Initial screening for skin cancer will be done by doctors who see patients on a regular basis and have an ongoing relationship with them. Depending on your age or gender, those physicians may be:

  • General practitioner: Focuses on the overall health of a patient at any age.
  • Obstetrician/gynecologist: Focuses on the care of women.
  • Pediatrician: Focuses on infants, children and adolescent patients.
  • Gerontologist: Focuses on seniors and the elderly.

Once it has been determined that further medical investigation is necessary, specialists that a patient may need to see include:

  • Dermatologist: Focuses on health and diseases of the skin. Not every dermatologist also does biopsies or surgical procedures so it is important to check with the facility or doctor’s office first.
  • Dermatological surgeon: Focuses on health and diseases of the skin and also does biopsies and surgical removal of tumors and abnormal skin areas

The team involved with skin cancer surgery along with the dermatological surgeon includes:

  • Histotechnician: Prepares the tissue for analysis.
  • Pathologist: Analyzes the microscopic samples on slides for tumors and notifies the surgeon when specimen is free of any remaining cancer.
  • Plastic surgeon: Cosmetically reconstructs the surgical defect left from biopsies and surgical tumor removal.