Seamless, Successful Health Care Shopping.

VitalsChoice® is an integrated health care platform that brings together powerful, intuitive transparency tools and pairs them with cash rewards. The result: VitalsChoice members are motivated to shop for high-quality, affordable health care.

True Health Care Transparency

Vitals easy-to-use platform encourages members to be informed health care consumers. We help them understand cost and quality information so they can choose the provider that is right for them. And our cash rewards program changes behavior and activates members to choose better-value care.

Consumer Knowledge

Vitals is the only health care transparency company with a decade of experience engaging consumers on the web. We’ve been helping hundreds of millions of people make important care choices since 2007.

Comprehensive, Modular Platform

Our integrated platform brings together all the information members need to make informed decisions about the cost and quality of care. We help people find the right provider, understand their costs, read user ratings and reviews and get cash rewards for choosing cost-effective care. Provider Finder, Patient Reviews, Cost Calculator and Cash Incentives are seamlessly integrated for effective ease of use. Each communication and education program is designed for your unique workforce.

Cash Rewards

Members are informed and motivated to become active purchasers of cost-effective health care.

Implementation & Support

Our highly experience implementation team is with you every step of the way, backed up by dedicated account management providing ongoing support.


See how Vitals health care transparency solutions help people shop for better care.