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Ridiculous wait times. show details Ridiculous wait times.
Apr 4th, 2015

Dr. Xenachis is a decent endocrinologist but I refuse to spend an entire day in her office waiting for my appointment. Patients sit in the waiting room for hours on end while salespeople come in and treat the staff to lunch. Last time I waited 8 1/2 hours. Ridiculous.

Mentally Insane Doctor Practicing in Matawan show details Mentally Insane Doctor Practicing in Matawan
Oct 20th, 2014

This b.i.t.c.h iis whacked! She is certifiably mentally insane, nutty, cukoo, loony tunes and off her rocker. She seriously belongs in a mental asylum or taken out, put against a wall, shot and the bill for the execution sent to her family! She's atrocious, rude, demeaning. It's better to suffer with whatever illness you have than to see this atrocious, vile, disgusting b.i.t.c.h of a woman. Her license MUST be suspended and she must be reported to both the medical and criminal authorities for her crimes and sins against humanity.

Mark as Helpful  | 1 person found this helpful Report Abuse
Oct 6th, 2014

Although the doctor is excellent, unfortunately the office has a dirty and out dated appearance. The time management on the doctors part is atrocious. The poor staff is stuck getting the brunt of peoples frustration because the doctor can't seem to manage her time properly. I had been going to this doctor for 8 years and only once in that time was I out of the office in less the 2 -1/2 hours, it's usually around a 4 hour wait. I do think she is a very thorough doctor but it is just not worth the aggravation of going to this doctor. Finally, I could not take it anymore, changed doctors this year.

Too long show details Too long
by Kelly on Apr 24th, 2014

Great Dr. But spends too much time talking nonsense. She needs to cut down on the chit chat and realize that People can not spend a whole day in her office

Pros & Cons show details Pros & Cons
Aug 22nd, 2013

Pros: Excellent doctor that will spend time with you and go over test results, discuss medications, health issues, etc.. I've been a patient for over eight years and she's the only one that has helped me with my thyroid/diabetes issues. Cons: Waiting three to four hours to see Dr. Xenachis which is insane, especially when you have an early appointment! Dr. Xenachis double/trips books appointments and even after many patients complained about it, she still does it. The staff has no control and has to follow her orders. I spoken to some people that were there until 4am to see her and waited eight hours. No doctor should do that to any patient! Doctor is always late coming in... between one to two hours for one reason or another. Office is small, chairs are very uncomfortable to sit on. Staff has recently changed and I did notice a little improvement but they are very overworked and constantly interrupted with one thing or another. They are trying very hard to do it all and I pity them with their crazy hours, very little space to work in, doing too many tasks at once and getting yelled at by the doctor or patients. Dr. Xenachis needs a larger office, more staff to run the office efficiently, arrive on time or open at a later time frame and not be constantly interrupted with phone calls, etc. Time management is not her strong point and is constantly multi-tasking which takes away from seeing patients. At times I've her yell at her staff which I think is rude. Yes we all have bad days at work but to do that when there are many patients waiting to see her is unacceptable in my honest opinion.

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by Gerard Bindert on Jun 4th, 2013

I couldn't ask for a better doctor for treatment of my Type 1 Diabetes. She is awesome.

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Ex-patient show details Ex-patient
by patient on Apr 4th, 2013

I can honestly tell you that this doctor verbaly abuses her staff that one woman that sits in the front she not only books app but she does insurance, answer phones, calls and refills prescriptions, manages seven thousand files and then has the dr.yelling at her..I even witnessed the dr.coming out of the exam room and and saying "I hear to much conversing, what is going on!" There was two patients talking to her! She is a very mean person! She has to much going on Idon't trust her with my health anymore..She is a nut case..I give her staff of only one 5 stars!!!

Mark as Helpful  | 1 person found this helpful Report Abuse
by Amy W. on Jan 27th, 2013

I waited over 3 hours to see Dr. Xenachis who was disoriented, complained of a headache, etc. She apologized saying that her husband had a stroke and complications as a result of malpractice. She had to pay for her daughter's education in veterinary school and her son's education as well. She is too cheap and has the most untrained, stupid and rude staff in her Matawan office who know less about medicine than they do about checkers. She had to cancel two appointments on me and once, I waited for her for four hours, only to have her cancel the appointment and burst into tears and leaving. Doctors who cannot practice should voluntarily suspend their own license, instead of making their tragedies part of their patient's lives who already have enough troubles of their own. Her getting the "TOP PHYSICIAN" award is indicative of the flaws in the system; just as the peer reviewed awards in N.J. Monthly are. Get your reviews from the patients and you fill learn that people like Dr. Xenachis (although she is a very nice person) is compromised and should not be practicing at all.

