After you are diagnosed with MS, you’ll probably have some questions—perhaps a lot of questions. This list can help you figure out what you should ask. Look it over before your next appointment, or print it out to take with you.

Questions about My Diagnosis

  • What caused my multiple sclerosis?
  • What type of MS do I have? What stages will I experience?
  • Are there other conditions that can be confused with MS? Are there other conditions associated with MS?
  • Should I see a specialist?

Questions about My Treatment

  • Is there treatment for MS? If so, what do you recommend?
  • How is the treatment administered? What are the side effects?
  • Can the treatment keep me in remission?
  • Are there alternative therapies for MS?
  • Are there clinical trials that I can enroll in?

Questions about My Lifestyle and Family

  • Is MS hereditary?
  • Are there activities that I should avoid?
  • Will I still be able to work? Can I drive?
  • Is there a special diet I should be on?
  • Are there exercises to improve my condition?