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Patient show details Patient
by Cindy Freeman on Sep 20th, 2014

I paid Dr. Fillmore 35.00 last Nov 2013 to have my medical records put on disc and sent to my home. The check was processed immediately but 10 months later- still no records. This was all after receiving a letter from Dr. Fillmore saying she was closing her Concord office and that this process would take several weeks. Would like to get my records or my money back?????

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Long-timer needs help! show details Long-timer needs help!
by Melissa Sampe' on Mar 3rd, 2014

I have been a patient of Kim's for about 24 years. I love her.... we met when I was in a place medically that no one else could figure out. She just happened to be the gyn on call at the hospital I was admitted to. From day 1, she has always taken good care of me. She literally saved my life! Years after that, she delivered my son, who was premature, and took amazing care of us. We have shared our personal lives, cried and laughed together, and I was blessed to have her taking care of me. When I got the call saying her practice was closing, I was really afraid. I didn't know how to proceed. Her office staff didn't understand, at first, but finally realized my plight. They called in my prescriptions to tide me over until I could find another doctor. The PA I had been using for years passed away about a month later so I have really been in a jam. I know Kim had a lot on her plate and took her gift very seriously. To say that she was over-worked didn't describe it. That was because she did her best to take good care of everyone. I hate to hear people had bad experiences. I understand her need to make a change and I pray that it is just that and not something else, like a medical issue. I was sad that I did not get to say goodbye. I am, however, concerned about my records. I have had some pretty unique medical issues and several procedures that a new physician needs to know about. That is a long time to try and remember exact dates, medications, etc. I still don't have a doctor and pray I find one whom I trust again. If anyone knows how to get records please share. For those who are angry, lets hope that she is ok. I just can't imagine her leaving people hanging like this without a serious reason.

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patient show details patient
by Linda L on Feb 27th, 2014

2/27/14 I really need my medical records and apparently she has closed up her practice. Has anyone found a way to get their records? Is so please reply! Thank you!

What the heck happend???? show details What the heck happend????
by Ann Marie on Feb 4th, 2014

I have been trying to make an appointment for my annual. Could not reach her office for weeks, Come to find out she CLOSED HER PRACTICE!! Need to get my medical records from her, Nobody knows how. Absolutely ridiculous! I have been a patient of hers for over 15 years.

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PATIENT show details PATIENT
by ANONIMO on Jan 20th, 2014


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Review after not being able to reach MD or staff to schedule, and also phoned and faxed for 3 week to obtain show details Review after not being able to reach MD or staff to schedule, and also phoned and faxed for 3 week to obtain
by Sandra Wallace on Jan 11th, 2014

I phoned and my pharmacy faxed 4 times to obtain refill for rx, ditropan. I have been having problems with urinary incont. which has gotten worse and worse, which is why I have needed to schedule an appt. I can't even count, at least 2 1/2- 3 weeks and I have gotten no response from their phone. My phone # 925-706-0261, or cell is 925-848-8337. My pharmacy is Rite Aide on E. 18 St. in Antioch, CA. 925-757-7161. I can get another MD, athough I really need HELP, getting this refill on my medicine!!!! Is there someone out there who can help! Thanks, Sandy Wallace

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The Doctor you can trust yours and your baby's life. show details The Doctor you can trust yours and your baby's life.
Feb 4th, 2013

It is so sad that all negative reviews will take a chance from other woman to get one of the most professional OB/GYNs out there. I have been going to Dr. Fillmore for 5 years and have delivered 2 babies with her. She saved my babies both times. She KNOWS her job so well, that other doctors who have wonderful bed side manner may have a clue about. If you are looking for a doctor who will be smiling at you and spending 30 minutes with you every time you show up, then she is not for you. If you are looking for a doctor who will see you promptly, Dr. Fillmore's office is a wrong place. But if you are reasonable, you will understand that the doctor who is delivering all the babies herself cannot be prompt. She is working non-stop, sometimes without sleeping. She is making decisions which save people's lives every day. It is such a pity that only upset women are writing reviews. You should come into her office and read all the wonderful cards hanging on the walls which come from happy patients. Dr. Fillmore is not talking much, she is not coming to chat with you. But she KNOWS what needs to be done. I hear so many horrible stories from people I know about doctors' mistakes, about them smiling a lot, but letting things go on their own, for example, letting a woman carry past due date, etc, and then women getting emergency c-sections. With Dr. Fillmore this would not happen. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not idealizing the whole practice. The girls at the front desk are, softly speaking, not knowledgeable in whatever they are doing. The nurses, however, are extremely nice. So if you manage to get over the front desk disaster, you will get an opportunity to be observed and taken care of a highly professional, experienced, responsible doctor who will not let anything happen to you or your baby.

