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Pass on This One show details Pass on This One
by X on Apr 20th, 2015

Don’t waste your time with this doctor. I am new to the state and needed to find a rheumatologist immediately. I have systemic lupus, along with other things that follow an autoimmune disease. I have been pressured by doctors in my previous state to start a family very soon to reduce the risk to my health, so I knew I had to find a good doctor. Dr. Cheatum was recommended by a former coworker. My first visit included multiple tests, which is great. He was thorough with the testing. I also went to a diagnostic center for more testing. He is extremely old, and a bit old school. He seemed to hear one thing I said a bit different than how or what I actually said, like added two years to when I was diagnosed. He kept trying to push methotrexate or quinicrine (?). I can’t have methotrexate if I am thinking about starting a family, and I can’t have any drugs with quiniline in it due to retinal toxicity from long-term, high-dose plaquenil. He didn’t listen. How can those be my only options? The reason I will not return is due to an ongoing billing issue (now three months). I had a follow up visit two weeks after my initial visit. I received a bill days after my first visit for over $2000. No big deal, insurance will cover it. On my 2nd visit, two weeks later, I was demanded to pay my outstanding balance or I would have to reschedule, and I can’t see the doctor until I pay. They wanted me to pay over $2000! Who has that money on hand? Well, I freaked out because I am new to the state with a new job and can’t keep taking off work. So, I just paid with my credit card. Also, I found out from my insurance company that Dr. Cheatum’s office cannot charge a co-pay at a specialist rate since he is not a certified specialist with their company. They didn’t seem to have a problem charging me $60 for both my visits. Through my insurance company I have learned everything was fully covered, has since been paid, and no one at the billing office ever calls me back. I mean absolutely no one. I get sent to the same lady, go straight to voicemail. The one time I got a hold of someone I blew up. Now I’m told my refund is waiting on approval with someone at Dr. Cheatum’s office. I call Dr. Cheatum’s office and am told they don’t know this person. I finally got an email for this phantom refund person and probably won’t get a response. I really don’t want to get an attorney involved, but this is just ridiculous. The types of people that visit this doctor don’t need the added stress. Find another doctor to visit.

by George wade Clayton on Jan 11th, 2015

I have been seeing Don Cheatum for a longtime and i am very pleased with his work i have went from being sick all the time to maybe one or two times a year.

Dec 15th, 2014

After seeing many "Rheumatologists" for many years with no real diagnosis or help, I happened upon Dr Cheatum. There were many x-rays and blood tests and I at first thought that he was just hitting the insurance for all it was worth. But then, he spend over an hour alone with me taking my history and asking tons of questions, many of which I did not see the relevance at the time. This was the first and only time that I have had a Doctor spend that much time with me. He diagnosed me and gave me prescriptions that stopped the progression of my arthritis and restored my hands to full function. I have been seeing him for over 10 years. If you want warm bedside manner and a lot of hand holding, perhaps someone else might serve your needs better. If you want an accurate diagnosis and proper meds to make you better, he is your man! For me, that is what counts.

Office manager (Manuela) is a witch & very hard to deal with. show details Office manager (Manuela) is a witch & very hard to deal with.
Oct 23rd, 2014

The office manager Manuela is the rudest & most hateful person I have ever met. Very unsympathetic, never even looks at you while your at the check in desk, complete control freak. If you make any comment to her she makes you wait longer. I made a comment that I had been over looked & some patients were being seen before me but I had been there longer. I was not rude to her just reminded her how long I had been there. She yelled at me in front of everyone in the office. I waited a few minutes longer & left as I had an infusion treatment & was pre-medicated. Once she realized I had left she had Dorothy call me & tell me my infusion would not be covered under insurance unless I saw the Doctor after (totally false). I went back the next day on Saturday (unscheduled) & Cheatum did see me. I told him what happened & he said he would talk to her. I have had several problems with her since then. If he wasn't such a good doctor I would be long gone by now. He has helped me with my Lupus but if nothing is done with that Witch in the office I will look for care else where. Not worth being upset & unhappy.

