A program for health plans and employer groups that reduces health costs for all.

Five Facts

1. What is SmartShopper?
SmartShopper reminds you that you have choices when it comes to your health care. If your doctor recommends a particular medical service, SmartShopper can tell you how much that test or procedure costs at different in-network facilities in your area. If you choose a cost-effective option, you can qualify for a cash reward.

2. How can I participate in SmartShopper?
Currently, SmartShopper is only available through your health plan or employer. If your company doesn’t have SmartShopper as part of your benefits package, tell your benefits manager about us.

3. How much money can I receive as a reward?
Rewards currently range from $25 up to $500.
Read how we gave back $1.4 million in incentive cash last year.

4. What medical services qualify for a reward?
You can receive cash rewards by choosing cost-effective options for most screening exams, diagnostic tests, labs and certain surgical procedures, treatments and therapies (including physical therapy).

5. How do I know the options suggested by SmartShopper are also high quality options?
Nobody saves money through poor-quality care. That’s why all health centers on SmartShopper have met your health plan’s strict quality standards. The facilities are well-known and fully licensed to provide services.