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A great doctor with a wonderful support staff. show details A great doctor with a wonderful support staff.
by D. Weaver on Jan 12th, 2015

Dr. Cimino and his staff are excellent. The doctor is great about returning after hours calls, even at inconvenient times. He's always calm, easy to talk to and willing to answer questions. The staff are fantastic, and willing to go to extraordinary lengths to help with anything, including dealing with miserable and unreasonable insurance companies. They're the best.

A doctor that takes the time to check things out... show details A doctor that takes the time to check things out...
Dec 28th, 2014

I am thankful we found Dr. Cimino. He was the one who caught my child's low blood sugar in the lab reports that for some reason the other previous doctor at emergency care never mentioned and had actually written off as a lab error. To make matters worse my child's primary care provider never even bothered to order any lab tests at all but just made a referral to Cimino causing a month long delay and if we would not have taken it upon ourselves to get our child blood tests at the emergency care facility none would have been done. Unfortunately the emergency care facility did not look into the results further and really dropped the ball claiming the results were a lab error. It was Dr. Cimino who spotted it and took action. The wait time to get into Cimino was a month but was still quicker than other specialists we contacted by a couple weeks. Dr. Cimino took the time to order a more thorough test to make sure and it turned out my childs blood sugar levels were in fact way below normal. I am pleased at how he handled the situation and how his office is ran. I also like how the office atmosphere is set up. It is clean and inviting. It is decorated in a relaxed setting style that allows my child to feel more at ease. I am happy to have Dr. Cimino looking after my child.

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Competent, capable. show details Competent, capable.
by Heather on Jun 10th, 2014

I've got nothing bad to say about him. He speaks directly and sometimes over your head (medically), but he will quickly clarify. He treats us like adults, not coddling us or sucking up. If you need someone to treat you like you a princess, this is not the doctor for you. He speaks with our toddler son, does not ignore him or seem to dislike kids. He followed our previous neuro's path and put him on a newer medication that has done wonders. His staff is fine, but again, if you need to treated like a rock star go somewhere else. They are competent, and friendly enough for us. The important point for us is that Dr. Cimino knows what he is doing.

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Oct 10th, 2013

Dr. Cimino followed my son for 3 years because of a complicated birth and recently diagnosed him with epilepsy. I have read the negative reviews before, and would like to provide an optimistic view, but I have some concerns that I hope might help other parents. When Dr. Cimino diagnosed my son with epilepsy (a big, scary, life-changing event, in my opinion - he was not having conventional seizures), he didn't provide any information but simply rambled off the type of seizures, handed me a prescription for medication and labs, and sent me out the door. When I scheduled a follow up appointment to ask questions, Dr. Cimino took the time to address my textbook questions about epilepsy, but, as soon as I questioned the course of treatment, he quickly launched into complicated medical jargon and made it very clear that the conversation stopped there. My son's other doctors have considered it important to educate me about serious diagnoses, so Dr. Cimino's response surprised me. We have since moved to a major city (we've "traded up" neurologists, Dr. Cimino told us), and my son's new neurological team doesn't think he has or has ever had epilepsy. I felt Dr. Cimino had a preconceived notion about my son and was looking for a diagnosis to support that. In doing so, he missed the opportunity to really learn what was happening to my son, and he seemed to consider me more of a nuisance than an ally in figuring out the best course.

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Mar 12th, 2013

We have seen Dr. Cimino for 4 years. He is always prompt, answers every question I have and is great with my daughter. He is quick and to the point but will sit and answer questions if you have them. He doesnt sugar coat anything but he is far from rude. He is just matter of fact. He knows his stuff, stays current on the research, and is very accessible even after hours when he is needed. The current office staff is great albeit very busy. I second another reviewer that said Id take a great doctor any day over a doctor that may be more warm fuzzy but isnt as good with the medical side.

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Never had a bad experience show details Never had a bad experience
Mar 8th, 2013

Wow! How do you get dentist office from eye Dr? Dr Cimino has been nothing but professional and prompt. Never had to wait always in and out. My son has been a patient going on three years now. He is not overly friendly but I'd rather have a well educated professional that knows his stuff than someone who wants to be my child's friend. His staff has always been extremely helpful, had one issue in three years with a script and she apologized and admitted it was her fault it was done and over. Overall Dr. Cimino is very good Dr.

Never a problem here--good experiences show details Never a problem here--good experiences
by Steph W. on Feb 19th, 2013

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Cimino since she was a baby. She will be 7 this summer. He's not necessarily very warm and fuzzy, but he has always treated us respectfully and addressed our concerns completely. I've never had an issue with the office staff myself, although I have overheard them be a bit curt on the phone with others. Overall, I feel like we've received an excellent level of care for my daughter's neurological health needs. That is the most important thing in my opinion.

Nov 1st, 2012

doctor and office staff not pediatric friendly, atmosphere is sterile and bare, breath a sigh of relief when consultatins were over. Would travel to orlando if ever needed again!

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changing doctors show details changing doctors
Oct 3rd, 2011

I do not like Dr Cimino and have decided to change doctors. He has awful bedside manner and his office looses paperwork. He doesn't seem to like children at all. I suggest going somewhere else.

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Great Doctorgreat show details Great Doctorgreat
Sep 22nd, 2011

First of all,his office is not in the back of a dentist office,they share an office with an ophthalmologist.And while kendra may sometimes be rude she is also caring.its just her personality kinda dry,renee his schedular does the best she can,phone on both ears,checking in patients at the same time,they get pretty crazy sometimes.i have been in the waiting room and have seen parents argue with them over everything.from not wanting to pay copays,to appt times they want even if it meens bumping other kids out.and trying to diagnose their kids and not listening to doctor cimino or his staff.i have read all they comm and as for the seating arrangments,the other office put those up.i think as adults you should be ashamed of your selfs for bad comments,trying to ruin someones's life and reputation and put their staff out of work.shame,shame not very nice.

