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High hopes! Very disappointed! show details High hopes! Very disappointed!
by Still Looking on Oct 9th, 2013

I was really excited to try this doctor out after so many negative experiences with obgyn doctors. I am an educated woman and researcher and was hoping for a doctor willing to work with me. I set up an appointment for an annual wellness check but also said I had a number of questions because I struggle with infertility and had a terrible experience with a different dr when I had my son. When I got there for the appointment it wasn't with dr. Brass-Jones but with her PA Mary Ann. Because of previous experiences I was disappointed to not get to actually meet who I was planning on being my dr. Mary Ann seemed nice enough but wasn't all that helpful with my questions/concerns and I didn't feel like she cared to really help me. Then when I asked about the exam apparently they only booked the appointment as a 'consult' and not a full exam like I had asked for. The PA made it obvious I wouldn't be getting an actual exam at all. I left the office somewhat discouraged and disappointed but hopeful for something positive. She did suggest I try a holistic approach to the infertility which I was happy to try. So after paying a $60 copay for what I felt was not the most helpful or useful Q&A with a PA instead of the Dr. I paid $80 for two tinctures to hopefully help me get pregnant. Unfortunately it hasn't helped and I went through the awful taste twice a day for a long time for nothing. No one at the Drs office ever followed up with me. Then I get a $200 bill in the mail from them months later because they told my insurance I had PCOS (even though I told them I've never been diagnosed and it's only based on my own research of my symptoms that I even suggested that MIGHT be my issue with infertility but that's why I had come to them to begin with, to try and find out what's wrong and get help). So my insurance is saying it's pre-existing and True Harmony told me it's up to me to call my insurance and figure it all out. Well, that's just fine, I'll get it worked out eventually but I definitely am not happy with my experience with this Dr. or her office thus far. I'm really disappointed because I had high hopes that this office and dr would be different and what I was looking for in my health TEAM but I guess I was mistaken. Back to trenches to find a good dr that actually cares enough about their patients and works with them to help them in there health journey. Maybe she is that dr for some people, but I no longer think Dr. Brass-Jones is that Dr. for me, and that makes me very disappointed and sad. Some positives: they have a room with books and toys for your kid to play in and I think you can pay them a little to watch your kids during your visit but I had my mom with me, though the toys kept him easily entertained. Also they do at least try some more natural and holistic approaches though I'm not sure how effective their remedies are and they are limited on choices/options.

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Awful show details Awful
Aug 30th, 2013

I have never been treated so poorly as I was with Dr. Brass. She doesn't care about her patients at all in my opinion. She won't explain anything, doesn't spend more than a minute with you, and LOVES to induce, despite billing herself as a natural birth doctor. She tried to push me to induce because she thought my baby was big(he was completely average, especially for my family, which I told her REPEATEDLY), then tried to induce me because she was going on vacation and of course when I went into labor during her vacation she performed a c-section on me. A week later my incision got infected and guess what....there was nobody to reach at her office. I had to call my GP to get a prescription for antibiotics. When I finally did get ahold of her office, nobody thought I should come in for a follow up. Needless to say, I will not go back and would never recommend her to anyone.

A more natural OB show details A more natural OB
Jul 22nd, 2013

I've found the office to be very pleasant. Soothing atmosphere, very prompt getting me back for my appointments (no more than a 5 minute wait in the lobby) and all the staff have been very friendly and capable. Dr. Brass is clearly very intelligent and reasonable about pregnancy and birth. My only complaint is that she doesn't ever know who I am, or at least she never remembers any details of my medical history, even when it's really important. I would think a quick glance through my medical chart would refresh her memory before appointments, but she never does. I'm hypothyroid, and thank goodness I knew from my first pregnancy that I need to have my levels checked every 6 weeks, or it would never have gotten done. I had to remind her every time I needed the test and I had to ask what my results were every time. No calls from the office to let me know my levels were fine. I'm surprised to be writing a review like this, because at my first appt with Dr. Brass she put my insecurities to rest and made me feel confident about my birth plan. Yet, every appointment since the first has been strange, impersonal and awkward. She will just stare at me after I disclose information (some of it very personal) and then abruptly end our conversation. Sometimes, like today, she just walks out of the room and says "Ok, bye." with her back to me. This is after she stripped my membranes without talking to me about it first, or telling me she was going to do it. I'm very upset about this, because I've had a healthy pregnancy, am only 39 weeks, and I very clearly stated in my birth plan that I did NOT want my membranes stripped. Although, I don't know why she would remember that since she can't seem to remember anything else about me. Dr. Brass supports natural labor, natural induction (usually), VBACs, and she delivers at Banner Gateway, which has a spa-like labor pool (although, you can only use it for an hour at a time). If you need someone to connect with you and support you emotionally, Dr. Brass is not the doctor for you. But if you don't care about bedside manner, and you're just looking for a natural birth in a supportive hospital, especially if you're trying for a VBAC, she's perfect.

