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lumbar shunt for brain disease gone bad! show details lumbar shunt for brain disease gone bad!
Aug 30th, 2014

I was sent to Yablon after many attempts to drain the fluid off my brain. It was determined I needed an Lp shunt. My mom went with me to the appt. to talk with him about the surgery. he promised me there was no problems, it would be easy and my headaches and my eyesight would all get better with time. that with the lp there would be no problems. I asked about failure rates any issues it may have. he informed me that there isn't any. they are almost failure proof.I had the surgery in nov. on 2013. I ended up in the ICU was in the hospital for two weeks. He sent me home, made a follow up apt with me for a month later. in that time I was in horrible pain. my incision in my back had opened up and was oozing. I was in the local er 4 times. (im 5 hrs) from him. they called him on every occasion, his answer put a Band-Aid over it ill check it when she comes in. Once back in his office I could barely walk. I was in tears in the office, he told me well I never heard of back problems after an lp shunt and sent me on my way. oh he did order a ct scan had the front desk guy call me and tell me "theres nothing more he can do for you, you need to follow up with you gp" SO this guy did a wack job spinal surgery and tells me to follow up with a gp. since then it has been found I have nerve damage from the shunt being placed incorrectly in my spine. and now im in the process of possibly having to have a revision done on this stupid shunt. it could have been all avoided if it was placed correctly the first time! a rare brain disease, an lp shunt placed incorrectly and a neurosurgeon who could care less about his patient. but hey he did bring my mom some peanut brittle while I was in the hospital before he went to go play some golf. I did file a formal complaint, really that's all you can do with this one. the amount of papers you have to fill out is covering him to no end! please please do your research and go somewhere else!

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by Kimberly D'Amico on May 3rd, 2014

I had spinal cord stimulator surgery in 2008, performed by Dr. Yablon. DO NOT HAVE SURGERY BY THIS DOCTOR!!! I woke up from my procedure permanently paralyzed from the waist down. After hospital discharge, he basically "wrote me off" as far as help and follow-up care. I also signed the pre-op release & was not able to sue for malpractice. Now, he has moved from NC to CA. Just be careful!!!!!

