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His patients are very fortunate show details His patients are very fortunate
by Allene Nelson on Nov 22nd, 2014

Dr. Boka is the best pain specialist I have ever had. He truly cares about his patients. He takes the time to diagnose the problems correctly, wanting to find the exact area needing treatment. Generous with his time. When he left McAlester, Oklahoma I was bereft, especially since his wife, Dr. Suzanna Boka was my personal physician whom I depended for and trusted also. Finding a doctor is tough and finding an excellent one is even tougher, especially when you have severe pain issues. I found two! We are now in the D.C. area but still too far away. I send my deepest regards to the Drs. Boka.

Nov 13th, 2013

NO DOCTOR COVERING FOR ABSENCES Dr. Boka and his staff WERE very nice to me but now I've seen their true nature and am inappropriately labeled as a "drug seeker," a VERY STRONG LABEL that will likely prevent my obtaining pain management services in the future but, despite being put on WAY TOO detox. MANY PAIN MEDS, that means Cold Turkey Detox! As I've told them, I am a NYS CASAC Emeritus our in plainer terms, a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Professional, Emeritus for the years I worked in the field prior to becoming disabled. Ironically, I have much more knowledge about addiction vs dependence than they apparently do. Dr. Ike Boka is an Anesthesiologist, NOT BOARD CERTIFIED IN PAIN MANAGEMENT!! He is note hardly in the office as he apparently has to work primarily outside his office as an Anesthesiologist to make money. I called to make an EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT to discuss a very, very painful chest contusion from a bad fall (because of my lower back issues) and was told he was busy all day and wouldn't be in the office the rest of the week!! This is when I found out her has no coverage for when he's not in the office though NO ONE WOULD ACTUALLY SAY THESE WORDS. I now see that the "do no harm" requirement for professionals is not taught in Romania where he and his wife are from originally. Here is what occurred: I somehow directly landed on my upper chest onto a ceramic floor. The pain, no matter being on pain meds, was excruciating. I did not go to the ER immediately waiting several days. The pain didn't lessen so I went, especially since I feel directly on my heart and did not know if I had broken/fractured a rib and/or caused heart damage. Because I have NEVER ABUSED PAIN MEDS, especially since I know better, I was honest regarding what I was prescribed by Dr. Boka. In addition, because of taking the meds for years, I am PHYSICALLY DEPENDENT UPON THEM and so they GIVE ME LITTLE TO NO PAIN RELIEF! A true Pain Management Doctor and his staff would know this, one would think. Anyway, for the next week I could not sleep, was in horrific pain and took a Percoset during the night in addition to my regular daytime routine. My first thoughts in the ER and afterwards was consumed by pain. Realizing I would run low on my prescription,after a weeks time, I called Dr. Boka's office for help. I had never made a call regarding running low on meds EVER during all the years I've gone there. The non-medical receptionist told me that since I had an appointment on Monday (the following week) I shouldn't be concerned that Dr. Boka WAS NOT AVAILABLE FOR AN EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT AND WOULD BE OUT OF THE OFFICE FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK! This was on Tuesday. I asked to speak to the nurse (probably an LPN) and was sent to her voicemail. I was admittedly VERY UPSET when leaving the message. I called back a couple of hours later and said I needed to speak to someone that day since the doctor wasn't going to be in the rest of the week. Melanie said I would get a return call. When Katie called me back, she was full of excuses and even LIES about how they couldn't help me. I finally hung up on her, disgusted. I know the NYS laws that changed in 2-2013, had spoken to my REGULAR PHARMACIST about what I could do and called back, intending to calmly make my point but my PTSD kicked in and I couldn't stop crying while confronting Katie via answering machine. Their BIGGEST EXCUSE NOT TO HELP ME? I DIDN'T CALL THE DAY I FELL!! "Go to the ER," I told. I said, "I've already BEEN to the ER!!" The reply, "There's nothing we can do." Though Katie said she had Dr. Boka listen to my first message, I honestly didn't believe her as he had always come across as a caring man. So I called his answering service as this was the only way to speak directly to him and I had an emergency! Dr. Boka was a MEAN SOB WHEN HE CALLED BACK! "Don't ever call my cell phone!!" Obviously, I did no such thing. "I KNOW YOU'RE JUST TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY!" I thought to myself, "huh? That's nuts!" I denied the whole guilt BS and confronted him with, "Taking 5 pills instead of 4 per day when essentially being up nearly 24hrs/day because of the stabbing pain from the injury IS NOT ABUSE IF MEDICATION! He wanted to know what the ER instructed and they said to take the meds I was on. Again, AT THE TIME, as I told Katie and now him, I WAS'NT THINKING ABOUT MEDS!!! I was just relieved my bones were'nt broken and my heart was okay. I then asked him two direct questions: 1. Who was the doctor or physicians assistant providing coverage when he's not available and 2. Why was he allowing me to suffer detoxing until my next appointment. He didn't address these questions. Instead, "GO TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM," I was ordered and I said, "Don't worry. I certainly won't call or l you again! He hung up. I'm not sure what I'll ultimately do, probably nothing, ie, complain to the NYS Medical Licensing agency which was my first thought. Instead, I will hopefully find a better qualified Pain Management Doctor to work with if they haven't totally trashed me in my chart as exhibiting, "Drug Seeking Behavior," the catch phrase for "Addict abusing meds."