bad demeanor show details bad demeanor
by annoymous on Jun 25th, 2013

Cancellation without even apologizing. Dr.Brass Jones is very rude, she didn't even look at my face when she was in the room. The two times I saw her she was very irritable, angry and ill- mannered, Dr. Brass yielded at me for asking a question she said with loud voice "you don't understand!". She prescribed me a supplement and I asked her that I'm having some side effect she want answer and ignored me and I have to ask again this time she looked at the other direction . She did a pap test and didn't give me the result and when I asked her about it she said you need to call the lab and find out yourself!!!! and walked away just like that!!!. They didn't even tell me to follow up or what to do next. Extremely Horrible experience with this doctor. I will not go there even if she is the only doctor on this planet

Very disappointed..... show details Very disappointed.....
Apr 10th, 2013

If you make an appointment plan on waiting at least 45 min for your actual appointment to begin which gives you a lot of time to look at their filthy office-carpet. As a first time mom I had many questions but felt rushed through each conversation with Dr. Brass. I tried to call several times to speak to her but she was too busy to answer my questions and instead I got a relay message from Dr. Brass to the receptionist ....and then to me (the receptionist was fumbling through the conversation and was getting confused about my questions); the doctor was there but she just refused to take time-out. I had a genuine questions about my babies health and I had to make an appointment just to get a question answered!!!!! One of my last visits to Dr. Brass's office she made a comment about my weight gain which was very low and she said, "don't starve yourself" which was very offensive to me because I walked everyday of my pregnancy to stay healthy. As a matter of fact my baby was a healthy 6lbs and I have a high metabolism; I ate pie like crazy my last few months! I am pregnant with my second now and have been ambivalent about making an appointment. Customer retention is such an important customer service skill and I know this is the medical field but if she just took the time out a little and didn't rush through things I would recommend her office to everyone; and I know like 3 pregnant people! I just want you to know not all the staff is bad the woman who did take the time out for me was Mary Ann Shostek and she was always tender and took the time to answer my questions and even addressed some of my concerns with sincerity and compassion,

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Doctor's Response

We appreciate all feedback and want our patients to know that we take the time needed to improve our practice. This past year, summer/fall 2012, we started renovations and got new carpeting, new phones and painted most rooms in our office! We do know that patients prefer to speak to the Physicians and practitioners when calling in. We have found that the most efficient and effective way of getting prompt replys is relaying messages through our medical assistant staff. We appreciate our patients and strive to provide the best healthcare we can for every one of them.

Jan 19th, 2011

I love Dr Brass Jones. I started out with a different OB when I had my first child and switched to her at 26 weeks. She made a world of difference and really put my mind at ease. I'm now about to have my second child with her and feel like there has been no worries, everything has gone smoothly! I think my entire pregnancy I've waited for my appointment 2 times, one of which she was out at a delivery so that's understandable. I usually don't even have time to sit down before they call me back! I love this office and recommend them to anyone who asks for a great OB.

Doctor's Response

Thank you for your feedback. We are always happy to hear when our OB patient's minds are at ease. Pregnancy can sometimes be stressful, and we always want you to have a healthy and 'smooth sailing' journey.

by Mindee Saulsby on Dec 14th, 2010

Upon meeting Dr. Brass during my first well woman visit, I knew I had met the physician that would deliver my future babies. I never have felt rushed during my office visits and my needs are always met. She has delivered both my son's one C-Section and one VBAC. The office staff is professional and friendly. The calming "spa like"environment of her office is very different from the impersonal feel of other offices I have experienced. I would recommend Dr. Brass-Jones without reservation. I actually like to go see my OBGYN!

A Compassionate Dr. show details A Compassionate Dr.
Dec 14th, 2010

Dr. Brass-Jones is an excellent Dr. She was very understanding when I came in the first time and was extremely nervous about my exam. She put my mind at ease and explained the whole procedure to me before we went ahead. I'm so glad that I found that female doctor that I was looking for!

To all of our patients show details To all of our patients
by True Harmony Staff on Dec 14th, 2010

Having a positive, safe and healthy experience at True Harmony is our mission for each of our patients. Being an integrated office we help patients with many of their health issues ranging from diabetes to fertility, and we do our very best to help our patients and always present all options available to them, including referring out to a more specialized office if that is needed. We send our patients, who require diagnostic procedures not available at our office, to reputable and efficient offices. Unfortunately, sometimes we have little control over how our patients needs will be met at these facilities. We welcome all concerns and questions that arise during our patients course of care. Please know you can always reach us, the medical staff, administration and office manager with all questions, concerns or feedback at or 480-539-6646We wish you the best. Staff from True Harmony Wellness & Medicine