Overrated show details Overrated
Feb 28th, 2014

I saw Dr. Cheatum 20 years ago and found him to be rude and condescending. When they advise you there could be up to a 4 hour wait that should have been a red flag. He prescribed an extremely high powered drug that, after some research, I choose not to take and on my second visit when I told him that he proceeded to severly lecture me on how I was not a doctor and should not question his instructions. I left in tears and never went back. I was shocked to see him still in practice while looking for a new Dr. I would rather be in pain the rest of my life than have to deal with that horrible man.

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Great diagnostician BUT..... show details Great diagnostician BUT.....
by September 30 on Sep 30th, 2013

I had to leave the practice after seven years. I could have continued to wait hours, accepted listening to a live recording as communication because Dr. Cheatum is such a great diagnostician. I had looked for answers for years! However, be wary if you, too are diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and/or psoriatic arthritis (seems everyone is!) BUT, beware of the wicked witch Manuella. If she has it in for you, for whatever reason she decides, she moves your chart to the bottom of the stack and you don't see the doc until everyone else at the end of the day. Then, you have to deal with Jabba, who must park her scooter right in front of the patient window and is totally helpless. I am so pleased that at my new rheumy's office that I am treated with kind courtesy and respect. So, get your diagnosis, then go somewhere else!

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by Ken on Jun 26th, 2013

Seeing him for about three years. I could never get him to answer the questions about the dosages and how long it would take to see some results. I tried to explain to him that I just seem to be the same as when I started seeing him and did not want to just keep taking meds without a better result. His head nurse is a complete jerk and about the sorriest excuse for a human being as I have ever seen. The last straw for me came last week when I asked a question and he lied to me and when caught in the lie sent a letter telling me he would no longer treat me. He beat me to the punch there but I have news for him, I was not coming back.

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At first great show details At first great
Jun 12th, 2013

For the first time I had a reason for all my pain it was wonderful. But 15 months I am feeling worse than before and he will not listen. He put me on one med and said it would take at 8 to 12 weeks to see if it will help or not. 5 months later he said give it another 8 weeks????? Had to remind him that I had already been on this med for 5 months. He was rude only once to me and that was right before Christmas. I know I have RA but I thought I would get better or at least feel better at some point in time. I was informed that this is a non curable disease. I was in shock. Some of the blood techs can hurt when taking blood.

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Very pleased with this doctor show details Very pleased with this doctor
Mar 26th, 2013

I am very pleased with this doctor. I have a difficult disease to diagnose, undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy, and he made the correct dx. This was after 4 other rheumatologists were not able to figure out what was wrong with me. Consequently, I am now taking the correct medication and doing so much better than before.

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by My nightmare on Jan 17th, 2013

This was the rudest most impersonable Dr I have ever seen! I was so nervous & excited to find out the results of my $2,000. In testing! He called me in his office for what i thought would be an explanation for my symptoms! He handed me a stack of papers about different disease modifying drugs & a prescription already written out. Then he started mumbling into his recorder not a couple of times but literally read my whole chart into it & then he said he would see me in 6 months to see if the new drugs were working. I was floored! He didn't tell me what was wrong what he found or didn't find nothing. The only thing I knew what the few things I could make out from his mumbling. One of which was having been positive for latent TB so i asked what does that mean? Am I contagious? Do I need treatment? He seemed very upset with me that I would question him? Saying well that's why ive given you that drug because until your treated for the latent TB I can't give you anything else or it will activated it. He then walked to the door & opened it and said take this to the nurses window! That's it? We are done? Who do I see to treat this? I had so many Q's yet we were done? I will never go back & am not filling the almost $300 Rx that I don't even know why I was given!! Nor do I know what kind of Dr I need to see to treat the latent TB he gave no referral no direction nothing! I left confused with no diagnosis yet spent Literally almost $2,000 out of pocket after ALL the testing. A rediculious waste of time & money!