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I Love Dr. Cimino show details I Love Dr. Cimino
Sep 21st, 2011

I had heard from several people that he is just like Dr. House from the TV Show. He immediatly diagnosed my son's epilepsy within 30 minutes of testing at the hospital. He was out of town and did this all by phone before ever meeting us. At the time we had no insurance so he gave as a 50% break on our first visit and then refered us to CMS where he is a Dr. for the lower income families that need specialized treatment. I personnaly don't care how I am treated as long as my son gets the best care possible. My son (gifted) had a long list of questions about what he could and could not do with his condition. Dr. Cimino answered each one of his questions with respect and honesty. Dr Cimino responded much better with my son than with me...again I care more about my son's medical treatment than with how my feelings are put into account. He was never rude, just quick, to the point and sometimes over my (non-medical training) head. I would always recommend Dr. Cimino to any family in need of this kind of specialist. Don't take it personal when he is not your best friend...that's not his job. His job is to take care of your kid...which is the most important thing! I don't care how they treat me at all...I am not the patient. Not one person at that office ever was rude to my son, in fact Kendra has went over and beyond for us on many occasions and I never want my kid to change from the Best Dr. in FL in this someone who isn't "quite so good" just because they are more "friendly" with ME! That way of thinking could not only destroy your childs life, but as long as YOU feelings aren't hurt...I guess that's OK..Your kid..your life, but in mine I will do whatever it takes to make sure my son receives the best possible care...and that is Dr. Cimino...period!

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Make the drive to Orlando, he's not worth your time! show details Make the drive to Orlando, he's not worth your time!
Aug 19th, 2011

Office Staff=RUDE,NURSE=RUDE, she was not authorized to tell me my son's BP!DR=Clearly Broke!He ordered every test he could think of.Was mad that our Dr. had the MRI & EEG ordered 1st.Made NO sense in his reasoning for extra testing.WOULD NOT SIGN A SCHOOL FORM for migraines because he could not be sure what his diagnoses was yet, but prescribed a DAILY RX for migraines. Told us to go have our Dr sign it, since he ordered her tests!He walked out without saying a word. Were we done?Did he go check on something?So we left after 15 mins.The RUDE nurse called 30 mins later saying we "ran out" before they could schedule all the tests!BTW, patients know you get paid for ordering expensive tests! Also, that picture of him must be 20 yrs old and his "office" is through the back of a dentist office.There is a sign in the Dentist area saying "Don't sit on our side!"Does this sound like a successful neurologist you want your child's health left to? Sorry, I'm mad, my child didn't deserve this after all he's been through!

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Miserable... show details Miserable...
Jul 19th, 2011

We went in with a rare diagnosis and I was hoping to find out what it meant for my child (who was 17). All Dr. Cimino did was talk about his OTHER diagnoses and seemed completely uninterested in any questions I had. Not only that, but he PUT DOWN the doctors we'd previously seen for being too dumb to catch this diagnosis earlier! He even made ME feel responsible for this! He never once addressed my child, but asked me everything - my son is 17 and could answer for himself! He talked so fast that I never got to ask anything and I was scared to ask anyway due to the condescending manner in which I was spoken to. The office staff is so rude I want to choke her every time I call. The ONLY reason this man still has patients, I'm sure, is because he is the only pediatric neurologist in the area!! Fortunately, my son is old enough to see an adult neuro and I told his primary what a miserable doctor this guy is. What an embarrassment to his profession he is.

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Horrible show details Horrible
May 11th, 2011

Dr. Cimino only has business because he is the only pediatric neurologist in the Brevard area. His staff is terrible and rude but that is to no surprise because they are a mirror image of their doctor. Dr. Cimino lacks the courtesy and skills of a doctor and especially a doctor dealing with children. He doesnt even speak to the kids! How the canyou give a holistic determination of a child's mental stauts if you dont interact with them? They cancel appointmets without telling you. They have no true concern for patients with such a serious condition. I would NEVER recommend anyone and if I could rally for another neurologist to move into the area, Dr. Cimino would be out of business.

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Apr 20th, 2011

Dr. Cimino's staff is horrible. My appointment was made by my primary care physician. They gave Cimino's office the wrong insurance number. When Cimino's office ran the insurance and found out it didn't exist, they cancelled my appointment with out letting me know. I drove over 40 minutes to get there. The staff was rude and condescending. I finally walked out. As I walked out, another person waiting said they couldn't believe how rude they were to me. Clearly they only care about the money. BTW I do have insurance.

Horrible show details Horrible
Mar 3rd, 2011

He was extremely rude and he was not helpful at all.

worst bedside manner ever! show details worst bedside manner ever!
Jul 10th, 2010

he was a condescending jerk with quite a God complex. was judgemental and rude. has us on the defense from his first statement, accusing us of doctor shopping as we sought a second opinion on our complicated child. do not go to this doctor.

Amazing show details Amazing
Nov 30th, 2009

My overall experience with Dr. Cimino and his office staff was wonderful. His nurse Kendra offered a lot of compassion and went out of her way to make sure we got a fast appointment with another specialist. Those of you who did not rate this office very well need to realize Dr. Cimino knows what he is talking about and is a great doctor!!!

Bad and just plain rude! show details Bad and just plain rude!
Apr 11th, 2009

Snide and condescending, I will pay extra money to find someone else to handle my daughter's migraines.

Doom and gloom show details Doom and gloom
Oct 28th, 2008

I really wish there was another pediatric neurologist in Melbourne