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Dr. Nader Bazzi, DDS is a Dentist primarily located in Dearborn, MI, with another office in Canton, MI. His specialties include General Dentistry. He speaks English.

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Dr. Nader Bazzi has 2 locations

5211 Schaefer Rd
Dearborn, MI 48126
1325 N Canton Center Rd
Canton, MI 48187

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Advantages of Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry Advantages Of Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry                                                We Are Here To Make You Smile Dr. Nader Bazzi is head and shoulders above what you may have experienced elsewhere.  Because of his advanced training and passion for doing challenging dentistry and doing it well, you can count on him to do your treatment right.  For Dr. Bazzi this means giving you long lasting beautiful results. Million Dollar Smiles, Pleasant Dental Visits, Emotional Well Being, Dentistry Like You May Have Never Experienced, Teeth That Look Good And Feel Great For A Lifetime. Learn the secrets of improving your smile, energizing your personal and business relationships, getting noticed, increasing your income, living a longer and better life, and super-charging your sex appeal. From: Dr. Bazzi,  Dear Friend: This letter is to explain Dr. Bazzi Method of dentistry; What it is, what it does, and the advantages for you. The letter isn’t short, but it is worth reading. Thank you for your attention. Scroll down to read the article or click on a topic that interests you. What Is The Dr. Bazzi Method Of Dentistry? • I Didn’t Realize It Was Something Special! • My Colleagues Made Me Give It a Name! • Works to Elevate Standards of Care Do You Have A Dazzling Smile? • When You Smile Your Mood Improves! • Your Smile Makes all the Difference in How Others Treat You and Relate to You • Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry For A Smile You Want to Show Off The Dread Is Gone! It’s Over! You Can Relax • Stone Age Dentistry Is a Thing of the Past Dentistry Isn’t An Optional Health Service You Can Disregard • Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry Gives Long Term Solutions • Prevention is a Major Component How Long Do You Want To Live? The Answer Could Lie With You Teeth! • Stop the Aging of Your Teeth We Work Together – It’s A Partnership • Who Benefits Most From Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry? • Yes, You Are Worth It! • It Doesn’t Take As Much Time As You Might Think! • We Only Do Treatment We Would Do On Ourselves! Having A Great Smile Is Worth It • Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry Isn’t for Everyone • An Investment In You Most People Have No Idea Of Just How Important Their Teeth Are! • Don’t put your health off another day What People Are Saying About the Dr. Bazzi Method • Testimonial • Dr. Bazzi’s Biography What Is The Dr. Bazzi Method Of Dentistry? • The artistic pursuit of beautiful teeth and gorgeous smiles. • A system that carefully evaluates how to make your teeth look their best while functioning properly and staying healthy. • A comprehensive approach combining the best practices of treatment learned and observed inside and outside the profession. • Built on a thoroughness approach that gives you predictable results. •A physician of the mouth approach applying the science of comfort, health, function, and longevity of the teeth, gums, jaw joints, and chewing mechanism, based on solid principles…time-tested and true…coupled with the latest dental research. • The result of an extended study of over 11 years that required substantial investment and over thousands of hours of additional training and research beyond what is required to be a dentist… that continues on even today. • A unified system that uses the best-of-the-best in techniques and technology. • An ever-evolving system of care designed to get great treatment results, enhance comfort and reduce anxiety and leave you with a radiant smile. • An investment in yourself that pays big personal dividends every day of your life. • A demanding discipline that is a daily challenge, but one that my team and I embrace. We won’t compromise results. We will give options, but refuse to give a bad option. • A system that recognizes the importance of the patient who has the teeth, and doesn’t treat the patient as a “case” but a person who has feelings, concerns, and questions. • A method, which has as one of its goals, a great smile matched to the personality and physiology of you as an individual. • A way to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. I Didn’t Realize It Was Something Special! Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry is a new combination of methods of care and patient relations. It uniquely addresses the major concerns of everyone who wants a great smile and healthy teeth for life. It evolves as the dental profession progresses and as I add the applications of the latest research on the best methods dentistry has to offer. Most of it is from the United States, but portions come from Europe and Asia. I have been so immersed in what I’ve been developing, it never dawned on me how unique Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry had become. Many dentists across the world use some part of this system. It was really the compilation and condensation into a unified approach that makes it unique. The Dr. Bazzi Method copies and often improves on the techniques that were already considered among the best that dentistry has to offer. I’ve studied with many world-renowned teachers. Many of whom have been personal mentors to me…it is the combination of their teachings, thousands of hours of study…and my own improvements… that have resulted in the Dr.Bazzi Method. Works To