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Top notch show details Top notch
Feb 10th, 2015

Hands down the best physician I've ever had.

Negligent. Rude. show details Negligent. Rude.
Jan 13th, 2015

Dr. Alexander Kofinas- Garden City, NY. After a sonogram- told me I had to have surgery right away or I would bleed to death. He THOUGHT he saw a second baby. AFTER the surgery I find out he was WRONG. The man wouldn't even apologize. Continued to insist there was still another baby. I lived my worst nightmare. Lovenox, surgery and could have ended my REAL pregnancy with his negligence and MISDIAGNOSIS. I thank GOD my daughter is safe and healthy today and will never EVER forgive this doctor for his malpractice. p.s. He still wanted his money. SICK MAN.

Dont trust him! show details Dont trust him!
by Allana B. on Mar 14th, 2014

I too was put on lovenox when I didn't need to be!!!!!! I won't even say the bedside manner is horrible, because that isn't even a bad enough word to explain it. The man is just plain rude! Thank god I got a second opinion. I too was sent for thousands in blood work for nothing. He is out for the money. He is cocky and insensitive. He preys on woman who are desperate to get pregnant.

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Misdiagnosed- worst doctor ever! show details Misdiagnosed- worst doctor ever!
Dec 30th, 2013

I went to this doctor 2 years ago and he diagnosed me with thrombophelia. He put me on Lovenox AND aspirin, and as a result I bleed excessively and lost the baby at 24 weeks. Subsequently, after speaking with 3 different high risk doctors, they All told me that they know Kofinas and that he is notorious for always diagnosing patients with thrombophelia and always putting them on Lovenox. After I showed all 3 doctors my medical records, all 3 of them told me that Lovenox made my situation worse. Please avoid going to him. He is terrible!!!!

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Horrible Horrible Horrible show details Horrible Horrible Horrible
Dec 29th, 2013

Awful bedside manner. Sent me for Unnecessary SURGERY when I was pregnant!!!!! Misdiagnosis, no follow up just horrible! AVOID****

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Do not go to this doctor!!!! show details Do not go to this doctor!!!!
Nov 6th, 2013

I used Alex Kofinas 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my twins. He put me on Lovenox which I found out from medical records I did not need. He also had me on Metphormin for diabetes which I did not have. He lies to his patients so they will take the drugs he wants them to take. My boy/girl twins are now 4 and my girl has autism. Please do not go to this man!!!!!!

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Love Them! show details Love Them!
by Christina on Sep 7th, 2013

I will forever be grateful to Dr Alex Kofinas and everyone else on his staff. We had a high risk pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy at term. He's not going to hold you hand and watch you cry he's going to fix your problem and give you a baby in return and I'll trade hand holding for a baby any day. Don't expect to be coddled but do expect an expert with him.

Aug 31st, 2012

I've been to a bunch of fertility clinics, and finally settled on Kofinas because Dr. B and the staff really inspire confidence...the nurses are fantastic! Led by Paulette and Julia, they know every patients name, her history, and treatment protocol like the back of their hands, and make you feel positive and hopeful every visit. I am so grateful to them for all of their help and encouragement throughout this process! rp

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Enter at your own risk show details Enter at your own risk
Aug 16th, 2012

Whatever you do, don't go to this facility they made me pay for a bunch of expensive fertility drugs and then asked me to bring them in so that they could give me their generic drugs. Their excuse was that the injections I paid alot of money for were too strong for me. Also, one of their medical assistants gave me the wrong instructions for my progesterone injection and I ended up with a severe skin reaction. Dr. Kofinas is very insensitive doctor. I told him what happened to me and his response was,"this never happened to anyone before" and totally dismissed my claim as if he didn't care. From the time I started my injections till my unsuccessful ivf procedure, theres been so many red flags. Don't go there.

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Top Doctor show details Top Doctor
Jun 18th, 2012

Wonderful, highly intelligent doctor! He saved my baby. He is truly genius! He is definitely more factual, and knows what he is doing. So he may be blunt & to the point. I prefer that over someone who has soft bedside manner & who is incompetent.Dr. Alexander Kofinas is truly the best and to him I am very grateful for my babies life! A !!!!!

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Jun 4th, 2012

the best doctor in the world!