Dr. Fillmore was rude and did an awful exam if at all. show details Dr. Fillmore was rude and did an awful exam if at all.
Nov 10th, 2012

She is a poor example of a Dr. and I will look for another female Dr. in my area. I would never reccomend her. She was rude and had zero bed side manner. Over the past several yrs. I saw nurses for my annual exam and they were great. Her office no longer has nurses.

Did not call with results show details Did not call with results
Sep 24th, 2012

The office staff is incompetent. I was not notified of an abnormal pap, and on another occasion when I requested biopsy results, I was given an incomplete record, and then treated as if I was being unreasonable, after driving to the office twice to pick up records, as they were unable to fax them to my new doctor in a timely fashion. Dr. Fillmore acted as if I was being unreasonable, when in fact it was her staff that was sloppy and/or overworked. I am changing doctors.

So - so show details So - so
Sep 18th, 2012

I have been going to her for about 8 years. Mostly you never see her, only her NP. But when you do have appt with her she is always running 30 - 60 minute behind. And I feel like she is just trying to get co-pays for every little thing. Somethings they could just call you and say your test results are fine but instead they make you come in for a 2 minute visit just so you pay another $40 copay.

Extremely Unhappy Patient show details Extremely Unhappy Patient
Aug 6th, 2012

The doctor would not let me tell her my symptoms - she was totally rushed. When she performed the exam, she was extremely rough and hurt me! She told me that I had one thing, but when I researched it, it had totally different symptoms than I was experiencing. When I went in for my second (follow-up) visit, the staff said that she was not in and that they had called me several times on my disconnected home phone (a number that I never gave them). I gave them my cell phone, but they did not bother to call me on that phone, so I drove for over an hour for absolutely nothing. Besides, why would they call a disconnected number several times? Both the doctor and staff are very, very rude. I will not be going back to them!

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American Medical Association show details American Medical Association
Jul 10th, 2012

I am flabbergasted by Dr. Fillmore and her whole entire staff. Whenever I had an appointment, I had to wait from 45 minutes to 1 hour. In one case, I was the only patient and sat while she conversed with a friend for over one hour. Then she comes in for the one minute exam and she's gone. NO follow-up; no telephone calls; no lab results. She is a disgrace to the profession; is arrogant and has NO bedside manner. The last time she had her Assistant call me to tell me that I had BV. I had no idea what it was and was terrified. The gel she prescribed through her Assistant didn't work and when I complained because there had been such a delay in treatment, she was sarcastic when she came into the room. When I asked for a stronger medication, she told me that she didn't like it but didn't do anything else to relieve me of my anxiety or clear it up. Finally, I told her Assistant what a BAD name she had amongst her patients and she made excuses for her! I asked for ALL my records to include lab work, etc. She charged me $25.00 and when I went to pick them up, they were WRONG and incomplete plus there were 3 other patients records with mine. I demanded all my records from the dirst day to the last day. I will NEVER go back to her. I am printing out all of the complaints I can find to send to the AMA. She shouldn't be practicing medicine!

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The worst show details The worst
Jun 12th, 2012

She would rather get her make-up done at her skincare office next door than review your file. P.s Dr Fillmore your OB appointments can see into the skin care office. Thank you for making me wait just over an hour for my appointment while you pampered yourself. Then to add insult to injury you asked me why I was even in your office. Need I say I found a caring doctors office for my next pregnancy.

