After making your appointment with a healthcare provider, there are certain actions that you should take in order to maximize the benefit of your visit.

Write out and bring the following lists with you:

  • All medications that are currently being taken
  • All symptoms experienced, with a timeline
  • Allergies
  • Past medical history including surgery, medical problems and the dates of each
  • Any skin lesions or change in pigment

In addition, you’ll want to wear loose clothing and undergarments in preparation for a full body scan. You should also stop taking aspirin a week prior to the exam if there is any possibility of biopsies.

For an MRI:

  • Wear clothes without any metal
  • Remove all jewelry, Glasses, hearing aids, dentures, wallet
  • Remove cosmetics/make-up
  • Remove any prosthetic devices

Make sure to also follow any instructions given to you by your doctor or staff at the facility where you’ll be tested.