Debra Marie Jaegle Md

3100 Oak Grove Rd, Poplar Bluff, MOPoplar Bluff, MO

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Debra Marie Jaegle Md is a Practice with 1 Location. Currently Debra Marie Jaegle Md's 139 physicians cover 54 specialty areas of medicine.

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Debra Marie Jaegle Md
3100 Oak Grove Rd
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
Tel: (573) 686-8199
Fax: (573) 686-8398


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Adolescent Medicine
Adolescent specialists are doctors who have advanced training in the health issues that adolescents face. These physicians deal with issues like the onset of puberty, reproductive health, eating disorders, irregular periods, mood changes, drugs and pressures from home and school. For girls entering adulthood, adolescent specialists can act as both pediatrician and gynecologist, so they only have to see one doctor for all their needs.
Adult, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry