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Failure to diagnose show details Failure to diagnose
by Dumbfounded. on Dec 5th, 2014

My wife took my 2 year old to this doctor when we suspected autism. The doctor briefly watched my daughter's interaction and suggested to my wife that she was a bad parent and my child was just exhibiting poor behavior as a result. My wife got defensive and the doctor screamed at her and made her cry. When I called to speak with the doctor about the situation he declined all of my calls and avoided me until I explained to his office staff that I'd be speaking to the doctor even if it meant I had to drive to them and wait outside, at which point the doctor called and acted very innocent. Flash forward to today. We found a better doctor and my daughter was diagnosed as autistic shortly after Arora saw her. She gets regular therapy sessions and is doing well largely in part due to early intervention. I shudder to think where she would be if we had stayed with Arora.

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Beyond Unhappy! show details Beyond Unhappy!
by Lori on Aug 28th, 2014

I have been seeing Dr Arora for more than a year and just found out that the EEG he ordered and gave me results of abnormal were actually never pulled. He continued to give us the run around every time I asked for a copy or to explain the results until finally I just gave up and just kept taking his medication and then another and then another, without a proper diagnoses! It has now been 1 1/2 years and I'm trying to see a specialist because again he wants to put me on another medication and I found out from the hospital and another reliable personnel that my EEG was lost all this time because the hospital started having them read out of office and mine somehow was miss placed. It was finally located and only dictated a couple of weeks ago. It clearly states that further testing was required which obviously was not done because of something that was happening on one side of my brain. BUT there was NOT abnormal seizure readings. I understand though that it does not always show up in an EEG and a more extensive one needs to be done. What the Heck! Did he just decide to tell me it was abnormal for some reason!!!! Curious if anyone has ever pulled their records too. I did and I could swear it was someone else he was seeing in the office, not me! I too had a seizure in his office with 2 other people there at the time and he literally walked out as they were trying to find out what was going on. I ended up in the hospital having to have IV Dilantin because my level was so very low. We have told him every time I have a seizure that the right side of my face droops like I have had a stroke and he never wrote that anywhere in his notes. I had head trauma 20 years ago which I wrote on my paperwork and is in my hospital paperwork and have discussed and he actually has wrote in his notes patient denies head trauma. There is just too much to even enter, all I can say is never have I seen such a horrible doctor in my life who absolutely does not care. To the other patient who commented yes the girls at front desk make it hard to book appointments and never seem as they want to be there. It's a very sad office! For those of you who have had good luck I am very happy and hope it continues. My prayers are with all of you who fight this battle !

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Gets the job done... wondering if there is a better doc out there show details Gets the job done... wondering if there is a better doc out there
Jun 18th, 2014

I have mixed feelings about this doctor mostly because I am new to this whole seizure thing and have no other neurologists to compare him to. I started seeing him about a year ago when I was finally referred after months of waiting by my primary doctor. I had for years what I thought were "partial seizures" where you are awake and experience an aura, metallic taste. It got worse over the years. At first I thought I was just having severe deja vu, but over time it got worse and worse to the point I felt like it was a panic attack/worry feeling and felt like the world was ending and had extreme fear. At one point I couldn't even carry on conversations while I was having one, I could say "hold on, wait a second" or I would forget someone's name while I was in the middle of a conversation while having one. This is when I finally decided to go to my doctor and waited a long time for a referral. When I finally got to see this doctor he ordered tests right away, listened to my issues and then I went home waiting to come back and take multiple tests. The problem is, I ended up having a grand mal seizure in my sleep before any of the tests could be performed. The first thing the ER doc said was, "if you were experiencing symptoms of a type of seizure then why didn't your primary doc or neuro put you on meds as a precaution until they could figure it out?" This concerned me. Once I saw him after my ER visit and start of meds this was after I had all my scans and tests done. He confirmed I indeed showed seizure activity in my test and continued me on meds. During my visits he asks me great questions, checks for important things and is very attentive in needing to change or increase my meds. He always tells me if I have any symptoms of any signs of a partial seizure to tell him because they can cause more seizures. He is great with sending my DMV paperwork back. I at first had more concerns with him because he wouldn't let me talk about my frustrations and concerns. I thought it could be possibly related to hormones because I would always get the partials a week before my cycle. He would always put his hand up and say "oh no, I don't talk about hormones that is a GYN's job" So that frustrated me, I wanted more help with this. Also it is hard to understand him. But I have come to the realization he is trying to get his job done, looking for what is needed to determine what needs to be done... he isn't my friend. I guess if I wanna figure out if hormones are the cause I need to see a different type of doctor that deals with everything- but sometimes those docs want you do to the "natural" approach and to me being off my meds is risky. One big concern of mine was I never understood why he never put me on meds before my tests were done.

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Very happy with Dr. Arora show details Very happy with Dr. Arora
Mar 13th, 2014

Dr. Arora is the first neurologist that has had the patience and knowledge to help my son with his abseance seizures and constant headaches. We have been to several other neurologists which were no help at all and gave up because my son has such a complicated health history. Dr. Arora has not only diagnosed and prescribed meds that have helped, but is very patient, understanding, and very informative. He always takes the time to address issues, answer questions, and make my son smile. We do not normally have to wait more than 15min to be brought into a room & the wait in the room is normally 10-20min. The staff in front office are not very friendly, but they know what they are doing and can answer any questions that may come up. Overall experience with this Dr is very positive. We are very grateful that we found him.