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Apr 7th, 2014


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Mar 30th, 2013

I was sent to Dr. Jeffery Yablond when I was living in N.C. I was refered to him by another Dr. who said he was a good Neurosurgeon(I later found out that he did not know him that well but he only played golf with him and that was how he met that was deceptive on that Dr.s part...he made it sound like he had known him for years and very well) My husband and I both went to the first 2 visit's at his office to get all the information and to be examed by him. I was to have a permerant Spinal Cord Stimulator Implanted. I had two Spinal Cord Stimulator's in the past done by two other Pain Specialists and the wires were just slipped under the skin to see if I could deal with the stimulation and to see if I could understand how to work the controls and turn the unit off and on, up and down in stimulion intensity, change the batteries etc..This one Pain Specialists said the permanent device could not be placed under the skin because I had too much scar tissue and it would require a Neurosurgeon to make an incision in my Thoracic area in my back and cut through the muscle an area right under the shoulder blades...Then, Dr. Yablond explained that he would also cut a piece of the bone in my spine...kind of like a Diskectomy and implant the wire...then he would make another incision lower in my back...I showed him where to put it since I have a higher waist than usual...I told him I had been advised in the past to go with a 2-lead wire and NOT the new Triple-Wire Spinal Cord Stimulator that had just come out recently (and this was the year of 2007-2008. He seemed to understand...I DID NOT check this Dr. out on the Website and I really wish I could turn the clock back and wish I had never let this Dr,. operate on me..I was at the Pre-op area and they had already given me a pill to relax me when he warlked in to talk to me and I said we are doing the Double wire unit correct? and He said"No, we are doing the Triple wire." And I said "No, I was told by two different Dr.'s to stay away from that unit until they had workded all the so called "Kinks" out....but maybe I could ungrade in the future. And He said "But, I have to do the Triple wire Unit because that is all that I put in." My husband was not helpful as I had already talked to him about my concerns with Dr. Yablond especially after I went to Dr. Yablond's office to sign ghe Pre-Op papers. That was a HUGE RED FLAG. I told my husband I thought we should get another Dr. He had a 20-30 page form that you had to sign before your operation and it was very detailed. It covered everyone him, the nurses, the technical people, the scrub nurse, the circulating nurse, the hospital etc....It listed everything in detail and it specified that your friends and family members could never ever sue him or the other staff listed for any reason...even if they did find fault with him or others etc...I am a Registered Nurse...This was no regular surgery form....I asked my husband to look at the form , he does not know anything about medical stuff so he was no help .(Now, back to my day of surgery after the pill.)...I was thinking of running out of the hospital but I did not....After I got out of the Recovery Room I had a bandage on my buttock....NO KIDDING! He had placed the battery device in my Left Buttock where I sit on it...I told him to take my back into the O.R. and fix this because he put it in the wrong place....and he just tried to regroup and his face turned real red from embarrassment. He never made a pocket under the skin and the device was poking out towards the incision. I talked to him and all he said and said it was in the right place and I said No, it is not...I am sitting on the device and this is not where we talked about it in your office...You need to fix this...He refused to correct it. He did not even give me enough pain medication to recover. I was lucky enough to have some medication that I did not flush to help me deal with the agony of pain and then my Pain Dr. gave me a new Presciption. Dr. Yablond told me I would have to " Bite the Bullet" and he was serious when he discharged me from the hospital. He gave me enough medicaion while I was in the hopital and I even had them hold it when my BP dropped, but when he discharged me he cut the medication from Percocet 10/325 1-2 every 4 hr.s to Percocet 1 three times a day. If I had taken the max. in the hospital I could have had a total of 12 pills in a 24 hr. period to 3 in a 24 hr. period. He cut it more than half...I was discharged with 1/4 ....This is like 2 operations at the same time. This operation was worse than my Lumbar Fusion. It was the pain I am guessing someone may feel after 2 knee operations...I went to 1 Follow-up visit but he still refused to change it, so I did not go back for the second follow-up visit...His nurse called after she noticed I had not come back and I told her the story and that due to that I would not be back...His nurse that told me I could get Nursing Care at home after this Operation later disappeared because that never happened so something was "fishy" about that. I later found out from one of his nurses that Dr. Yablond did not even live in N.C. He would work Monday thru Friday then fly out Friday night to spend the weekend with his wife and family and fly back in late Sunday night to be back in the Office/O.R. That means he lost his operatiing Liscence to work in the hopitals where he lived. I had to lay on my right side and sleep on my right side for 5 years to find another Neurosurgeon who would moved the battery in a new loaction. I finally found a great Neurosurgeon in Charlotte, N.C. He asked me who did this to you and I told him Dr. Yablond. He said he had never heard of him in the Medical Ciricles but that lately (2012-Feb.) he had been seeing alot of Dr. Yablond's old patients and trying to fix alot of the problems this man had caused people. The person from the St. Jude's technical people finally fold me after 5 years that she tried several times to get him to put the battery in the correct site and he refused to listen to them(there were 3 of the technical people in the O.R. She said Dr. Yablond was so far the WORST Dr. they have ever had to work with.... I have suffered so much from this mans life was a marriage has suffered and my extended family has suffered extra for 5 years....ON A PERSONAL LEVEL: As a patient and as a Registered Nurse I do not think this Dr. needs to EVER operate on anyone again, EVER! I just wished I had checked this man out. I was on alot of medication and on Lyrica-which I cannot handle well because it takes my short-term memory and interferes with my concentration....When a person is in my shape you really need to take someone who you can trust to make souund decisions and I did not have anyone at that point.....I just wish someone would stop this man from doing what he did to me to others and if he had that many people(the other Neurosurgeon in Charlotte said he had about 20 or so of hisold patients back in Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2012...And this new Neurosurgeon said why didn't I go back to Dr. Yablond and I told him he refused to move the battery and anyway I had heard he had moved to some place in California so I was quessing he lost his rights to operate in the hopitals in North Carolina...It seems he just keeps jumping from State to State....I just wish that enough of his old patients could get together and stop him.....I think he has to be a really bad surgeon. His PRIDE got him into trouble and kept him from cooperating with the Technical Staff from St. Jude.s

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May 16th, 2012

Dr. Yablon fused C4,5,6 and did a wonderful job. He improved my quality of life tremendously and the surgery let me continue to play golf. He could operate on me any time or even in a paraking lot. He is that good. NC lost a great doctor.

Deplorable show details Deplorable
Apr 12th, 2012

This man should not practice medicine- let alone neuro- that is way too scary.This doctor is shady with a capital S, deceptive is an understatement. He is about profit before patient care- and he's no longer allowed to "PRACTICE" in my state- what does that tell you?

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Not a UCSF trained Neurosurgeon show details Not a UCSF trained Neurosurgeon
Jan 20th, 2012

After my visit I looked into Dr. Yablon and found out that he is not a UCSF Neurosurgeon that came to Napa but a surgeon from North Carolina that was recruited to Napa as part of a UCSF outreach and was never actually faculty at UCSF before that. This is deceptive.

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Jun 9th, 2011

I'm surprised at the negative comments - not at all my experience with Dr. Yablon in Napa, CA. He was kind and compassionate - perhaps a bit blunt for some people but I felt that he was always honest and forthright with information. I highly recommend him and his staff. They helped me and family through a very rough and scary time. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a quality neurosurgeon.

Patients Beware show details Patients Beware
Mar 16th, 2011

I have not found many reviews of Dr. Yablon but those I have found have all been negative. I should have looked before allowing him to operate on me. At least I would have been warned. He has now moved to California and I hope people there will look for reviews before allowing him to operate. Hopefully they will go somewhere else. Dr. Yablon does not seem to have any integrity. I had a terrible experience and will probably have to get the back surgery corrected.

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Feb 23rd, 2011

I agree. Look for someone else.

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Must Read Before You Schedule ANYTHING w/ Dr. Yablon show details Must Read Before You Schedule ANYTHING w/ Dr. Yablon
by Anonymous on Jan 7th, 2010 on

Unless you wish to be kept in unbearable pain after surgery with Dr. Yablon, PLEASE READ THIS! My experience with Dr. Yablon has been so terrible we h ...

Read Full Review at
Dec 21st, 2009

go will thank me!

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