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nola is his downfall show details nola is his downfall
Feb 13th, 2015

They have a great team but they have a sour rude miserable employee. She will constantly call you. She is very unprofessional she never have it together. This is going to be the down fall of his office. She doesn't listen when you are speaking she over speaking you. I've also sat in office while she speak so loud on her head set you can here all patient information or the person at window thinks she is speaking to you. Dr.Moretti does not care how she treats people.

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Tech Professional show details Tech Professional
by Terry on Jan 21st, 2015

This doctor is really full of himself. Unfortunately, he is neither smart nor competent. After all, he is a DO doctor trained at Nova University. He also is rude and unprofessional, joking that the lymphedema in my legs makes me look like I have "elephant legs!" Unbelievable. He also disparaged my oncologist -stating that I should not have prescribed me Carafate for my stomatitis. He was wrong - my symptoms improved. I will NEVER go back to him, even if he is the last physician on Earth. Do not recommend. Anyone else is better than him.

disrespectful show details disrespectful
by sylvia harn on Jan 9th, 2015

Dr. Moretti has a very unusual sense of humor to not say disrespectful. Made me feel uncomfortable in front of his assistant. I wouldn't recommend him. He is full of himself and not professional.

Jul 25th, 2014

This is the worst doctor I've ever had the "pleasure" of seeing in my life. It was a first visit as my health plan assigned him as my PCP, and at first sight, I was saying to myself, firstly, this fella needs to grow up on the exterior. He seems to be associating himself with the Justin Biebers of the world in his look. Next, he diagnosed me before ever touching me, taking my temp, etc. etc. He told me all the testing I'd had, i.e. a sonogram which revealed cysts, a RA specialist/doctor, M.D.'s diagnosis of RA, or anything other than that was wrong; if I had any pain from anything, it was because I was in my 50's and not my 30's any more. Further, he said if I was in pain, there was nothing he could do to help. I advised him that I was simply seeking a couple of referrals from him; one to the ortho and the other the gastro doc; and that no where in my written info provided to him when I walked in did I ask him for any help regarding pain. He was flabbergasted that I would choose to pay full price and continue to see my Internist which I have used as my family doc for 40 years and who knows me and my conditions, lifestyle, etc., inside-out. Then he touched the back of my knee and said you don't have a cyst, even though a sonogram done at Broward General revealed 2 cysts behind one knee and 1 cyst behind the other. He cuts you off when you're trying to explain your problems; literally just rudely cuts you off. At that point, I thought, OMG, I cannot believe the "Obama Health Insurance" is making me go see this guy. I do recall Obama telling us we wouldn't have to lose our doctor(s) with the new plan. It is not so. But whatever you do, pass on this doctor (if you can call him that.) He will be sued numerous times throughout his life if he doesn't grow up and treat. Oh, by the way, read the papers he has you sign before you go in to see him. One paragraph hidden in one of the documents; I recall it was about the third paragraph down, states something along the lines, "patient understands the medical treatment is not an exact science and waives ..." In other words, he is telling the patient he probably won't get it right, and thus, you understand he may not get it right, but you won't sue him. I, of course, scratched that paragraph right out. There was also a paragraph which said something along the lines that we hire students learning their field, and they want you to agree to be their guinea pig. That one also got scratched out by me. Unbelievable.

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by robin nixon on May 7th, 2014

love this doctor he knew right away what other doctors could not tell me .I have never had a primary doctor that cares so much for his patients and the staff omg sooooo good always helpful and nice

Worst office staff ever! show details Worst office staff ever!
by Sherrie Smith on Mar 3rd, 2014

Please do not go to this Dr. His office staff and medical assistant are rude neglectful, unprofessional, unethical! It takes the medical assistant over a month to get you your referral and if you question her about it she gets an attitude and she will not do anything about it at all, she had my appointment canceled after she had my referral on her desk for over three weeks! She did it out of spite! She also told me to go find another Dr if I didn't like the way she handled referrals! They are lazy and they will do anything to keep you from talking to the Dr. I suggest you find a Dr. With a staff you can get along with! These people are a nightmare!!!

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Jan 31st, 2014

Drowns himself in entire bottle of cologne and hair gel. Wants to look cool with scruffy beard but doesn't look like the cool guy's scruff. Very sloppy and unkept hairs everywhere.

