Thoroughly wash and dry your hands before ever touching contact lenses.


  • Use the recommended lens care system.
  • Rinse the lens storage case
  • Air-dry the lens case to prevent contamination
  • Get regular eye exams to inspect state of the lenses and health of your eyes
  • Remove lenses prior to inserting eye medicine. You may reinsert after 15 minutes
  • Insert lenses before makeup application
  • Replace eye makeup every 3-6 months when using with lenses


  • Wear hand lotion when handling contact lenses
  • Place contacts in your mouth or wet with saliva
  • Use homemade saline mixtures
  • Use tap water for storage or rinsing the lens
  • Use distilled water
  • Use solution more than once
  • Insert eye medication with lenses in place
  • Wear when swimming (bacteria can stay trapped behind the lens)
  • Spread makeup to the inner rim of the eyelid

Adherence to washing your hands and the Do list while avoiding the practices on the don’t list will prevent lens contamination and bacterial eye infections, making the use of lenses a more comfortable experience.