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awful show details awful
May 9th, 2012

Wait time is over 2 hours. Can't reach on the phone (either no one answers and the msg says to not leave a msg or it's busy). Wrong diagnosis - she wanted to take out my thyroid but the Sloan Kettering doc and the Columbia Pres doc said not to.

Apr 4th, 2012

Dr. Xenachis is alovable doctor with a great bedside emanner but her office staff does not know what thery are doing.I have read comments that that the reason we wait is because she spends time with her pateints, which is true but if you know that, why does she schedule a patient every 15 minutes? Leave a one hour time slot for each patient. This is just poor time managment. Find another doctor.

Apr 3rd, 2012

waiting period is on average at least 4 hours. We wait due to the fact that Dr. Xenachis is caring and takes time to know what is going on with your health.

Mar 6th, 2012

After her office cancelled and rescheduled my appointment several times, I spent in excess of 8 hours waiting ,while other patients walked in the front door sat for 5 minutes and were told "Come on in". I left and never saw the Doctor. Avoid the aggravation and see a Doctor with better time management skills and true regard for their patients.

I'm giving up on Dr. Xenachis show details I'm giving up on Dr. Xenachis
Mar 1st, 2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Xenachis since 2006. I cannot take it anymore. I have waited 5 or 6 hours for my appointment. The office is so disorganized. The office will close for weeks at a time without any notice or way to get your prescription refills. They will book you an appointment months in advance and you will show up only to find the office closed and no one had called to reschedule your appointment. I am now looking for a new doctor. Dr. X is very nice but nice does not do it for me anymore.

Find a different me show details Find a different me
Nov 5th, 2011

Well one big problem with Dr. Xenachis is the fact that her wait times are ridiculous. One woman said that her husband came to Dr. Xenachis's office at 2am because he thought his wife was cheating on him and drove there to find out proof, and sure enough his wife was there still waiting to see the doctor. At 2am!!. Occasionally if you are a first appointment at 9am, you will get to see her maybe around 10. But most of my visits I usually waited for about 6 hours or so. Her office staff will actually tell you to go out and get some breakfast,lunch,etc. At first the wait never bothered me because she is very detailed and stays with you for a while and lets you state your concerns. BUT- she also does that with all of her patients. Which is fine, if she didn't over book herself. I don't know if it is because of greed, or just because she may genuinely care about each patient. I adored Dr. Xenachis, and she helped cure me from cancer which I will be forever grateful. However, her office is very un-organized. America is now low on its supply of thyrogen. She had ordered me some through my old health insurance and it was supposed to be in her office on my last visit in July. I was supposed to hear back from her office when they received it. I didn't hear back for weeks so I called Caremark, my medicine supplier and they said that her office received it and signed for it...Well, then my mother and I tried calling her office to see what was going on because it was imperative that I received the injections. Then the office said they lost it...But many occasions I have over heard Dr. Xenachis saying to her assistant : Oh, Mrs. ______ doesn't need that thyrogen, lets give it to Jane Doe...So I have a feeling she gave my supply to another patient...But it gets better. Her office told us to call them back about 4 times, that the doctor was very busy, and then finally after Dr. Xenachis saw her last patient, my mother called and Dr. Xenachis's assistant said that she couldn't come to the phone. Then we heard Xenachis telling her assistant that I should make an appointment with her the following week... It was like she didn't want to confront the issue that she lost this medication.. And it was a big slap in the face because I really thought she cared...But she wouldn't get on the phone for just one minute.. I work crazy hours through my job so my mother was nice enough to swing by Dr. Xenachis's office to try and find out what happened to my medicine, and what the doctor was going to do about it... Well, the Dr. refused to talk to her. My mom waited for hours.. So this week really changed our opinion of her...My mom called the insurance company and they said they would call dr. Xenachis's line and for my mother to hold...When the insurance rep got back on the phone they told my mom that Dr. Xenachis said I had an appointment to see her and never came back, which isn't true because she didn't schedule me to see her until July of 2012...Then she told the rep that she had the medicine in her office. (I'm sure that was to cover her own a$$. So the rep said to my mom they would patch her in to the doctor to work it out...Well, Xenachis was off the line by then and her assistant got on the phone. When my mom asked why they didn't call her when it came in they didn't even apologize and said yes it is here, you can come and pick it up. So my mom goes there the next day (again, I was at work, but it was probably a good thing I didn't go because I am so upset with her office I would have blown up) But alas, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, they said they didn't have the medicine, that the vile broke and they would order more... So what really happened was they lied through their teeth.. Her office disgusts me, how unprofessional they were...So now I am going to see a new endocrinologist who my sister is also seeing, who I hear is very kind, precise, and only makes you wait for 30 mins or less, Dr. Young of Freehold. I hope all prospective patients please take my advice and go to a more organized office. Dr. Xenachis should try and not overbook so many patients without having a partner physician.