Awesome Doc show details Awesome Doc
by John T on Aug 2nd, 2013

This Doctor truly cares about my well-being. He listens to me, and even when I am feeling like crap he manages to get a smile out of me. He knows his patients well enough to tell when something isn't right. Thank goodness I found him. His Office staff needs a little work, but they are getting better.

Great Dr. show details Great Dr.
by Bruce W. on May 14th, 2013

Always a joy to meet w/Dr. Moretti. Easy to get appointment and he takes the take necessary to make sure I understand whatever may be going on.

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Apr 25th, 2013

Calm down Dr. Moretti, you're only a family medicine doctor, you're not as important as you think you are. Huge turn off from his personality and demeanor! No-one cares about your money, cars, or opinion. People come to the doctor to be heard and listened to, not for some big-headed doctor to interrupt them every time they try to talk. And worse, Dr. Moretti thinks he knows more than anyone else, about everything. Guess what, dr . moretti: I know more about how I feel than you do, so stop interrupting and LISTEN to what people say. Oh, one more should accept people for who they are and stop passing judgement. Your opinion sticks! Won't visit this doctor anymore, I've had enough. Can't stomach his arrogance anymore. Broward Health should do a better job screening and hiring doctors if they care about business and reputation!

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Business owner show details Business owner
by Garrett Kooi on Feb 9th, 2013

Dr Moretti is fine. His staff however, leaves a LOT of room for improvement. Argumentative and NO customer service skills whatsoever ! Will not go back any time soon.

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Office Staff very rude and unprofessional show details Office Staff very rude and unprofessional
Nov 13th, 2012

The office staff can never give me an apt for future when I call. They always say they will call you back and never do. Also, when I go to a scheduled apt, I wait over an hour every time. If you try to tell the staff your issues, they either put you on hold or hang up and don't answer the calls. Very rude ans unprofessional. I decided to change Dr's because his staff make things impossible and inconvenient. Dr is very good but staff is beyond horrible.

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Aug 23rd, 2012

Dr. Moretti will lose patience as his office staff is very rude and hard to understand on the phone. They are always very short on the phone. If you want to speak with Dr. Moretti good luck. THey will tell you he only returns calls on Wednesday. So if you happen to have a question for him on Thursday about your results you have to wait an entire week to speak with him. He needs a new front office staff. They are horrible. They are extremly RUDE. He is so nice.

Lack of care for patients show details Lack of care for patients
Jun 21st, 2012

This doctor is too busy to call you back with your ultrasound results. It has been 9 days since the ultrasound was done and we have left at least 2 messages everyday the last 5 days for him to call us with results and his office keeps saying he has been too busy. Very poor doctor when it comes to getting back to patients with test results. We are leaving this doctor's practice!!!

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Great experience show details Great experience
May 31st, 2012

I found DR. Moretti to be very personable, caring and very knowledgeable! I am not a "go to the doctor" kind of guy....but Dr. Moretti makes it easy. His demeanor is always positive and he makes me feel like he truly cares. I highly recommend him.DB

May 10th, 2012

Dr Moretti is an excellent Doctor, very caring and informitive and his diagnoses are accurate. I can rest assure that I'm in good hands. DA

Apr 13th, 2012

the doctor is good, the office staff not! staff is incompetent and a little arrogant. Imagine that; attitude with stupidity

Please run your office like a business show details Please run your office like a business
Mar 8th, 2012

I recently had an appointment to get bloodwork checked by the doctor. He arrived 45 minutes late. The receptionist will schedule appointments for 9am but the doc doesn't come in until 9:30. The receptionist are quick to put you on hold and are very difficult to understand. The woman I spoke to mumbled on the phone and could not distinguish my first name from my last. The doctor was rushed in seeing me and even interuppted my visit to finish what he was suppose to with another individual. I had to call back multiple times over several days just to get a return call regarding my bloodwork. Time management is NOT this doctor's strength.During this visit I was asked to move from one room to another during while waiting for the doctor to arrive late to work and my appointment.Please read the chart before coming into a room instead of asking me what's going on. I'd like to at least pretend you have some idea as to why I'm coming to see you. The appointments I have had were very rushed. If you are all about turning patients over to see the next one, then please consider quitting your profession and working elsewhere so you can earn the income you feel you need.

office staff is toooooo busy show details office staff is toooooo busy
Dec 6th, 2011

phone manners are lacking

A grateful caregiver show details A grateful caregiver
Nov 30th, 2011

The doctor was quick to pick up on a difficult situation. He tried to help my mentally I'll sister without taking away her dignity. He managed to get a good preop exam done with out any fireworks. He used humor to get it done. Even though he was not her surgeon he came to the hospital to check on her after the surgery. He's got my vote. Just like a fine wine I figure he will only get better with age.

disappointed show details disappointed
Oct 3rd, 2011

The office staff was was friendly and professional. The Doctor was probably competent, but he thinks he's prince just like another patient said. He has a pompous attitude that is very unattractive. I came in to see a professional doctor with a professional demeanor, but instead this jerk walks in who thinks he's all that. I was definitely turned off. I don't think he really cares what other people think.

