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Fabulous!! show details Fabulous!!
Mar 6th, 2014

Dr. Pieszak is truly amazing!! She spends a long time with you,very thorough, caring and by far the best physician I have been to!!

She's amazing! show details She's amazing!
Aug 14th, 2013

Dr. Pieszak is the best doctor I've ever come across! And let me tell you, I've seen a lot of doctors for years! She's sweet, truly cares and takes time with her patients. My daughter had been sick with symptoms and no doctor, but her, could figure it out! Does she run a lot of tests, sure, but that is what helped figured out my daughter's diagnosis. I don't know what I would do without her. Her expertise is incredible and has connected us with amazing doctors like her. My child has 2 serious health conditions and if it weren't for Dr. P I know for a fact that my child could have had major damage to her body if she didn't catch it in time which she did. I feel like a VIP with her and all of the doctors she refers us to. These negative reviews are absurd and wrong. I can't say enough good things about her. My family owes her so much!

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Jun 24th, 2013

Dr Pieszsk is an amazing doctor She is kind and caring to her patience . It is a pleasure to c her and I'm so glad she is my doctor .

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Feb 9th, 2012

simply awful unprofessional! in a hurry over books yells at you.

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Nov 15th, 2011

Only needed a flu shot without mercury. Waited for over 20 minutes. I ended being charged for the flu shot itself and doctors visit, even though there was no need to see doctor and flu shot charge should have been sent to the insurance. I called insurance and verified that both charges should not have happened. Basically they charge at will and don't care.

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Oct 24th, 2011

She is absolutely awful. She made me come into her office for my blood test results after just going in for a physical. She misdiagnosed me with a horrible illness and she and her staff left me in the exam room and did not even explain what the illness was. I was left there while her nurse tried to comfort me by saying "I'm so sorry, you are so young". After having to see countless specialists, turns out I did NOT have what she diagnosed me with, in fact I did not have anything. If I have any advice for you it's to avoid this woman like the plague...she should have her license revoked! It's like the Rheumatologist said, "She is WAY out of her league."

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Oct 19th, 2011

Dr. Pieszak is an excellent diagnostician. She has excellent communication skills. Have been a patient with my family of 5 for 9 years.

Best doctor I've had show details Best doctor I've had
Oct 1st, 2011

The comments posted here are perplexing. This doctor changed my life and perspective on my health, and some of the comments posted on this site I have not witnessed at all over numerous visits. I am 45 now, but around age 41, tired of an HMO's annual practice of merely treating an ailment when it flaired, I paid out of pocket to see her. She addressed it proactively and it no longer is a problem. Later, a life-threatening situation arose and she took command, worked with her staff to engage another hospital and another specialist doctor (as well as my family while I was down), and personally took command of the situation. Sure there were a lot of blood tests but it was what the situation warranted. I have had many doctors and health plans in my life but NEVER the personal attention and care that I have had under Dr. Pieszak. Sometimes I am surprised I don't get a personal check-up call from her. I now am in the best health and shape, I believe, since I was in high school.

Aug 23rd, 2011

Left her after about 1-1/2 years. 90%of the time she made me wait two hours or more. She ordered ALOT of tests. But I did not fault her for that because it appeared to me that she was being thorough. I always had to go in and wait two hours and pay for an office visit to get all of my test results. It bothered me that she let her big dog roam around the office. Her caring and personality was irregular. One time she flew off the handle and got very angry (I was shocked) at me and told me if I raised my voice she would leave the room. I think she is probably smart but the wait times and her social skills and having to pay for too many office visits made me glad to leave. I cannot imagine who I might refer to her.-Write about overall experiences-Write about what you like or dislike about your physician-Write about whether you would recommend-Write as if you are talking to a peer who is asking your opinion

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Wait, wait, wait, wait for craziness. show details Wait, wait, wait, wait for craziness.
Jun 4th, 2011

I've never rated a Dr. in my life, but after seeing this Doc, I must. I've liked all of my Doctos until her. She is truly nuts. Really, she's nuts. She orders all kinds of test that ARE not appropriate that her office can not even perform, yells, is totally hyper and unfocussed, makes you wait FOR EVER (I waited 2 hours 5 minutes-why? I'll never know why I didn't walk out), she absolutely DOES NOT listen, talks 1,000 miles a minute about NOTHING. I've never had such a lame experience. I am in a 60 day dispute about my bill and plan to file a complaint with the Insurance Com. I'm that serious about this lady getting her *&%^ together. She should NOT be treating patients. She is truly a nut case.