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Nov 19th, 2012

Cheatum is a crackpot stay away!!!!!

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It is time to move on! show details It is time to move on!
Oct 19th, 2012

Dr. Cheatum is obviously a brilliant diagnostician, has the right credentials, and many years of experience. BUT-after several years of my unwavering loyalty, I am looking for a new rheumatologist. I can no longer take the staff's RUDE/RUDE attitude (one in particular), unanswered phone calls (forget getting an RX refilled when he is out of town), and inability to get pertinent information for other doctor's visits. A short time ago, I obtained copies of my most recent lab results and reports (to my referring doctor) and I was shocked to see many inconsistencies with regard to current medications, and pertinent lab results that were never discussed with me. As with others, the majority of the time spent with Dr. Cheatum is used dictating the reports (hard to hear exactly what he is saying), which I had never seen. It was a real wake-up call for me. In future, I would like to be seen as a patient who is ill, and not a research project who just needs to be tolerated.

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Aug 29th, 2012

I think what was most shocking about my first appointment was, It was set for 3:00am in the morning. I was finished with the Dr at 4:30am and then had to wait for the X-Ray Tech to arrive at 6:00 am to do my X-Rays. It just seemed bazaar that I had to see him at 3:00am.

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My best and wisest doctor of 22 years ! show details My best and wisest doctor of 22 years !
Aug 12th, 2012

I was unable to get up from bed ufter a good night sleep, and didn't know why...22 years ago, when I worked with very young children at a preschool. And a friend of my husband had suggested we go see Dr. Don E. Cheatum. Dr. Cheatum at my first visit spent probably 2-2,5 hours with me, finding out what illnesses I've had prior,and was able to diagnose my condition upon additional tests and blood work... Since then I was able to return to work and felt much better. I do not know a wiser, more knowledgable doctor, as Dr. Cheatum that I could trust always and completely ! Elaine in North Dallas.

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Excellent Rheumy show details Excellent Rheumy
Jul 31st, 2012

I think Dr. Cheatum is an excellent doctor. He was te fifth rheumatologist that I had to see before getting the correct diagnosis. I just think he's tops! For me, he is worth the lengthy wait time in his office.

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No Communication at all show details No Communication at all
Jun 14th, 2012

He just sits and dictates into a machine as you sit there listening to him do this. If you ask a question he says "we'll get to that in a minute"..but you never do. He rudely got up from behind the desk in the middle of me asking a question and opened the door for me to leave ! Unbelievably bad communication. Will not discuss anything, will not answer questions. Does not think outside the box at all..just prescribes drugs...would never go back to him.

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Mrs. show details Mrs.
Apr 20th, 2012

People come from far from office of Dr. Cheatum, to see him, so that's why the wait might be long some times, but It is so worth it, that it cannot be overestimated ! He is the best doctor in his specialty and as internal doctor as well.I am on my 20-th year of seeing him !And am not sure, if I'd have survived without his diagnosis and treatment at all: I worked as a preschool teacher, lifting children very often to change diapers and when they cried, which happenned very many times.As a result, I had low back spasms frequently and One morning couldn't get up from bed, even though slept well. Our friend suggested the Dr. Cheatum name and that was the start of my very happy story. I wish everyone to see the Doctor: he is a miracle worker !

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Apr 11th, 2012

Dr. Cheatum doesn't spend adequate time answering patients questions. He records his observations while seeing me which is precious time that I need answers. He is anxious to move on to his next task before checking to see if I have concerns that I'd like to discuss.

