assess treatment options

information to prepare for procedures and post-procedure follow-up

Assistance with referrals, second opinions and scheduling

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