Find a different doctor show details Find a different doctor
May 2nd, 2011

I had been a patient of Doctor Pieszak's for more than 10 years. She was always cordial towards me, other than the average wait time of 2 hours or more (once I actually waited 4 hours), she was a descent doctor. That is until I asked her a simple question about a bill I had received. She immediately because extremely defensive, refused to let me speak at all and then just walked out of the exam room. Complete unprofessionalism! My advice, find a different doctor. Also, the billing question I was referring to was that she billed me as a new patient for a recent office visit with her. She said that if a patient doesn't visit for more than 3 years they are then considered new patients and billed as such. Well, my last visit before the one being billed for was November 2008, when she billed me as a new patient, it was March 2011, NOT three years.

Apr 20th, 2011

Ordered many unnecessary tests on my 20 year old daughter, who just wanted a physical. Told her that her thyroid was enlarged, and made her get an ultra sound. The person doing the ultra sound said that it was not enlarged at all. Made us come in to get blood work results, and wait over an hour. Did not listen to my daughter, who was left waiting in an exam room for over an hour as well.

Be ready to wait, wait, wait show details Be ready to wait, wait, wait
Apr 13th, 2011

I waited 1 hour and 55 minutes. Husband thought I was crazy but I didn't want to start the process of finding yet another Doctor - this was my 1st visit. The Office visit was $320.00 WOW, the most I've ever paid. It was for a physical so she had to order the blood work through a 3rd party so I'd end up paying more - I never returned. She is a nice person but is severally overwhelmed and the patients suffer for it. She honestly should not be taking new patients. Yes she is caring, but she talks and talks and talks and I literally could not get a word in edgewise. I ended up forgetting half the things I wanted to ask because she never shut up long enough for me to say three words. I wish I had interviewed her first, now I'm stuck with a massive bill that my insurance company just laughed at when they saw $320. I thought my last Doctor was bad... Where are the good doctors?

Apr 6th, 2011

Endless waits. No time spent discussing reason for visit. Can't keep office staff so continuity. Doctor is mean to her staff and patients.

One of the best doctors I've ever had show details One of the best doctors I've ever had
Mar 30th, 2011

Doctor Pieszak is very kind and really cares about me as a person, not just as a patient. I had a serious health issue that was undiagnosed by two previous doctors that I had seen. Doctor Pieszak made me get some tests that I thought were unnecessary, but with the results she figured out what my problem was. She now has me on a program to get me back my health. I am so grateful for her.

Feb 24th, 2011

she is the best Doctor very caring and helpful.. always goes the extra mile to make sure every thing is taken care of

Feb 11th, 2011

I have read others comments about Dr. Pieszak and its sad that only people who are angry or bitter seem to post. She's a a sweet woman who truly cares about her patients and has always treated me with respect and honesty. As far as wait times go she's worth the wait. If you read these doctor, remember you may not be able to please everyone but the ones who are happy usualy don't go looking to the internet to say so, if they did maybe the bitter hurtful people in this area would be the ones who would learn if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!

Find another doctor show details Find another doctor
Nov 16th, 2010

While Dr. Pieszak's diagnostic skills are adequate, she routinely refers out almost any issue to a specialist. This is odd for a family practice doctor who should be able to handle a wide array of medical problems. Dr. Pieszak is routinely 1 hr late (1.75 hr late for my last appointment). She won't return phone calls or fax routine lab results, instead requiring patients to come in for an appointment. This gives the impression that she only wants to communicate with a patient if she can bill her/him. Her office staff turns over frequently and often appears frantic.

