Consumers Need Cost, Quality and Access Data for Health Care Choices

CEO of Vitals discusses next-generation decision support tools at 6th Annual Leadership Summit on Consumerism Through Health Plan Innovation

ORLANDO, FL – March 6, 2014 –Health care is becoming more complicated. There are more health insurance options, more choices in medical caregivers and more cost burden shifting to the consumer. Amidst these changes, consumers increasingly need decision support tools to help them make the right choice.

Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals, will discuss how health plans can employ next-generation engagement solutions for consumers with co-presenter Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Ann Tournoux, from Health Alliance Plan.

Since 2008, Vitals has helped health care consumers find the right doctor and prepare for their visit through Vitals’ award winning websites. The company also provides an integrated solution suite to health plans that helps members understand the intersection of quality and cost in their health care decisions. Rothschild will outline how online shopping features have benefited consumers in other industries and how this model is shifting to health care. Equally important, he will outline how decision support tools will help health plans stay competitive in an industry undergoing reform.

“Buyers typically want to know three things when faced with a purchase decision: cost, quality and access,” said Rothschild. “As consumers bear more of the cost burden for medical care, they will demand transparency that allows them to make smarter decisions about health care providers and insurance plan choices.”

The session “Next Level Decision Support Tools — What We Need Now and How to Prepare for Tomorrow” will be featured during the World Congress’ 6th Annual Leadership Summit on Consumerism Through Health Plan Innovation at 8:30 a.m., March 12th in Orlando, FL.

About Vitals

Vitals believes that technology makes better health possible. We are a leader in providing online tools and actionable data that enable health care consumers to make more informed decisions about the cost and quality of medical care. Through health plans, hospitals and our leading consumer websites, Vitals helps more than 150 million people each year access information for better, more affordable care.