Asking the right questions is the first step to finding the best treatment for your head and neck cancer. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

General Questions

  • What type of cancer do I have?

  • What is the stage of my cancer?

  • Will I need more tests to find the type of cancer and the stage?

  • What are the options for treating my cancer?

  • What treatment do you think is best for me?

  • Can I get other opinions about treatment?

  • Can treatment cure my cancer?

  • When should I start treatment?

  • Where is the treatment given?

  • What should I do to get ready for treatment?

  • What changes can I make to help treatment work best?

  • Will I need more than one type of treatment?

  • If so, which treatment comes first?

  • What are the benefits and risks for these treatments?

  • Are there long-term side effects?

  • Will my treatment interfere with any drugs I'm taking now?

  • Will I need any nutrition treatment or counseling?

  • Should I see a dentist before treatment?

  • Are there support services are available to help me through treatment?

  • Will treatment cure my cancer?

  • Will treatment control my cancer?

  • Will treatment relieve my symptoms?

  • Are there any clinical studies I should consider for my cancer?

Surgery Questions

  • Can surgery cure my cancer?

  • Do I need other treatments before or after surgery?

  • How long will I be in the hospital?

  • What are the risks and complications from surgery?

  • Will there be pain?

  • How will pain be treated?

  • Will I need reconstructive surgery?

  • Will I need physical therapy?

  • How long is the recovery?

Chemotherapy Questions

  • Will chemotherapy be the first treatment?

  • Will there be other treatments before or after?

  • How often will I need treatment?

  • How will the treatment be given?

  • Where will the treatment be given?

  • How long will treatment last?

  • What side effects should I expect?

  • What can be done to reduce side effects?

Radiation Therapy Questions

  • Will radiation therapy be my first treatment?

  • Will I need other treatments before or after radiation?

  • What are the side effects?

  • What can be done to reduce side effects or manage them?

Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy Questions

  • Are there targeted or immunotherapies that can be used for my cancer?

  • What other treatments will I need?

  • How are targeted or immunotherapies given?

  • How long will I need the treatment?

  • What are the side effects?