Dont go!! show details Dont go!!
Nov 15th, 2010

Save yourself the frustration and aggrevation! There are plenty of good Doctors out there!

Oct 26th, 2010

Inaccurate diagnosis, just wanted to continue to take tests, her inaccurate diagnosis cost me thousands of dollars for my term life policy over 3 years ago. I would not recommend

Unprofessional show details Unprofessional
Oct 21st, 2010

Doctor seems knowledeable, but creates a manic atmosphere in the office. Yells instructions to staff while still in examine room. Everyone is running around.Staff seems overwhelmed and not properly trained to do their job. The medical assistant is inexperienced and lacks professionalism. Office staff walks in when patient is getting procedure.Dress code is too casual (jeans)Tests are ordered even before Dr. touches the patient.

Do not go to this doctor! show details Do not go to this doctor!
by Judy on Sep 21st, 2010

This doctor is way more interested in ordering tests than listening to her patients. She is arrogant. I have had two appointments and have waited OVER an hour both times with no apology from the doctor. She is not respectful to her staff. When I asked what a particular abbreviation meant, she was rude and arrogant in her explanation after telling me that "I need to let the doctor speak".

run while you can.... show details run while you can....
by Heidi on Mar 31st, 2010

how does she stay licensed? my mother has seen her for several years, much to my dismay. recently, my mother had a fall, followed by back pain. *instead* of ordering an MRI or at the very least, an x-ray, she sent her straight to physical therapy. after using up all her physical therapy benefit and still being in pain, the "dr." finally ordered tests to only find out that my mother had a large cyst on her spine. a rather simple procedure of a cortisone injection did the trick, which is good because if she needed surgery more physical therapy, she'd be paying for P.T. out-of-picket. additionally, the "dr." discussed my mother's health out loud, in front of others which is a major HIPPA violation. i'm a better doctor than this woman, and i have a degree in architecture.

I stopped going there show details I stopped going there
Feb 2nd, 2010

I agree completely with the previous two reviews. Extra long wait times every time,and no consideration for the patient's time. I also do not have the feeling Dr. P. is competent - I also was sent for numerous tests etc.(luckily my insurance is very good), but I never felt she was addressing any issues. This was the most dissatisfying experience I ever had with a physician.

Jan 25th, 2010

Dr. Pieszak has the most incompetent person I have ever encountered doing her billing. This accountant as the staff refers to him/her has not returned my phone calls after 2 years of billing mistakes. First, my insurance company was improperly billed 4 times; the correct codes were only applied to the bill after the insurance company changed them. Finely Dr. Pieszak was paid (very promptly) by the insurance. Now I am being billed for services that the insurance company has paid for. The bill totals more than $700 for services that the insurance has paid. For two years I have been talking with someone that said she was the billing manager, Joan, and she tells me she can not do anything to help and she will have the accountant call me, the has NEVER happened. Joan, seems to do everything she can to get the patient off the phone, she will yes you until the conversation ends. Unless Dr. Pieszak changes billing services and office managers STAY AWAY, unless you have extra cash to throw her way.

Always waiting...never satisfied. show details Always waiting...never satisfied.
by wickdgrdn9 on Oct 22nd, 2008 on

This was my physician through my health plan for a span of time, and I have now since moved on to greener pastures. Everytime I visited there was at least half an hour to hour and a half waits, and then I always felt like I was rushed by the doc through the visit. Although she is caring and compassionate, she was insistent about referring me out to countless other docs and services which ended up costing me lots of money in the long run due to insurance not covering certain procedures that really weren't even necessary. Upon losing my insurance through the job I had at the time, I called to request copies of test results and was told I had to come in for a doctor visit for her to "interpret" them for me which would have cost me over $100 dollars I obviously didn't have due to losing my job. Being a nurse, I didn't feel I needed the results interpreted for me but couldn't get the office to give me copies or the doctor to return my phone calls. I wouldn't recommend this doctor's office and I am sure anyone could find better value for their money.

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