Great with my 5 year old! show details Great with my 5 year old!
by Deborah on Jan 14th, 2014

I think that people tend to write reviews more often when they are mad then happy so I am writing this review to try to balance out the bad reviews. I was terrified to go to this doctor after reading some of the reviews online but didn't have a choice, so here goes. My 5 year old needed an EEG, we were pretty certain she was having absence seizures. Our 1st appointment was on a Friday to have the EEG, we had no appointment to see the doctor but he was there and seemed pleasant enough. As expected, our daughter has childhood epilepsy and it was significant enough for the dr. to call our pediatrician right away to get meds started. We met with him for our consult yesterday (Monday) and he was great with our daughter. He made her feel really comfortable and made her laugh while he was doing some tests. He spent time in the room with us explaining the results, letting us know we have options if this medication doesn't work, giving us some control over the medication and making a plan for treatment. He ordered an MRI to rule out anything else, blood work and scheduled a follow up. I thought he was thorough and compassionate. Keep in mind that this doctor probably sees thousands of patients so don't get too worried about about 10 or 20 bad reviews.

WORST doctor ever show details WORST doctor ever
by Disappointed Daddy on Apr 2nd, 2013

After a 2 week wait for an appointment this doctor greeted my wife with "why are you here", did not allow her time to answer him, and was irritated when my 2 year old cried. He was also difficult to understand. I would recommend going elsewhere. After searching the internet I find primarily negative reviews about him and ratings well below the national average. I wish I would have done this research before wasting time with him. He also failed to return my calls after the appointment. POOR bedside manner and POOR client relations.

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docter to the point show details docter to the point
by patient on Feb 28th, 2013

Docter is to the point.. I had a huge panic attack and he mafe rppm for me to talk...I went above and beyond...I wpuld trade shrimls

Caring and professional show details Caring and professional
Sep 11th, 2012

My husband has been under Dr. Arora since having a massive stroke 3 years ago. Dr. Arora has helped manage my husband's recovery and was very helpful when we thought he was a seizure disorder following the stroke. Dr. Arora listened to our input, diagnosed my husband and helped presribe an anti seizure medication that had much fewer side effects than the original medication my husband was taking. He has always listened to any concerns and has always been interested in my husband's recovery and caring in his approach to treating my husband. The only drawback is sometimes lengthy wait times past schedule appointments AND office staff that sometimes seem to run on auto pilot, following "procedures" that don't always make sense in some instances. At times, the staff has made scheduling appointments difficult.

Dr.Arora show details Dr.Arora
Jul 2nd, 2012

Dr.Arora,Very professional yet kindly manner. My visit was informative and conclusive.

Jan 13th, 2012

This doctor is very rude. He doesnt really care about your situation. All he does is ask what happened, writes it down then prescribes you a medication. I wouldnt recommend this doctor to anyone.

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horrible experience with this doctor show details horrible experience with this doctor
Feb 19th, 2011

This was the worst care I have ever received from a physician. My six year old daughter went in for an EEG just to rule out the possibility of seizures. Turned out she had an abnormal EEG and he explained it to me in the office and sent me home with names of two medications and said to "research them" and let him know what we wanted to do. After doing my research on the internet I called with numerous questions as anti-seizure meds are pretty serious stuff. After a few questions he said we were done and said good-bye. I was mid-question. The next day I called his office to request a hard copy of my daughter's EEG so I could go to another doctor and he said that his writer was broken so he could not make a print-out of the EEG. This man should not be in practice!!!! Go elsewhere.

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Dr Aurora is a Horrible Doctor!!! show details Dr Aurora is a Horrible Doctor!!!
Jan 21st, 2011

My mother who just started having Seizures the middle of last year and who is turning 62 years young in a few weeks is a patient of his. This Doctor has flip flopped my mom around on medications, which are causing side effects, when we told him they were and if we can adjust the dosage, he told us we were lying and that the particular medication doesn't cause the side effects she was experiencing. Clearly it does because it says it on the pharmacy print out!!! He has absolutely no bed side manner!!! I find myself wondering if he even has a heart at all... or if his years of schooling and money was an outlet for him to be upon a pedestal??? My mother went in for an EEG and right after she had a seizure right in front of him and he was very nonchalant about it... he... the professional Doctor didn't even notice she was having one until I pointed it out to him... he didn't even care... and ushered us out of his office in the middle of her seizure like we were on an assembly line!!! Many more incidents have occurred, but the last straw for us was this past Tuesday 1/18/2011. We went for a follow up visit and he all but cussed us out, told my mother he don't care what she has to say and stop using her father, who just unexpectedly passed away 2 weeks ago as an excuse to why she postponed her visit, then he told us to find a new neurologist if we have a problem with him, and he kicked us out!!! He does not listen to his patients, he does not care, he is only in this for the money! He is irate and plain out disrespectful! That idiot needs to be fired and have his license revoked from practicing medicine. He's nothing but a pill pushing, legalized drug dealer!

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So-So show details So-So
by Anon on Aug 23rd, 2010

Diagnosed and prescribed high dose of drugs with major side effects without running any tests. Not really impressed.

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Aug 21st, 2008 on

He was really great with our child and tried not to make her afraid about the test that needed to be done.

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