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My Doctor show details My Doctor
Mar 3rd, 2012

Dr. Cheatum diagnosed me with pshoriatic arthritis and spondylosis about 3 years ago. I made the appt 30 days in advance and filled out my paperwork given to me and was at his office from 5am to 5pm, he did lab work and radiographs and bone scans and consulted with me regarding diagnosis and treatment prescribed medication and as years have gone by my arthritis has gotten worse so I am on Methotrexate and I go back every 8 weeks for labs. I love Dr. Cheatum, he took the time when other doctors would not, he didnt just throw a prescription pad at me, he cared about me as me and not a number. I think the office staff needs to smile more and be more polite but Dr. Cheatums nurse has gotten much more pleasant and now tells me to "Take care" when I leave the office. He is the number one doctor in Texas for arthritic cases and he has helped me. The most important thing you must remember is that you have to keep moving, you have to build your strength and eat right and do what Dr. Cheatum instructs you to do. I am most grateful to you Dr. Cheatum and I wouldn't change doctors for the world. I understand people have their own opinions but some of the bad things ex patients have said make me so angry because if he was such a bad doctor he wouldnt be #1. The day you decide not to get up, is the day you never get up again. Always remember to follow your doctors orders and to take care of yourself. Thank you Doc, Manuela and Dorothy. It is always a pleasure to see you. See you soon.

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Feb 21st, 2012

I would highly recommend Dr.Cheatum. He is extremely qualified and manages my arthritis great. He will give Cortisone shots when needed, which is a big help. You have to be patient with the waiting. Just plan on being there about 2 hrs. each visit. Get the earliest appt. available. I always go @ 6:00 or 6:30 am. The staff is not very friendly or helpful. The ladies in the lab are nice.

Feb 6th, 2012

What a cranky old man! I have been a patient for 10 months and have never waited less than 45 minutes. More often than not, I have waited for more than three hours. His manner is brisk, doesn't like questions, pushes meds and then doesn't regularly do labs to check inflammation levels. I am in the process of finding a new rheumy.

Feb 3rd, 2012

I have been a patient for 18 months and have appointments consistently every 8 weeks. My wait time has never been less than 2 1/2 hours. The longest wait time I had to be seen was 3 1/2 hours. I called the office 4 times over the past year and had to leave a message for the nurse and not once was my phone call ever returned. I tried to talk to Dr. Cheatum about the difficulties I was encountering when trying to get prescription refills and he yelled at me as though it was my fault. I now see that he sets the tone for the office which is patients are not people.

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Outstanding Rheumatologist show details Outstanding Rheumatologist
Jan 29th, 2012

Dr. Cheatum is an excellent diagnostic physician. All of his new patient appointments are very early. Mine was at 4am, but he does this because your initial appointment is an all day affair. You are mailed an extensive new patient profile to complete and return before your appointment and in that packet it is explained clearly that his office is a very busy office and that some patients need more time that others and if you are not willing to wait then it's not the rheumatology office for you. I appreciate the time he took at arriving at a diagnosis. I was first given a physical examination, then went for lab work and xrays then had to follow up with other diagnostic xrays off campus. Once everything was in, Dr. Cheatum sat down with me in his office and explained to me, showing me my labs and exrays what was going on in my body and explained his proposed course of treatment. He explained everything very well and backed it up with written material for my own reference. I've seen Dr. Cheatum for 2 years and I remain impressed with his skill level as a physician. I drive 2 hours to see him because he is the most capable rheumatologist in a 2 hour driving radius. His reception staff members, lab and xray people are nice and pleasant to speak with but his nursing staff are rude and act like you are imposing just by coming to the desk as directed by the receptionist. I notice that they are of mexican heritage and I'm not sure if it's a cultural thing or not, but they lack people skills. I don't hold that against Dr. Cheatum. He is not their employer and any complaint against them should be directed to the office manager.

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Lack of empathy show details Lack of empathy
Jan 29th, 2012

This whole practice, starting with front office, nurses and finishing with Dr. Cheatum himself were very unprofesional and there was a lack of communication and empathy. They are simply rude and would rather talk to each other than help patients and make them wait longer and have them come back another day because of their lack of communication or they simply don't care. It's really sad.