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Dcyr show details Dcyr
Feb 25th, 2013

At first when I found Susan boka I was thrilled, thought she really cared, and listened. After complying with all her requests I had notice staff changes. Then switching medications on me that didn't work. After given a diagnoses of Transverse myelitis in Rochester , she bluntly told me that I would not be getting better, rather worse. All she could do at this point is make me comfortable. A death sentence to me, no compassion at all from her. As time went on she stop LISTENING to me, put me on Fentenol patches that did NOT agree with me. Did she listen, no she increased the dosage. That scared the day lights out of me. Couldn't sleep, then was sleeping for days on end. Severe headaches from the patches, unsteady thoughts. Then she put me on Seraquil because she thought I needed a pick me up. Got a two different generic brands in one batch and almost committed suicide. After calling the office to report this, Carolyn the AID never reported this to Boka, what she did say was to stop the Seraquil and Cymbalta replaced with a sleeping pill. Omg I started having severe leg pain, severe vertigo, brain felt as if it was bouncing all over with migraines. Kept falling, blood pressure sky rocketed, called the office ASAP and Susan was not there. Carolyn and Laureen took it upon there selves and told me to call back the next day. I could not make it through the day so called this new pharmacy that I was instructed by their office to go to. Keep in mind I have only had one pharmacy for the last 20 yrs, because they didn't like them I had to switch. The pharmacy explained that if you have been on Cymbalta for more than 6 months you need to be weened off. I have been on it for 6-8 yrs. this new medication given to me would NOT take place of the Cymbalta and I needed to stop this new medication and call your doc ASAP to let her know of side effects. The next day I called knowing she would be there LAUREEN answered the phone and started yelling at me because I called the pharmacist, that I was putting the doctors license at risk. HIPPIA laws were violated as the whole office heard. I get a message back from the doctor to drink water, and call us in a week to let us know how you are doing. this is the key to this story, stay on the medication, increase the sleeping pill up to 3 a night. Well I did and by the 2nd night my side effects came back with a vengeance. I couldn't walk, talk, was falling out of my bed. Crying because of the vertigo, blood pressure got up to 167/149, scared to death. I stopped her suggestion and stopped this sleeping pill and went back on the Cymbalta. This was after calling my original pharmacy. They were dumbfounded by what this doctor was actually doing. They put in a call to her office to tell her I cannot just stop the Cymbalta. After 2 weeks of misery my system was finally getting back to normal so I called the doc back to let them know how I was doing. Before all this happened with CAROLYN and LAUREEN I spoke to Katie and told her I have left messages with Carolyn to give to doctor Boka regarding other things as well as the doc never received them, not even notated in my file. Katie told me and my daughter that if I need to speak to someone to call Melissa @ front desk and leave a message for her to call me back. In this case I did. Told Katie what happened with the medication, she returned my call the following day, ticked off. She said Dr.Boka would like to see you Feb 1 st to discuss your medications. I noticed her tone and had asked why she was mad, she had stated to me that I need to call the other nurses, not just her, luckily my daughter was home and had Katie on speaker phone and we both told Katie we were doing what you told me to do. That apt on Feb 1 st after I demanded a full half hour to discuss other problems given by these aids, we went, husband and my daughter. We were screamed at as soon as she closed the door, told me to shut up, not to interrupt, that I was accused of harassing her staff, I don't follow directions, meaning I was scheduled for a bladder extension that she said I never had done. It was done alright, she just doesn't read her notes. She told me that I am sick, will not get any better, she doesn't care because now she has 5000 patients, then mocked me for the little side effects I had from the Cymbalta. as she put it. We tried many times to tell her what has been transpired but none of us could get a word in. That's when my husband said she has