Jan 4th, 2012

Dr. Fillmore delivered my first baby and had a great experience. However, I must say that she is very rushed and always in a hurry for appt. Spends only a minute each time after waiting for over half an hour. But I believe she is well experience and a good doctor. I just wish she had better bedside manner and more approachable. Her staff is okay. I always have to follow up about test results before if not I am never told anything!

Jun 1st, 2011

Hope you never need to ask her anything via the phone. She WILL NOT call you back as a policy. You will speak through staff making it a back and forth game for you versus her just spending 5 minutes on the phone with you. She has a foot out the door before you even get questions out of your mouth and doesn't explain what is happening to you. I had a surgery with her and I NEVER saw her. Who knows if she even performed the surgery?! Terrible from the start for me, hope others have better experience. Would NEVER send anyone I like there.

May 1st, 2011

Horrible office- uncomfortable environment, she has her 14 year old son walking around the office. Patients wait in the rooms half or fully naked in a freezing office. The office has dust bunnies everywhere. Dr. Fillmore spends 2 minutes with you and has you waiting over an hour for her. She is extremely rude and disrespectful to her staff and sales representatives. Her new Physicians Assistant was working for her for over a month unlicensed and uninsured. Horrible office to get any sort of care from. Would NEVER recommend such place to anyone.

Rushed exam, missed the cancer until forced to look again! show details Rushed exam, missed the cancer until forced to look again!
Mar 11th, 2011

Went in with two issues: unexplained fresh blood spotting and a strange white patch on the labia. Positive - they fit me in right away. Negative - Dr. was so rushed that she barely looked at the area, started removing her gloves saying she saw no reason for concern. #1- had done no internal exam to search for bleeding source. #2 - completely missed the white patch. I asked her to sit back down and LOOK AGAIN...I used my finger to point out the area with the patch. She then found it, scheduled a biopsy for two weeks later. When I came in for the biopsy, I asked her if this could be Lichen Schlerosis...related to Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I have. She became incensed and yelled at me for doing research on the internet, said she had 8 years of medical school and she was the expert and she was sick and tired of people doing their own diagnoses. Then she did the biopsy. Still no internal exam for the bleeding. Three days later, lab results in, squamous cell carcinoma in situ. She handed me the lab results, spent about two minutes, and prepared to leave. I asked again about the internal bleeding. She agreed to do a Pap smear. Told me that when she did the wide lateral incision to remove the cancer she would also do a D&C to remove anything internal that might be wrong. I decided to see a gynecological oncologist instead. (Father died after multiple bouts with cancer, mother has had cancer). I canceled the surgery with Dr. Fillmore, explaining that I was seeing a specialist. She called me and berated me for seeing a specialist, saying she had done hundreds of these surgeries and was just as much an expert as he is.

Oct 4th, 2010

Dr. Fillmore does not call her patients after surgery. For a simple yes or no question the office staff make u to get an appointment to see Dr. I have never seen an office that wants to rip off patients this much. I have a great insurance I just feel sorry for some women with limited cash and insurance problems.

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Happy Mommy show details Happy Mommy
by DC on Jun 25th, 2010

Dr Fillmore and her staff are the best. I have always had great experiences with everyone there. Dr Fillmore did an excellent job delivering my son, I wish that she had delivered my first. She is very thorough and really cares for her patients. She is a very busy doctor but always takes the time to sit down and listen to me, she takes as much time with me as I need. I know several people that are her patients and I have only ever heard good things about their experiences too.

Dr. Fillmore and her staff are fantastic!!!! show details Dr. Fillmore and her staff are fantastic!!!!
by PKK on Sep 9th, 2009

A fantastic and thorough OB/GYN!!!! My husband and I were glad she delivered our 1st child and we'll be happy to have her deliver #2. My C/Section was a walk in the park and she was very attentive to my care post delivery as much as she was pre-delivery. Thanks for the great care!! Note for prospective new patients, the wait times can be a little long at times due to the nature of the type of medicine being practiced. But it's worth the wait, especially when your appointment turn comes up and she spends the time with you and is not rushing out the door the minute she steps in to see you. Again, a fantastic doctor.

Jul 30th, 2008 on

Very nice and informative. They don't rush you in or out either. Very nice.

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