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Really, the worst staff I've ever experienced at a doctor's office... show details Really, the worst staff I've ever experienced at a doctor's office...
Dec 18th, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Bailey for the past year. I have been in quarterly for my medication. Several times I have asked to have my records faxed to my general practitioner-which was met with resistance. Finally thru sheer persistence it was accomplished. In early December I was treated again by Dr. Bailey. Today I called. I am not feeling well and felt like I need to have my meds adjusted. I was transferred to her assistant, Jennifer, who was defensive, and close to downright rude. When I asked if the doctor would still give me a call, initially she told me no, and then she took my number. Within minutes Jennifer called me back, and rudely informed me that if I wanted to speak with Dr. Bailey that she had told Jennifer to have me make an appointment and come in. She would NOT be calling me back. Dr. Bailey's treatments are not covered on my insurance. Her office visits are $50 out of pocket for me, and the actual treatments are $300 out of pocket as well. While steep I am happy to pay this to feel better, but would expect that a simple call wouldn't be too hard to roll into her fee. I will never go back. Unfortunately, this office has forgotten the fact that it is a service business, regardless of their profession, and that treating the patient (in this case their customer) with courtesy and respect is primary to their existence. Poor service, no follow up, rude staff.

by SeQuia on Dec 16th, 2014

I would not recommend any pregnant woman to see anyone in this office. I am 29 weeks pregnant. My family and I just moved here from Kansas City December 1, 2014 with my husband's job. I made an appointment on October 6th, 2014 to be seen December 3, 2014. We went in for the appt, met the ob/gyn, who seemed very lovely, and scheduled my next appt, Dec. 22nd, 2014, on our way out. On December 5th, I was called and informed that the total estimated out of pocket cost of my labor and delivery (approx. 02/26/2015) would be $1200.00 and further more, it would be due on 12/14/2014. Now, there may be some women who have this kind of money lying around. Unfortunately, with us just moving, we would not have the total amount available until, 12/23/2014. When I called to try to make arrangements to have this paid when we would have it available, I was told that I either had to come up with the money or look for ANOTHER new OB/GYN. Apparently it's company policy to collect the money for delivery by your 30th week of pregnancy. I have several issues with this service. First of all, if that truly is your company policy, wouldn't it have been customary to inform me of this when I called to make the appt in October? Second of all, we all know its already stressful enough being pregnant without moving to a whole new city in the middle of your pregnancy and having to find a new ob/gyn. You all couldn't wait a week for me to get the money together? Finding a good OB/GYN is already hard enough. This office obviously is more concerned with money than providing great customer service. DO NOT trust these people with your care or the care of your new baby.

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Oct 3rd, 2013

I've been seeing Dr. Bailey for 7 years for routine annual exams. After I found out I was pregnant, I decided to continue seeing her. I have NOT been disappointed. Her bedside manner is amazing. She takes the time to answer any questions I have. She has never made me feel like I was dumb for asking tons of questions. She has been very supportive of my choices and truly set my mind at ease on many occasions.

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go else where show details go else where
by not happy on Sep 10th, 2013

I have been seeing this doctor for years and ive seen her maybe twice and they are not very friendly and seems like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing EVER. They all give you different answers and are not friendly at all. Go else where if you want to stay healthy. I would not recommend her.

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Prosper, TX show details Prosper, TX
by A. Andretti on Mar 7th, 2013

I read over some of the other reviews and everyone has a right to their opinion. Here is mine.. The day of my appointment March 5th. 2013 I went to the WRONG LOCATION (Centennial).. I called the office only to be informed that Dr. Melissa Knox Bailey went home sick, but the office failed to contact me. The TONE of the lady on the other line said, "Melissa is not here and the P.A is booked. Some people forget about "TONE". I originally wanted to see the PA Tracy in the first place...Due to Dr. Melissa Knox Bailey misdiagnosed me 2 years ago after I had a miscarriage.. I was hurting really BAD and Melissa said it's normal to hurt after a miscarriage and to have weird discharge blah, blah, blah.. I got a 2nd opinion from another OBGYN and come to find out I had an infection bad to the miscarriage. When I made the appointment 1 month ago, front office did not inform me that Centennial OBGYN moved locations to.(Baylor Hospital)..My appointment became rushed. I did see the PA for my annual. This place Is TERRIBLE! SOME of the staff is nice and then some are sooooo rude! I went in for my annual MARCH 6TH. 2013... ,to discuss about clomid.. and about my medical records that were released from my fertility Dr..... The P.A said, they had NOT received my medical records from my fertility DR.. I said, the front office told me that they had received it. The PA checked again and they did have it. The PA asked if she could call me March 7th. 2013 because my records were 20 pages long and I said yes. March 7th. 2013 Jennifer called me NOT the PA, that is fine.. The Jennifer whoever said that Dr. Melissa Knox Bailey said I need to seek fertility and they could NOT help me. I asked Jennifer am I candidate for clomid, she said, "NO'... I asked why, and she said because you ovulate.. NOW the Drs office DID NOT do any blood work or anything to know if I ovulate or not. I assume they are going by my fertility records from 2 years ago. Jennifer just kept repeating herself that Dr. Melissa Bailey can't help you. WOW!!... Just to brush me off and not even suggest to do blood work. AWFUL patient service. It seems to me that this office ONLY wants to service you if you're caucasian AND have health insurance. Btw, I did not mind paying $235 for my annual. I already have another DR. I will NEVER GO BACK! I will make sure I pass this along to friends, blogs, strangers and my facebook. Oh yea, ladies if you are looking for a fertility Dr Sy Q Le contact ADVANCED REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER @ 7501 Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, Texas 75063 (972)506-9986 least expensive in TX. .