Easy 2 get an Appt. / Very Intelligent Doctor show details Easy 2 get an Appt. / Very Intelligent Doctor
Aug 11th, 2011

Dr Moretti looks very young so, at first, I was hesitant to make him my PCP on my insurance but, I had a few problems that have always been recurring 4 me through out the years with my kidneys. I have seen other doctors which have treated it 4 a short while but then bladder infections kept coming back WITHIN A MONTH. I asked Dr. Moretti to give me a referral 2 see a specialist but he refused until I gave him a shot at treating me. Thank God he did . He asked what they had given me b4 that didn't work that long. Made his own evaluation. Then gave me a prescription that I had never heard of b4. It worked fast and the infection has not com back since he treated me in February 2011. He looks young but, he knows exactly what he's doing . I would recommend him 2 any one. I always do!8/11/11M.Rogers

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Best Doctor Ever show details Best Doctor Ever
Jul 13th, 2011

I only waited 5 minutes to be seen by the Doctor. I was greated by two of the sweetest, smiley faces I have ever seen in an office before. Yanira and Nola are the hardest working medical assistant and office specialsts I have ever encountered. Dr. Moretti took his time doing my check up and even after took more time with a consolutation, reviewing everything he had already told me, what my prescriptions was for, answered all my questions and was extremely patient and friendly thru it all. He is the most caring doctor I have ever met. Anytime I call for an appointment I never have to wait and they are extremely accomodating. I completely recommend Dr.Moretti. I trust him with my life and health and we all know how much that means.

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Office staff is overworked and not that friendly show details Office staff is overworked and not that friendly
Mar 30th, 2011

when i called to schedule an appointment i was interrupted and put on hold 3 times and listed to the wait tones. I also had a long wait and discovered the the doc arrived to work 30 minutes after i arrived for my 9am appt.I think the doc has solid people skills but he needs more people or should evaluate thier friendliness, empathy and attentivness.

Mar 24th, 2011

The wait time was 5 minutes because there was nobody to see this incompetent doc. The prince greeted me in his scrubs even though he isnt a surgeon. I guess he had no clothes to wear that morning. This doc reminds me of an overgrown baby. He is big and clumsy and almost goofy in appearance. His examination was superficial and lasted 5 min at most. He pretended to listen to my heart and lungs. This was a first visit and I expected a thorough exam. I found him totally incopetent and useless.

Great Doc! show details Great Doc!
by "Hottie" on Jul 8th, 2010

Just love him he's great! Feel real comfortable speaking with him about any problem. He does a great job. Only problem I have is with the staff, over the phone can't understand them, don't speak clear enough english over the phone. Staff has also mixied up my appoint a couple of times.

My doctor and friend show details My doctor and friend
by Frank Tiberio on Apr 9th, 2010

He is the best!!!! A true professional that is easy to talk to and is always very easy to contact. His staff is helpful and shows great concern with any and all questions, but when it comes to a medical concern you can believe Dr. Moretti himself will pick up phone and discuss them with you. It is a real pleasure knowing your doctor is there for you when ever you need him. He is new in his practice but he give you that old time feeling of having your doctor close when ever you may need him. Thanks for being best. Frank Tiberio

Mar 17th, 2010

A visit to this office starts with a very professional and courteous staff. If your visit to Dr Moretti is as a first patient, his history & exam is thorough. He answers your questions so you are able to understand and asks a few of his own you probably would not have remembered to inquire by yourself.After the exam he takes the time to talk to you and to make sure you understand his findings. As a follow up patient, he takes the time to review your chart, again addressing medical questions and concerns - not just skimming over.I have lived in Florida over 50 years and he is the 1st doctor I have seen in a long time with such caring, dedication, and professionalism in all aspects.If you are looking for a primary physician I think you will be really pleased with this office.

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