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Very RUDE and INEFFICIENT show details Very RUDE and INEFFICIENT
Nov 29th, 2011

When the doctor is in hearing distance of the "nurse" she is very polite and helpful,... When he is not around she will not answer me when I talk to her. Her tone is rude and offensive. I needed copies of my lab work from a previous visit, she refused to make me a copy. She had my chart in her hand, denied she knew where my chart was,... I had to get the office manager to get the lab report for me. When the "nurse" called in my prescription refills she made a error and doubled the dose. I was on that dose for 3 months. When she called in the prescription the second time it was for the original dose. Dealing with the "nursing " staff is maddening. I am searching for another doctor!

most talented doctor i have ever seen show details most talented doctor i have ever seen
Sep 1st, 2011

incredible diagnostician

Lost patient show details Lost patient
Aug 23rd, 2011

I've been seeing cheatum for 16 years . I thought he was a very good doctor, bed side manner , does not have. one I knew coming in to see him was going to take forever , first app. an every appointment after that was going to be 3 to 4 hours and the staff has always been bad, but he is good at what he did. Or at least I thought for 14 years but the last 2 years hemake s me cry every time I see him. Now that he doesn't know what to do for me he is rude .I know right now I can't be fixed but until something new comes out it would be nice to at least make the pain not so bad. By the way I have sle an sclerderma an few other things wrong. I have lots of problems with meds. So if you can know longer be fixed then he doesn't want you as a patient any longer. He can't stand not to be god anymore so he'll do what ever it takes to get rid of you .so now a lost patient after 16 years.

When your life is on the line, he don't have time! show details When your life is on the line, he don't have time!
Aug 1st, 2011

As a Lupus patient of Dr. Cheatum's my auto-immune system is compromised. The last week of July 2011 I began feeling bad and ended up in the hospital for several days. Final Diagnosis is SEPTIC SHOCK! I was in the beginning stages of it when I entered hospital and THANK GOD for Dr. Farhat, Renaissance Hospital, Terrell, Tx who immediately diagnosed my problem and began treatment. After my release I was told to follow up with my Rheumatologist since my immune system was compromised so significantly. I was told to follow up with them first part of the week to repeat bloodwork and check white cell count and low pressure status. I was told they could not see me till the following Sat at 6:00 a.m.! I told them the urgency and asked them to see if they could work me in sooner and was told, "No, it was either Saturday at 6:00 a.m. or August 16th". Go ahead and put your life in your doctors hands when you need them most. The ones who have all your necessary background work done and to help cut down on your illness time or severity but I sure hope this is ONE doctor you do not have to count on. They wheel you in like cattle at the craziest hrs, they take days and up to 1 week at times to refill a prescription and now when I need them most, I am on the back burner. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE TO ANYONE! Better yet, ask them yourselves. If you ever became critical and needed a follow up asap as directed by the hospital treating you, could you count on this doctor? I know I CAN"T!!

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Hi show details Hi
Jul 27th, 2011

I have rheumatoid and pysoriatic arthritis and anklylosing spondylitis and Dr. Cheatham has been treating me for six years. He is a superb doctor and takes as much time as needed with each patient. He also dictates very thorough notes on each visit and sends a copy to your referring dr. He has helped me a lot and seems to respect my choice to be on the lowest possible dosage that will keep my problems under control. Ever

Best doctor I've ever had. show details Best doctor I've ever had.
Jun 30th, 2011

Cheatum is the most impressive doctor I have gone to. I had been going to multitudes of doctors for years ( I had multiple conditions: Degenerative disc disease, psoriatic arthritus, and a movement disorder called spasmodic torticollis, not all diagnosed). I was in horrible pain, couldn't even walk to the mailbox. Other doctors could not sort it out due to the overlap of symptoms. Cheatum holds his first appointments at night and sometimes works all night doing diagnosis. I was there a total of 7-8 hours. After the batteries of tests and physical exams he was able to diagnose and separate out EVERYTHING. I am now on a treatment regiment that has gotten me my life back. I'm on permanent disability but have been able to take some classes at the local community college and get into adaptive physical ed/physical therapy classes designed for people with disabilities. I know a lot of people are put off by his bedside manner - he's not there to socialize but will spend as much time as it takes (sometimes leaving other patients waiting) to diagnose and treat whatever you have. The waits can be long but the appointments last much longer than the typical assembly line treatment you get with most doctors now. I hope he is able to stay in practice for as long as he can because he has gotten my life back and I would never be able to replace him.

