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Mini Cassia Physicians Services is a Group Practice with 1 Location. Currently Mini Cassia Physicians Services's 81 physicians cover 36 specialty areas of medicine.

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Mini Cassia Physicians Services
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Mini Cassia Physicians Services has 36 Specialties

Aerospace Medicine
If you’re a pilot, flight attendant or astronaut, you may benefit from consulting with an aerospace medical physician. They specialize in health risks and conditions associated with traveling into abnormal air and space environments, usually caused by pressure and altitude changes or reduced oxygen levels. This includes hypoxia, ebullism and hypobaria.Other areas of expertise include jet lag, dehydration and your body’s response to thermal stress, which can influence your decision making ability. More serious conditions might include G-induced loss of consciousness (known as G-LOC), spatial disorientation and space adaptation syndrome, a sickness common when your body is adjusting to weightlessness.
Critical Care Respiratory Therapy