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Great caring gynocologist! show details Great caring gynocologist!
May 8th, 2012

I originally went to Dr. Bailey after a friend told me how kind and caring she is. I have experienced that same level of kindness. She truly cares about all of her patients and what they are going through. She is very knowledgeable about many topics concerning women. She has helped me with several female problems. She is up on the latest treatments and medical procedures. My recent hysterectomy performed by Dr. Bailey, but with the latest robotic procedure was amazing! A hysterectomy performed in this way is no longer to be feared! Just as she said, I was feeling much much better in just 2 weeks and have only a few tiny scars to show for it. I have recommended her to many friends. I love Dr. Bailey!!

dont go to her plz show details dont go to her plz
Nov 21st, 2011

everyone there is nice n sweet mostly...but that does u no good..if u dont get the treatment u r there for...dont waste ur time here...if u just want a good lip service then go there...otherwise skip her...

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Apr 19th, 2011

I absolutely love Dr. Bailey! She is kind, patient, and a fantastic doctor! Her employees are super sweet and go out of their way to meet your needs. They are great with children and I have never had a bad experience there. I would definitely recommend her.

wonderful doctor and office! show details wonderful doctor and office!
Apr 11th, 2011

I was new to the state and I was newly pregnant and needed an ob/gyn. I started asking around and visited 2 ob/ gyn's and chose Dr.Bailey. she is very straight forward and no nonsense. In a good way. I already had 3 small children, and I had to bring them to most of my appointments. Everyone was kind and patient. I never had a complaint. When it finally came down to the birth, Dr. Bailey has the experience to bridge the excellence of a midwife and the knowledge of a physician. I wanted a drug free birth and didn't want to give birth laying on my back. She was wonderful and the birth was wonderful. Now for pap smears I see her NP tracey, she is really cool!

Unpleasant Staffs with very Arrogant Attitude show details Unpleasant Staffs with very Arrogant Attitude
Dec 14th, 2010

Today was supposed to be my big day. Me and husband was waiting for today. It's my ultrasound day. We were going to find out the baby's gender. This was supposed to my 3rd meeting with this doctor and of course her staffs. I went there at 9:36AM. My appointment was at 9:30AM. We were waiting in the waiting room then one of the staff opened the glass door and called my name. I went up to her and she said what's your name? I said Maya Casey. What are you here for? I said, what? Then I said, for check up and ultrasound. She then said, we don't have appointment for you. I said, yes I do have appointment. I called this office and spoke to a lady. She set appointment for today for ultrasound and check up. She said, no, we dont have spot for you today. I asked her nicely without raising voice what so ever to check again. She got up and said, mam, i do not have spot for you today! We will make an appointment for you next week. My husband then said, can we talk to the doctor? She said, she not in. with very rude attitude. she then said, let me talk this lady and will be back. she left us and 3 mins later came back.A lady called us in to her office. She said, I am not sure what happened but you do not have appointment today and we are not able to get you ultrasound today. Again, me and husband still trying to be patien and did not raise our voices. However, we made sure the lady understood that the ofice had made mistake by not entering the appointment schedule and communicate this with the entire staff. She replied with: We have many patients, they all like us very very much. If you are happy with the waywe serve you, here is the door and you may leave. This is unbelievable experience I had ever had. Me and husband was so excited about today and they treated us like nobody. I said, mam, are you kicking us out? She said, i am not kicking you out but if you have the attitude like this and raise your voice in front of our patients, we have no choice other than to ask you to leave. I was so shock and didnt know how to react. we did not raise our voice and we did not act rude at all towards this staffs. All we know that the staffs did not handle this situation right. we did not hear any apologize from them instead we got kicked out. I asked to speak to the doctor and she lift her chin up with arrogant attitude and said, she is not in! and please that's the door. (she pointed to th door for us to leave). i was crying and so upset with this situation. I am looking for symphaty, i just want to get my ultrasound done. This is the worse encounter i have had with doctor staff. i am hoping someone or some health board can fix these people. they way they treat people are so unaccepatable and rude. If someone knows where to report this kind of issue, i would greatly appreciate your help. I have no problem with the doctor it self. I like her alot. But i will not come back to her and get same treatment from her arrogant staffs.

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by s.w.k. on Jul 17th, 2010

she was sued twice in the state of Georgia for malpractice

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Jun 3rd, 2010

Dr. Bailey does not provide lab results to patient's over the phone so I was required to make an appointment. I had a 9:15am appointment and waited in the waiting area till 10:30. By 10:45, still not having seen Dr. Bailey, I explained to the receptionist that I had to leave for work and asked the receptionist to that I had to leave. The receptionist said that she was unable to give the doctor a message. I asked if she could pass on a written note, to which she replied "I cannot do that". One week later my medical records were mailed to me with a note saying they did not want patient's with an attitude. I had not at any time raised my voice. It appears Dr. Bailey and her staff have blatant disregard for patient's time and feelings.

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Great Office! Very pleasant experience show details Great Office! Very pleasant experience
by Shuree G on Feb 17th, 2010

I dont understand why She has not recieved four stars on here...Being a first timer to go get the dreaded pap smear and check up, I was extremely nervous and not looking forward to anything. When I walked in, however, the staff was very patient and understanding with me. They treated me with kindness and was personable to me. They made me feel very comfortable before Dr. Bailey came in. Yes, I did have to wait what seemed like forever, which im sure was just due to my being anxious. But when she walked in she introduced herself and was so sweet to me. I had wrote out a list of concerns I had and she was so patient and answered all of my questions. Being it was my first time, she sat and explained everything she was going to do before she did it and put me right at ease! Then i had some blood work that had to be done and the nurse who took my blood was so caring and gentle with me. I would say that I had a four star experience as far as comfort goes and being treated with respect. and i would definitely recomend a friend to this doctor.