Kathy Trombi

Supervisor, Personal Assistant Team

Q: What was the best part of your job as a Health Cost Advisor?

A:  The best part of my job is definitely speaking to the members and telling them they will be receiving an incentive check just for calling us first and choosing to go to a cost-effective facility.  Sometimes this comes as a surprise to the members, which is even more rewarding.  At times, the members are really having a hard time with multiple medical issues.  It’s rewarding to be able to let them know that they’ll be receiving a check in mail that might help ease their worries a little.

Q: How many consumers do you help on an average day?

A: The amount of members that I speak to during the day varies depending on the day.  It could be as few as 20, or in the case of the NPR broadcast, as many as 80+ per day! I also respond to support emails and voicemails during the day.

Q: How did you wind up in your job?

A: Through a friend. I was interested in getting back into the corporate world as a call center advisor, which is what I had done for many years before having children.  I contacted my friend to learn more about Smart Shopper.  He told me they were interested in hiring a part-time employee and rest is history!