Elevate Standards Of Care Dr. Bazzi Method dentistry is often far more difficult challenge to the dentist. It is picky. It strives to always find ways to improve. It never ’rests on it’s laurels’. It is, by design, working to elevate standards of care. The constant questions we ask of ourselves are: How can we do it better, faster, easier, and more comfortably? How can we make our results even more beautiful and longer lasting? How can we improve the experience of our patients to make it friendlier, gentler, and even more enjoyable? We get answers, apply them and continue asking. We’ll never stop asking. It is not perfect…even Mother Nature doesn’t do such a good job for some people. But it is a very, very good, unified system that strives for excellence. The Appearance Of Your Teeth And Your Smile Are More Important… The appearance of your teeth and your smile are more important than they were even just 10-15 years ago. Our society is very conscious about appearance and honestly… it forces all of us to pay attention to how our teeth look…more so than ever before. Don’t you almost always remember someone with an especially attractive smile? If your answer is yes, you are a part of the 88% of America that remembers people with especially good-looking smiles. Just about three-fourths of all Americans agree that an unattractive smile can seriously hurt a person’s chance for financial and career success. Over half of all Americans wish they could change something about their smile! Some people want to fix problems they have had since childhood like discoloured or irregularly shaped teeth, unattractive gaps or crooked teeth. Some adults want to correct problems that developed over time with worn, broken, chipped, cracked teeth or ugly, dark fillings. Do You Have A Dazzling Smile?Would You Like To? The truth is, that the absence or presence of a dazzling smile has carried great significance for hundreds of years from the time of the Renaissance… to today’s cover girl. A smile is considered a reliable indicator of one’s sense of well-being. It has an enormous impact on a person’s health, self-esteem and general outlook. When You Smile Your Mood Improves! Try this at home. Go to a mirror. Smile into it repeatedly for just 5 minutes. Give the mirror real smiles – don’t fake it. What will you find? You feel better – and you were only smiling at yourself! Why is this? The secret is Mother Nature created a hard-wired system that goes from the smile muscles directly to the brain, stimulating it to release mood improving substances (some of these are the same ones as released after exercise) So every time you smile… a little more is released. Talk about a new way for self-improvement! It is quite frankly close to impossible to smile without simultaneously raising your emotional mood! Your Smile Makes All The Difference In How Others Treat You And Relate To You When you have an attractive smile, other people like you more. They feel better about themselves. They are more eager to be your friend or be in business with you. They’ll more easily do you favors. They trust you more. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry For A Smile You Want To Show Off So really having a great smile is about your emotional health! How you feel about yourself and how others feel about you. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry evaluates each patient from age 8 to 80 to ensure that an individual looks his best… so you get a smile you want to show off. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry addresses your functional health – how the bite is working and the health of the jaw joints and chewing mechanisms. For many people this is a serious… but non-painful situation that causes a person to wear away… literally “eat” his own teeth! Like a quiet, deadly virus that creeps into the body unnoticed and slowly, but increasingly, raises havoc. For some, missing teeth or overworked jaw joints cause various kinds of suffering. Our system addresses these factors so you can chew comfortably and stop the insidious disease process. Dr. Bazzi Method addresses the condition and structure of the teeth themselves. Dentistry wears out. It is a lifetime need. It should be planned for… but few people do. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry addresses the biologic health of your teeth, the health of your gums and the insides of the teeth themselves. The Dread Is Gone! It’s Over! You Can Relax Really you can. I know, I know. It can be hard for you if you have had a nightmare of an experience. Stone Age Dentistry Is A Thing Of The Past Stone Age Dentistry of just 20 years ago is a thing of the past. Horrible, debilitating childhood experiences are no longer. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry recognizes what has stopped so many from having a beautiful smile they are proud of and keeping their teeth for a lifetime. And we have done something about it. Our system uses newly developed techniques and technology to make your visit easier, faster, and more comfortable. So… say good-bye to your anxieties… your sweaty palms… and “I hate the dentist” attitude. You no longer have to dread it so much that it keeps you up at night or makes the car trip to the office one you want to delay forever. You can relax, knowing it will be virtually painless. Say good-bye to your dental fears. Say ‘Hello’ to a better dental experience… Friendly, Gentle Dentistry with proven results… a great smile and healthy teeth for life. Dentistry Isn’t An Optional Health Service You Can Disregard Here’s Why: Mounting evidence points to the critical …and possibly life threatening links… between poor dental health and a slew of serious health conditions… heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Poor dental health markedly worsened all of these life threatening