already made her mind up lets go. When leaving Carolyn had a smirk on her face that said it all. For the past several apts I am always with someone and it happened to be my daughter who is also in the medical field, she was furious at one of the apts. my daughter made it clear she DOES not listen, she kept interrupting me, wouldn't let me get a word in at all. She was not impressed with this doctor and suggested I leave. She said this doctor does not care about you. How I got discharged and my name slandered was due to Carolyn, Katie and Laureen. I ran out of klonapin on a Friday, since it has to be picked up in office I called in on a Wednesday for my son to pick up for the weekend. Since I am not driving I depend on my two college kids to help me pick up my meds. This was his only day off. Carolyn had said she noticed that I was filling my medications early. To be on the day it was 3 days off. I ran out of Klonapin on a Friday and because of my disorder I woke up at 4pm that day, no one in the office so my pharmacy gave me enough for the weekend so when I did get it refilled, they would take out what they had given me. I sat on the phone explaining to Carolyn that I left this message several months back and if she were taking her notes down she would see that I explained this and ran out on that Friday. But her and Laureen explained that Katie, Dr.Boka and her husband were all on vacation that week so no one could right them. Laureen And Carolyn both went through my file then accused me of misusing my medications. I had stated this was not true and this is a serious medication you can just stop. They swore up and down I had enough pills to the next Tuesday. now I was getting worried, I asked after demanding I had 1 pill left what am I suppose to do over the weekend, they said go without that its not their problem. I needed to get a hold of one of the doctors and how to do that. They became abusive, yelling and very rude, they said I would not be able to reach any doctor until next week. After realizing these girls are playing with my health I just hung up. I get a call on Friday morning from their office saying someone can pick it up, my husband was in Jersey cleaning up the storm mess, flew home to pick up the medicine and lost another 300.00 day in pay because of these two nasty aids. Now how did the doctors signature get on that prescription if they were on vacation? they Messed up and needed to cover up there error at my expense. This is what we needed to stress to Dr.Boka but by this time I was accused of calling the office harassing the girls which is untrue and was discharged. That office caused me more stress, slandering my name and now left me without a doctor. I don't know anything about Ike but that wife of his needs to retire.....badly. I would never recommend anyone there, very un professional, if you value your privacy, your not going to get it there. Who wishes bad health on their own patients. I think Susan needs a therapist because of her temper, her mood swings and acting like a child and she's suppose to be a professional. At 70 I do think its time to retire as money is what they are there for, not your health. If you value your life, please do not consider this office.

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Jan 31st, 2013

Dr Ike is great and Lauren and Katie are awesome, very helpful caring young ladies! However beware that Dr ikes wife pushes IV meds in assisting him with his procedures and she is rude very abrasive person. He would be better off hiring a more suitable person for this position rather than using his wife!

Great Doctor and Staff!!!!! show details Great Doctor and Staff!!!!!
Sep 6th, 2012

The doctor is great. The staff are f=great as well, very friendly, helpful and caring grils!!!!I would highly recommend this office to fellow pain suffers they care!

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Very caring, and Knowledgeable show details Very caring, and Knowledgeable
Oct 11th, 2010

Dr. Boka is by far the best Doctor I have ever been to. He is extremely knowledgeable takes the time to explain things. He is through and caring, he is easy to talk to. Here is a Great doctor if you can get past his office staff, they are snobby,unfriendly,difficult to deal with.

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Mar 20th, 2010

Perhaps I'm dating myself but "I like Ike" I have found him honest and straight forward and always concerned with your quality of life.

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