Jun 28th, 2011

It took me quite awhile to get an appt. and had to wait 3 hours to see the doctor once I had an appt. His aids did all the x-rays. When it was my turn to discuss my condition, he was dictating a letter to my referring physicians and this is how I heard the diagnosis. I had another appt. and once again had to wait 3 hours to see the doctor. Stopped going. I would recommend seeing another doctor.

Jun 21st, 2011

He diagnosed me when I had spent three years sick with other doctors. Thank God for him

Feb 2nd, 2011

I have been seeing Dr. Cheatum since 1997. Yes you may have to wait a little while to see him, but it is well worth it. He is very professional and alway very accurate. He recognized my problem right away, when other doctors had no idea. I would highly recogmend him.

If you need a diagnosis, he's your guy! show details If you need a diagnosis, he's your guy!
Jan 18th, 2011

I have been searching for a diagnosis for 7 years. Every doctor I'd go to would see the previous diagnosis of "Fibromyalgia" and throw up their hands in defeat. Dr. Cheatum, however, did not assume anything. He took 7 vials of blood and sent me for two major tests and when I went to my follow up visit in 2 weeks I finally had my answer! And that wasn't all. Once he diagnosed me he then equipt me with a plan of how to kick this thing! As far as bedside manner he's a little unusual, he's kind of quiet and reserved but boy, does he know his stuff! I would recommend him to anyone with arthritis pain or undiagnosed pain. He's been an expert on the subject for 30 years. His office is like a well oiled machine. And they can usually fit you in for emergency visits within days. They were also very helpful in helping me fill out my paperwork on FMLA. It costs $25 to have them do it but it's worth it because they make it clear and convincing. I'd recommend their office to anyone!

completely lacking basic human empathy show details completely lacking basic human empathy
by Anonymous on Nov 28th, 2010 on

I have taught autistic students with far better communication skills than Dr. Cheatum. If your problems are ones that are completely defined by lab va ...

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M.D.s wife with Ankylosingspondylitis show details M.D.s wife with Ankylosingspondylitis
Oct 24th, 2010

My first appointment was at 6:30 a.m. Needless to say I did not have to wait! This exam, x-ray, and lab took almost four hours. I was impressed by Dr.Cheatum's thorough taking of my and my families medical history. A gastroenterology colonoscopy probably saved my life! Who thinks Arthritis and your G.I system are related!! (Dr. Gottesman has followed me and removed two cancerous items over 15 yrs.) No, he is not Mr. Personality. He takes Time with each patient to be thorough! The staff has always been horrendous! I recently was forced by said staff/new patient with Medicare policy to seek another rheumatologist due to a flare. (yOU ARE A NEW PATIENT IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE AFTER 4 YEARS. hEARTBROKEN, I saw another rheumatologist. It was the worst experience with a doctor I have ever experienced! To me, Dr Don Cheatum is tops - if you can get by his, "hired guns".!!!

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A patient considering new options!!!!!!! show details A patient considering new options!!!!!!!
Jan 14th, 2010

I have been told he gives accurate diagnosis, however, after four months, I am not so sure!!! My pain is worse! On top of that, I cannot even get him to talk to me and answer my questions!!!! He is out the door saying "I have many other patients than you!!!" This is after I have waited in his waiting room for two to three hours!!!! I am simply left with the feeling that he really does not give a flip!