Not for me show details Not for me
by Rachelle L on Nov 10th, 2010

True Harmony is not your typical OBGYN office. It is very holistic and liberal. If you go to True Harmony, expect that you will wait at least 30 minutes for every appointment. The staff has visible tattoos and body piercings. They don't have an ultrasound machine, which I find unusual as they are an OBGYN office. They won't look or act professionally. They don't bill insurance on time. I feel like I could go on and on.My first appointment was in November 2008. I had an annual exam. My employer changed insurance companies at the end of the year and because I still hadn't gotten a statement in the mail, I called True Harmony and asked if they had gotten insurance payment for my annual appointment. Turns out they hadn't billed my insurance yet, and I had to pay out of pocket for the exam. Even though I was upset about this and I wasn't impressed with the office or the staff, I stayed with them because I wasn't pregnant, I only had to go one time per year, and a friend had referred me and I valued her opinion. After trying to get pregnant and being unsuccessful for nearly 2 years, I went back for an infertility consult. Every time I went in for anything, I had to wait for at least 30 minutes before being called back. We discussed taking chlomid. I decided to go forward with that. When you take chlomid, you have to have an ultrasound around day 10-12 of your cycle to count how many follicles you've produced. They referred me to a school because it would be cheaper for me. When I couldn't get an appointment with the school before day 12, they referred me to another ultrasound place. I was able to make an appointment there. The appointment was on day 12 of my cycle--which happened to be a Friday.I had to drive over 30 minutes to my ultrasound appointment. After waiting 20 minutes, the receptionist called me up to the desk to tell me that they don't do the kind of ultra sound I needed and that I needed to go to a fertility specialist... I called True Harmony, very upset at this point that I had pretty much wasted my Friday afternoon on this and because it was Friday, and because there was no hope of me getting an appointment anywhere else. It took all I had to not cry over the phone.I have been very disappointed in every experience I have had with True Harmony. After discussing options with my husband we decided that it is time to spend the extra $200 to have an infertility consult with a different doctor. All I can say is that it will be worth every penny if I will never have to set foot in True Harmony ever again.

Horrable! show details Horrable!
Apr 26th, 2010

This was the worst service I had ever experienced! The first visit was awful but I had heard good things about the dr so I decided to stick it out and wait for my second visit for my prenatal check-up. I was told at the first visit that the next time on I would be able to hear the babies heart beat! I was really excited and at almost 13 weeks I was sure I would be able to hear it. Well, I get there on time and heard another girl telling the dr that she was having weird thoughts after her deliver and wanted to talk to the dr. Now I completly understand that's what the Drs are for they should make time to see her. The dr came out and said your fine I just saw you a little while ago. Thenthe girl was telling her about her thoughts and dr brass decded it was best to have an appointment right then with her and pulled her in the back. Still not upset because I would want the same care. Well I brought my son and after waiting 45 min my son at 19 months was growing very impatient. The front of the staff was never very nice and always seems upset that I brought my son with me to appointments eventhough there job is to bring healthy babies into the world. Finally when they called me back the nurse brought back a heart beat monitor. Extremly excited I waited for the dr and the dr dis finally come in. Didn't apologize for the wait or anything. Still pretty patient I blew it off. Well, after thirty seconds of asking me if I have any concerns she shook my hand and said nice to meet you and walked out the door leaving the door wide open. I figured that couldn't be it so I continued to sit there. The nurse came in and told me that I can leave now and I pointed to the heartbeat monitor and sai she didn't do that yet. The nurse seemed annoyed by the dr and said she didn't even take your measurments. I said no and she explained to me shell be right back... Well withthw door still open the dr told the nurse that I wasn't far enough along to hear the heartbeat at 12 weeks and5 days! I couldn't believe it. If she can offer 45 min to a patient with no appointment then surly she could offer a patient with an appointment longer than 30 seconds to check for the heart beat expessially of I expressed to her my concern with a previous miscarriage! Then, to lie and tell me I'm not far along enough to hear the babies heartbeat and tell me I have to wait till my 16 week appointment to hear the heartbeat that's crazy!!! I do not reccommend her at all!

Doctor's Response

We certainly are sad to hear of any miscommunication about hearing the heartbeat. Being an all female office, and most of us mothers, we do understand the excitement and relief that hearing a strong heartbeat brings. We do have a well equipped childcare room for our patients children to play in, full of books, toys, dvds, couches and picnic table. We do want every patient to get all of their questions answered and have the most successful and healthy pregnancy possible.

This woman is a God Send show details This woman is a God Send
by Sandi on Jul 17th, 2009

Dr. Brass-Jones is an incredible physician. She is highly intelligent, compassionate, and TRULY cares about her patients and their lives. I wish she practiced other forms of medicine beside OB/GYN. I'd love to have her as a family doctor. She has helped me more than any doctor I have ever had in my whole life. I highly recommend her to any woman looking for a OB/GYN.

Mar 22nd, 2009

I am so happy to have found such a warm and friendly environment and a Dr. I can trust! I love Dr. Brass-Jones and all the True Harmony staff!!!!