conditions. Rheumatoid arthritis is linked to diseased teeth and gums. Poor dental health of mothers appears to increase the incidence of low birth weight babies. So it isn’t just about teeth anymore. It is about your health. It is about your life! Dr.Bazzi Method Dentistry Gives Long Term Solutions It doesn’t promise what it can’t deliver. You will receive real-life realistic expectations based on statistical evidence on longevity of dental therapy. Naturally you will be offered the longest lasting treatment – that’s part of the system. Prevention Is A Major Component Dr. Bazzi Method system addresses prevention of disease and long-term maintainability of your oral health. We won’t give you an impossibly difficult task of cleaning your mouth where you can’t get to it. We don’t go against human nature. We want to make it as easy as possible for you… so you can and will… do what you need to maintain your dental health. We will prescribe your maintenance, prevention, and professional cleaning visits based on your individual needs. How Long Do You Want To Live? The Answer Could Lie With You Teeth! I have known for a long time, that people with healthy teeth and gums live longer and enjoy themselves more in their golden years, from personal observation. According to one source, a person lives 6.6 years longer when they have a healthy mouth! As a comparison, stopping smoking only yields a little over 5 years of increased longevity! There ought to be a national campaign similar to the stop smoking campaign on achieving and maintaining dental health, at least. The Dr. Bazzi Method system understands this in spades and helps you achieve the dental health you need. But it isn’t just about the quantity of your life. The quality of your life is directly affected. Our patients live active, full lives that they enjoy… traveling… enjoying a good meal… playing with their kids or grandkids…spending time with their friends. They are able to smile with confidence…laugh heartily at the goings-on of life… chew and savor their food. How much is that worth? Stop The Aging Of Your Teeth Teeth get “tired”. Figuratively speaking, restorations (fillings) get “tired” just like our bodies as they grow older. Just like our eyes need bifocals increasingly past age forty… so do our teeth need extra help. Old fillings or other dentistry starts breaking down and wearing out after it has been in the mouth a long time. Usually starting at around age forty, a person will start needing replacements for worn out dentistry. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry Is Designed To: Help teeth last longer Slow the ravages of wear and tear Rejuvenate the tired teeth and restorations when the time comes Restore bright, cheery smiles you are proud to show off And when needed: Give “Smile Make-Over’s” that can wipe 10-20 years off your apparent age We Work Together – It’s A Partnership Nothing is forced upon you. Your situation is intelligently analyzed and then discussed with you to arrive at what is best for you. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry is consultative, not authoritarian. It, by design, requires the patient and the Doctor to work together to create the best results for that individual patient. Who Benefits Most From Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry? The people who benefit from this system most are those who want excellence in dentistry and radiantly attractive teeth You’ll like our dentistry if you: Want a million dollar smile Want to look better so others will notice you and give you the attention you deserve. Are ashamed or embarrassed by your teeth Are just scared Have old dentistry that is tired and worn out Have suffered with your mouth Have a mouth that is a mess Have come close to giving up on your teeth (or already have). Are about to lose your teeth or already have Haven’t found a dental team you feel comfortable with, one you can trust Haven’t gotten the dental answers you need If you answered yes to one or more of these, we could be the right place for you Yes, You Are Worth It! Do you know what is a shame? What doesn’t make good sense? Why is it that a lot of people who could afford cosmetic dentistry don’t have it done? The answer may surprise you. It is because of low self-esteem. These esteem-poor folks don’t feel they are worth it! If that is the case with you …it is sad…really a shame…because…you really do deserve to look your best, to look as good as you can. Plus a great smile will do wondrous things to raise your self-esteem! It Doesn’t Take As Much Time As You Might Think! Another reason people deny themselves the benefits of looking great and having a healthy mouth is because they believe it will take too long. That used to be true. Admittedly, some treatment does take significant time. But getting a fantastic smile can take as little as two visits over a 10-20 day period. Often results can occur in one visit or even overnight. Dr. Bazzi is at the forefront of dentistry with bringing Teeth in an Hour and Teeth in a Day technology to the benefit of South Easterners that would like to erase decades of dental problems in the shortest time possible. We Only Do Treatment We Would Do On Ourselves Speaking of what we would want for ourselves, we won’t do treatment, or prescribe treatment we would not do on ourselves. In fact, it is one of the questions we ask ourselves when considering any treatment for any patient of ours – “Would I have this done for me knowing what I know?” If the answer is no, then we won’t do it for you either. This is about doing what is right and for the right reasons. That’s a promise! Having A Great Smile Is Worth It There is no question, no way of getting around it…this kind of dentistry isn’t cheap. But you don’t have to go broke to get the smile you’ve always wanted. It could cost as much as a