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Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
Oct 13th, 2011

Cristina is the most personable and caring doctor I have yet to meet. Her bedside manner is exceptional. She is thorough and make sure to cover all possible medical aspects of her patients' health and well being. She is certainly worth the wait in her busy office. I've noticed that the wait is due to the time she invest in caring for her patients. If you have the time she is more than worth the time you wait for your thorough exam.

Good doctor but outrageous wait times show details Good doctor but outrageous wait times
Jan 26th, 2011

The office is very overbooked and almost every visit ends up with a wait of several hours. There have also been a few cancelled appointments after I took a day off from work especially for that appointment. I'm not sure it's worth waiting all that time anymore or risking losing my job. Unfortunately, I think I will have to look for another doctor because I cannot spend my whole day waiting around to be seen once I do get there.

Long wait show details Long wait
Jan 17th, 2011

I've had 3 visits with Dr. Xenachis and my average wait time was 3 hours. The doctor, however, was very thoroughand very caring.

Horrible office, horrible experience. show details Horrible office, horrible experience.
by Patrick C. on Jun 29th, 2010

I have had two visits with Dr. Cristina Xenachis. The first one the Dr. herself answered the phone and told me to come in immediately as there were no patients waiting. I dropped everything, left work early, and arrived a half hour later. I then waited 2 hours and eventually had to leave without being seen. I did schedule another appointment for 3 weeks later, the earliest available.On the day of my appointment her office called me and asked if I could come in earlier as there was an office worker who was pregnant and needed to leave early. Being a father of 3 I understand how uncomfortable a late term pregnancy can be and so, once again, I dropped everything and left work early. I then spent 2 hours in the waiting room, part of which was devoted to filling out the same paperwork I filled out on my last visit as it was never entered, and listened to the other folks in the room complain about how long they had to wait. My name was finally called I was ushered into another room where my blood pressure was taken and I waited another hour and a half listening to Dr. Cristina Xenachis argue with her office staff about whether Monday, July 5th was a holiday. It seems Dr.Xenachis scheduled a number of patients for that day and was upset that her staff expected to have the day off. I was then shuffled to another room where a nurse entered my lab results into a computer and complained that she should be home by now.The Dr. saw me and when I remarked about how long I had been waiting her response was, "It was just your time." suggesting that it was an anomaly. Of course I knew this was not true from reading reviews on sites like this one as well as advice from my Diabetic Councillor.

Long, long, long wait in waiting room show details Long, long, long wait in waiting room
Apr 24th, 2010

Although Dr. Xenachis is a good doctor who cares about her patients, the time she takes with each patient causes unbearable wait times in the waiting room on the day of your appointment. My husband had an appointment for 4:30 pm he did not get home until 10:00 that night. SIX hours waiting his turn and he wasn't even the last patient to be seen that night. Another patient told me that she waited until 1 am to be seen. ONE AM !?!? The receptionist has told my husband to call before he comes in to find out what the wait time is. So on his last appointment (which was for 5pm) he called at 4:45 and was told it would be at least 3 hours. He said "okay, I'll be there around 7:00". When he came in the rude receptionist told him his appointment was for 5:00 and asked if he called. He said "yes, of course I called and I was told there was a 3 hour wait". She said did you tell me you were coming in later? He said I told whoever answered the phone, I don't know if it was you. She yelled at him for not letting HER know. He told whoever it was that answered the phone and told him they were backed up at least 3 hours. It was up to that person to relay the information to whoever in the office needed to know. Bottom line -- the rude receptionist told him there was 9 people ahead of him and that he had lost his "spot". My husband left and has finally given up on Dr. Xenachis and her ridiculous wait times. If you choose to go be forewarned -- Bring plenty of reading material, some food and a pillow you will be waiting a LOOOOONG time.

BEST DR EVER! show details BEST DR EVER!
Nov 10th, 2009

Dr. X is the most caring and sweet doctor I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She really knows her patients. She spends time with you and listens to what you have to say. Best endo and internist that has ever been my doctor. Recommend her highly! She the greatest!

by Leslie on Mar 15th, 2009

She is who you want if you need a good doctor!!! Nicest woman you will meet. 5 star doctor!!!