Review the following lists of questions about type 2 diabetes before your doctor visit, or print them out to bring with you. You may want to highlight the ones most important to you, and make notes where necessary.

Questions About My Symptoms

  • Do you think my symptoms mean I may have diabetes, or another medical condition?
  • What types of diagnostic tests do I need?
  • Will you give me written information or instructions for my tests?
  • Should I see additional doctors for their input on my condition?
  • How should I create a chart with symptoms, meals and urination times?

Questions About My Diagnosis

  • Which type of diabetes do I have?
  • Which treatments do you recommend for me?
  • Do I need to take any medication? If so, what kind, how much, and at what times? Do I need insulin treatment?
  • How often should I monitor my blood sugar?
  • What blood sugar range should I be aiming for?
  • How does low blood sugar feel? What should I do if it happens?
  • How does high blood sugar feel? What should I do if it happens?
  • Would you suggest that I make changes to my lifestyle or diet? Should I see a dietitian?
  • How much daily exercise do I need?
  • Would you recommend I see a diabetes educator?
  • I have additional health problems—how will my diabetes treatment affect them?
  • Is there a generic alternative to the medicine you’re prescribing for me?
  • How often should I come back for a diabetes check-up?
  • Can you give me any printed material about type 2 diabetes?
  • What websites do you recommend?