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by Long time patient on Oct 23rd, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Hussamy for over 5 years and remember him most by how amazing his bedside manner is and how nice and caring the staff is. HOWEVER, at my last visit there was a little curly haired blonde girl at the front who was the rudest person I have ever encountered. When I got to the front desk, she was on the phone with another patient telling them that "maybe they were abusing the pain medication" and they "were taking too many". When she hung up the phone, she turned to the girl sitting next to her and continued to talk about how the patient takes too many pills and she is probably taking her mother's medication also. I was completely floored. I hope I am not talked about in such a way when I call for a medication. I love the doctor, but the girl at the front has made me request my records and go somewhere else.

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Dir. of Operations show details Dir. of Operations
by Gary J. on Nov 18th, 2013

Dr. Hussamy and his staff are excellent. I have had several procedures done there and could not have asked for better care.

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BEWARE show details BEWARE
by Elizabeth Carole Dunning on Oct 13th, 2013

This is the most horrible unethical and unprofessional doctor on the face of the earth. My experience was a nightmare and my life is destroyed. Too late to sue for malpractice, or I definitely would. Am taking him to the license board instead. I was treated horribly by him and his his staff. He neglected me as his patient. He destroyed my hand. He treated me with contempt, then discharged me as a patient when it was evident my hand was ruined,he got rid of me instead of taking responsibility for what he had done. . Another doctor said he disfigured me and performed the operation in a hurry. I have been to several other doctors and have had to go elsewhere for continued therapy. The man RUNS from appointment to appointment, leaving you there in the room, unfinished. He RUNS in the surgery room. He has several operations going on at once and I don't believe he even operated on me, as just as I was going under, he introduced me to an Arab surgeon and walked away. I woke up in a community room with 20 people, next to a young child, and was scolded for something I said when I was still unconscious that frightened the girl. They yanked me up before I was fully awake and practically shoved me out the door. There were head lice in the bonnets for the surgery patients, and fleas were in the cotton batting of my dressing. I could just barely handle all these things at once. He had a nurse put on a cast too tight and refused to replace it. It was so tight I was fainting. I went to the emergency room, but they said he was responsible for me. I removed the cast myself, then he SCOLDED me endlessly and charged me double for the next appointment.. He made me wait an entire month before he would see me and NEVER once looked at the lousy cast his nurse made A month later, he had his RECEPTIONIST take out my stitches . It was so painful I nearly passed out, but all they did was scold me more. I was treated horribly by his therapists JOE and BARB who barked at me by my last name, and ridiculed me for praying to God about my pain. The doctor was telling me I "had to step up to the plate for pain" and that my healing "could only come from within me"This is something he would tell me over and over. My fingers were NOT covered up and people in public were horrified by the way my hand looked. I diligently did All of my exercises which took up 2 hours everyday, but was BLAMED for not doing them when I did not improve. His nurse made fun of me for not being able to flatten my hand for x rays. The nightmare continued when he denied doing something in his report that the report clearly stated he did. He reported removing bone, as I do not have a knuckle anymore. Then he said he didn't remove anything. Then his nurses BS d me telling me that" medical jargon gets mixed up" ??!! I was on pain medication for 6 months until it made me ill and became another problem he refused responsibility for, and told me to find my own pain management elsewhere. No one would take me, telling me my doctor was responsible. After being on the phone for 2 days trying to find help, I called and demanded they help. His receptionist suddenly had a name of someone . This was ANOTHER horrible experience to withdraw from the medication. I thought I was dying and called an ambulance one day. . I thought I was going to die several times through this ordeal. When I would tell him this, he would just tell me to" step up to the plate for pain". This man is sick in the head and should have his medical license revoked. During our appointments, he would sit far from me with his arms and legs crossed, would never take my hand and look at it, and would just lean back to observe me, then be out the door before you could finish a sentence. I met a woman who he operated on in public, one day, and she felt her wrist was ruined for life and could not afford to sue him. She cried. This man drives to work in a Cadillac, but this is how he treats patients. Other patients in therapy were horrified by how I was treated. He knew he botched me up, tried to bully me into accepting it, then dumped me when I began to protest. He is a deceitful liar. Oh, and his picture for his web pages is 30 years old. He is 50 with grey hair. God is going to be after this guy. DO NOT GO TO THIS MAN FOR ANYTHING. You may be sorry for the rest of your life.

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Jul 16th, 2013

I had bilate knee replacement in 2009. I had pain and everytime he would say nothing is wrong with them. I had 3 other doctors tell me that they were loose and I asked omar if they could be look and he stated nothing is wrong with your knees. Well I'm still in pain and had my knee replace again and the new doctor found a cut liagment. If I was look for a doctor he is last person to look at. He dose so many patient in one day and see patient while he dose surgery in the back. He run through patient like they at $$$$ bills. That is all he is looking for. Not your health or the outcome. Run as far away as possiable.

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Finger Surgery show details Finger Surgery
Jun 27th, 2012

I had finger surgery and he did just what i wanted and I h had no problems after, no swelling not much pain. I would give this doctor 5 stars, he is very caring and very polite.

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Excellent Surgeon show details Excellent Surgeon
Jun 16th, 2012

Dr. Hussamy did a total knee replacement for me. I experienced excellent results. If you are considering such surgery, you should consult with the doctor.

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Mar 30th, 2012

Highly recommend Dr. Hussamy, he is far better then most. He talks to his patients with care and concern. Did a great job on my knee. I will definetly use him in the future if any other orthopaedic surgeries are necessary

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Aug 8th, 2011

tore my acl a second time 2 years later a new doctor told me he is using outdated procedures. If you have to get surgery go to a university or someone who does professional athletes.

lousey doctor show details lousey doctor
Mar 26th, 2011

head for the hills or this doc will ruin you for life!!!!!!!!

Total Knee show details Total Knee
by Thomas G on Dec 1st, 2009

I had a total knee replacement just now at a year ago. It did not turn out as well as I would have hoped for. The new knee hurts just as much as before the replacement. The new knee "pops" out of place. One time causing a fall from the pain. The amount of pain that I was in right after the operation was the most pain I was in for many a year. The staff at the hospital did do a good job of taking care of that. But non the less it is some thing that I will be hard pressed to have done again. I know what I have now and the unknown worries me a great deal.I have been told by the Doctor it just needs more time. I am not sure if a year is a fair amount of time or not. It has effected my life, my work and my time with my family more than I would like it to doI can only work about 5 hours a day and then I am done for the rest of the day. If I work more than 10 hours I need to take 2 days off the lower the pain level.

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