Dr. Alexander Kofinas is a real doctor that gives you everything show details Dr. Alexander Kofinas is a real doctor that gives you everything
Jan 16th, 2012

Dr. Kofinas is the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever met in my life. His understanding of the fetal and placental condition is the highest. This makes him the best doctor to visit if you have history of fetal loss, miscarriage, preterm birth, incompetent cervix and similar conditions. Dr. Kofinas practice is the place to go if you got pregnant with IVF or if you suffer from Thrombophilia.His staff is amazing and gives you the impression that you are the boss and not the doctor. Very compassionate and very understanding of the emotions of high risk patients.

Fertliity show details Fertliity
Dec 27th, 2011

I rated Dr. Kofinas and his highly trained staff a 5 because of their sensitivety, compassion and knowledge they utilized to insure that my babies and I have the best experience during my process. My story was a success and I would go again insurance or no insurance.

May 5th, 2011

Dr. kofinas is in Greece more than he is here. When you go there, one staff member will tell you that he is sick and another one will tell you that he is at a funeral. If you don't like to be lied to, then he is not the doctor for you.

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Not recommend show details Not recommend
Apr 1st, 2011

His office sent me to see his associate, Dr. John N. Nguyen. He is the worst doctor ever.Dr. Nguyen did not sit down with me and ask me about my medical history or the reason I was going before sending me to the ultrasound room to check on my ovulation condition. When he walked in the room seeing me the first time, the most things he said to me was to have sex with my husband. I did not get to ask questions or talk to him in details about my conditions. He also talked to me in a very arrogant attitude as if I was someone who did not have any education or a complete stupid. When I complained to him about this, his response was no one else had ever complained before. They did not call me about the most important blood work result maybe one month late, which completely wasted my time and money on my appointments (not covered by the insurance). In addition, their administration staff did not tell me I needed to give them the reimburse checks from my insurance company. Months after I got the check and deposited into my bank account, a bill of a very big amount came. Then, someone from the finance dept. told me I needed to give that check to them. If you really want to go to this practice, I am seriously advise you avoiding Dr. Nguyen.

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Nov 18th, 2010


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High Risk, this is the doctor you NEED to see! show details High Risk, this is the doctor you NEED to see!
Nov 6th, 2010

Genious!!! The best high risk doctor in the ny area. He may not have the best bed side manner, but it does not matter when you have the best doctor caring (literally every day if he has to) over both mom and baby. His staff (Brooklyn office) is top notch! You would have to be in order to work for Dr. Kofinas. He has state of the art technology, the latest treatment in thrombolphlia (he writes the book in this disorder). If it wasn't for him, my 2 year daughter would not be with us today.

Worse experience of my life at a doctors office show details Worse experience of my life at a doctors office
by darvis72 on Jul 23rd, 2010

We went there my wife and I thinking this is the specialist we need to answer our concern for my wife blood condition while she is pregnant for the second time.We went there 7 times. 2 times we actually saw the doctor for 5 minutes time include the doctor being on the phone with us.He made my wife do unnnecessary blood test for a bill of more then $1000 .then he misdiagnosed her saying she had a short cervix and she needed to take an experimental drugs to avoid a miscarriage. Threatening her that if she does not take that drug she will lose her baby. then We seek for a second opinion and we were told by the staff that if we dont follow what the doctor recommend we should simply find another doctor. The other two doctor that we saw told my wife that her cervix is normal and if you look at her history she always had a "short" cervix and therefore should not be a cause of concern.we were in shock and disbelief but not even close as of now when we received a bill for more then $13000 wife has an insurance (Aetna) but this office charge the insurance 200 % above what is considered "reasonable" so the insurance covered 70 % ...and we still have to pay $13000 ...remember ...7 visits....$1857 per $700 co pay....for a misdiagnosed...from a doctor that told us if we choose not to listen we should leave....i wonder if we are the only one in this situation

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Great doc...Great staff!! show details Great doc...Great staff!!
Dec 19th, 2009

Only went to see Dr. Kofinas once but was very impressed by his staff... and the doctor himself is an expert in his field and is passionate about keeping his patients healthy...and again the staff is some of the nicest office staff i have ever encountered in a doctors office....

Oct 19th, 2009

Dr. Kofinas has an exceptional knowledge of his field. He can be blunt and to the point but accurate. Staff in Garden City office is awesome. Very professional and clean. Bed side matters can be a bit tough but Dr is all about facts, not small talk.

Feb 9th, 2009

I see Dr. Kofinas in his Garden CIty office and this is one of the most comfortable offces with no waiting and amble parking.

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