Nov 9th, 2009

I've been seeing Dr. Cheatum about 5 years now for Lupus and now have some new problems. Dr. Cheatum knows his stuff and will take excellent care of you. Yes, the wait is terrible and when your in pain it makes it only worse, but do you want the best care around or not? I do! I have found if you stand up for yourself with his office staff you will get the results you need, which I have had to do on more than one occasion. I have also noticed its really only one nurse which I will not name. There are now comment cards and an office managers name and phone number to use if you feel the need. The office staff really isnt worth my energy. Dr. Cheatum will answer any question you ask him and will spend as much time with you as you need. He doesnt look at his watch to see how much time he has left with you before he has to go to the next patient. He doesnt play around. He will aggressively go after your problem to help you. He really cares about your pain. I have sat on the exam table in tears more than once!! Yes, they over book and you WILL wait a long time but he is worth it. I have sat there fighting back the tears many times waiting my turn, but would never trust anyone other doctor with my care.

Dr. Cheatum is a GREAT doctor!!! show details Dr. Cheatum is a GREAT doctor!!!
by 19 year old Female with severe RA since age 17 on Nov 2nd, 2009

Dr. Cheatum is a very very wonderful doctor. He is so great, and caring with you. He has given me cortisone shots and was so easy and talked to me through the whole thing. One of his nurses are very very nice and sweet but one of them is rude and short. I really don't care for her attitude, but other than that its great! I don't suggest you go on a saturday because everyone goes on Saturdays and you will wait forever. One saturday my appt. was at 8:30 and I didnt get called back til 10:45. I was not very happy about that. So I know go during the week! Your first appt with him will be very very long, mine was 5 hours long. When you get there he will call you in and talk and then send you to get blood work and urine sample (which is all in his office, and then do xrays, then you wait and then he calls you back in and checks every joint in your body and talks about what test he you need to have done. Then you schedule another appt and you come back and get your test results and find out what you have. Then he talks about what medication he is going to put you on and then you leave and come back in about 6 weeks. For a while you go see him about every 6 to 8 weeks, so he can check your blood work and medication. I have RA and the medication that I am on causes low iron levels and severe eye damage. So I have to have eye exams 2 times a year. I do think Dr. Cheatum is a caring man and a great doctor but his office staff is not friendly at all!! They could be alittle nicer due to the fact that we don't really want to be there either, we only come because we are in pain and need some help!

The wait is nothing when you are getting the best show details The wait is nothing when you are getting the best
Sep 22nd, 2009

Dr. Cheatum is the best.....a little wait is nothing when you suffer from overlapping diseases along with your Lupus

Office Staff is rudest Rudest in U.S. show details Office Staff is rudest Rudest in U.S.
by Disgruntled in Dallas on Sep 3rd, 2009

I have had to wait 5 hours before. They'll make an appointment in 5 minutes though. If you have financial difficulties- do not go there. There is no communication so if you get behind in payments, you'll have to pay the full balance before you can see the doc. I have had to go for 6 weeks now, without my arthritis meds.Forget leaving a message for him- they never tell him. Also- if they request you bring in your pain meds, do not let them out of your sight. my first visit there I had around 30 stolen. I went through 5 days of pain because of that.I am grateful that I have a diagnosis but that is it. And I will miss Dr. Cheatums.

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Aug 31st, 2009

Dr. Cheatum seems to be a very good doctor but the wait time is very extensive (4 hours for new pt appt.), follow up visit I waited close to 2 hours before being seen. There are signs all over the office that state if you don't like the wait then go find somebody else. I don't feel that he is very friendly or caring. If these things don't bother you then I would recommend him

Worth the time. show details Worth the time.
by LT on Jun 15th, 2009

While Dr. Cheatum does get really behind and probably over-books, he is an amazing doctor and worth every minute. He really does spend all the time with you that you need. He works with you and does whatever he can to get you a diagnoses and is so knowledgable. I have complete confience in him. He is a scholar and it shows in his professionalism. He has referred me to the best in their fields as well. I feel lucky to be part of these teams.

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