used car, or even a run-down used car. Everyone is different so there is no way to predict without a proper evaluation. Now for the good news…there are payment plans for the qualified that make the cost of this type of dental work…as virtually painless as the dental work itself. Do you want the bottom-line…the real truth? The truth is, it is more expensive not to have a “million-dollar smile” then to go to the investment of getting one! While it is difficult to put an exact monetary value on this kind of dental work, it has been my experience that it is worth many, many times what it costs. Why do I say this? Because time, after time, after time I’ve seen patients who have “our brand” of dentistry get promoted… land the job of their dreams …and even find that special someone they’ve looked for all their lives. Suddenly other people are paying attention to them. They are getting noticed. Others are showing markedly increased interest in them. This scenario repeats itself everyday. I’ve even seen it revive the waning interest of a spouse of 20+ years and practically save a marriage. I’ve seen forty something old singles get married within a few months after treatment. I can’t guarantee that will happen to you but it has happened countless times. Do You Suffer From Smile-Restraint? You know. Do you smile less often than you should… less often than you want to? Do you alter your smile so something won’t show? Do you look away so others won’t see your mouth? Do you cover your mouth so others can’t see your teeth? Do you hesitate to smile broadly? If you answered yes to any one of these questions… your present smile is getting in the way of your own personality… your relationships… your career…your success… your life. You don’t have to have the face of a Greek God or Goddess or a movie star or the body of a bikini model…but… if you don’t smile because you are embarrassed or ashamed of your teeth…I believe the overall financial and emotional cost taken as a whole over your lifetime to be…very…considerable. Dr.Bazzi Method Dentistry Isn’t For Everyone As you might imagine, it is a lot more challenging to practice this way. It demands more of us…more friendliness…more gentleness…more care…more skill…more judgment …than what you might be used to. It requires us to have a different kind of facility…leading edge technology…state-of-the-art equipment… professional people-oriented staff…world-class laboratory artisans…comprehensive, thorough examinations that leave no stone unturned…carefully-honed, predictable techniques that successfully get results…on-going training from the leaders of dentistry…an unending commitment to doing things the right way. It is more demanding to practice this way but it is easier and better for patients. Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry takes more time from me and my team. Not necessarily time for you to receive treatment while in the office but definitely when you aren’t there. That’s when we spend a great deal of time behind the scenes that you’ll never see. We analyze your dental situation… prepare materials… equipment… instruments…study digital x-rays…analyze your digital photographs…communicate with our master laboratory artisans… and make everything ready so you spend as little time as necessary in our office to get your work done. If you are a person who wants this level of excellence, you’ll enjoy our practice and its results…I guarantee it! Our patients are our biggest fans. They are advocates for Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry and refer their family, friends and co-workers. When you decide to join us, we would expect you to invite others just like they do. An Investment In You Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry is an investment in your looks, emotional well-being and physical health. Where else can you have an investment that pays dividends 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year? Where else is your investment with you, part of you, enhancing how others see and treat you? …Enhancing how you feel? …Enriching the quality and number of your relationships…Increasing how long you live? Dr. Bazzi Method Dentistry is the result of a passionate pursuit… a tangible zeal to help people have teeth that last a lifetime and look their best in the process. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m too excited. It’s just that I feel so strongly about what my team and I do. Most People Have No Idea Of Just How Important Their Teeth Are! Or worse, some people have lost all their teeth but don’t know something can be done about it. So please forgive my fervor. It is simply that I want to help people. I love being a dentist. I love performing this level of dentistry to help people. I want to help people who can appreciate the magnitude and importance of a great smile and healthy teeth. If you are one, I invite you to join us. This quote from the late, great Dr. Harold Wirth underscores why: “The mouth in its entirety is an important and even wondrous part of our anatomy, our emotions, our life; it is the site of our very being. When an animal loses its teeth, it cannot survive unless it is domesticated; its very existence is terminated; it dies. In the human, the mouth is the means of speaking, of expressing love, happiness and joy, anger, ill temper, or sorrow. It is the primary sex contact; hence it is of initial import to our regeneration and survival by food and propagation. It deserves the greatest care it can receive at any sacrifice.” So there is the explanation of my life’s passion for dentistry. Thank you for reading this letter. Now it is up to you to make the next move. Contact us today at: (734) 455-0095  Your e-mails are always welcome, so feel free to e-mail us at: Sincerely, Dr.Nader Bazzi,

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