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 |  the jury's still out  |  show details
Apr 9th, 2014

I'm 5 months post-frame following ankle surgery. I lost range of motion from the surgery/ frame and although I'm still nowhere near where I'd like to be recovery wise, I am walking better. I can understand people's comments about Dr Rozbruch and Dustin. Dustin does appear to keep at arms length from the patients and I found absolutely no satisfaction from any email replies I received from him. Any response to a question was generic in nature and it was like getting blood out of a stone for some meaningful, relevant information. Dr Rozbruch, like a lot of surgeons doesn't have the best people skills. I think he's been told to say or do certain things, but he's totally clueless as to when these gestures are appropriate. I never took anything personally, but I did have a couple of strange things said to me. I had to smile though when I was told to be quite and let him finish his thought. I guess he's not used to people interrupting him. Overall, I don't doubt his technical skills, but his office is inefficient. I spent two hours in there one day & only saw him for 10min, which was totally unacceptable. My time is also valuable.

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Jan 29th, 2014

I would not recommend Dr. S. R. Rozbruch to anyone. I have caught him lying during my appointments. When I confronted him, he only tried to change the subject or got really quiet.

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 |  Super Surgeon  |  show details
by Gene on Jan 26th, 2014

Dr. Rozbruch is a terrific surgeon and very caring physician. I was 67 years old when I first met with Dr. Rozbruch and several of his very capable staff. I had a shortening of my right leg of a 1 ½ inches (36mm) from complications from a club foot correction when I was very young. For my entire life I had worn a shoe with a lift and was experiencing back and hip pain. Dr. Rozbruch and his staff gave me a very extensive examination and then explained to me my options to lengthen my right tibia. What I found incredible was the follow up four page letter I received from D. Rozbruch which documented my examination and the pros and cons of proceeding with the procedure to lengthen my leg. I was so impressed with his knowledge and professionalism; I decided to go forward with the operation and had the surgery in November of 2012. Dr. Rozbruch used a relatively new technique using the precice nail that expands remotely to separate the bone. Although, the recovery was no walk in the park, everything went according to the plan Dr. Rozbruch had laid out for me. His office is tech savvy and I could communicate via email to get any questions answered. Day or night I could get advice or questions answered directly from Dr. Rozbruch or his PA Dustin Quig. Knowing I could communicate directly with my doctor was very comforting. For the first time in my life I have both legs the same length, I no longer wear a lift and I don’t walk with a limp. I feel great, I was back playing golf seven months after surgery and I resumed skiing this January. My experience was very positive and would recommend Dr. Rozbruch without hesitation.

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 |  Great Doctor and Great Person  |  show details
Jan 13th, 2014

After reading these reviews and being a patient of Dr. Rozbruch for years it is VERY apparent that one disgruntled patient may post numerous times so I find it only fair as a VERY happy patient to post at least once. NEVER in the many many appointments that I've had with Dr. Rozbruch and his PA, Dustin did I ever see any of what is complained about in some recent reviews. Dr. Rozbruch is a great surgeon and a compassionate, empathetic and professional person and my suggestion would be to make your own judgement after meeting with him. Everyone has their own 'issues' and experiences with drs and you wouldn't be doing yourself or your own health issue justice by listening to someone else's opinion ... form your own. I am lucky to consider Dr. Rozbruch as one of my drs and would not hesitate to contact him should I need him again - I trust him whole heartedly with my care.

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 |  Smashed all known records for bone transport length (25cm total)  |  show details
by M DuMoulin on Jan 10th, 2014

I met with Dr. Rozbruch after three failed attempts (over a period of six years) at limb salvage resulting from Osteorsarcoma tumor resection of the right femur. At this stage in my post-cancer treatment, my only other presented options were the following: 1. Femural Endoprosthesis (metal implant) which would have only lasted for the next 15-20 years of my life. After the device wore out, amputation would become almost certainly the only further option. At a relatively young age of 35 and highly favorable likelihood of long term survival from cancer, this was not a promising option. 2. Rotationplasty. (Partial amputation of the leg from the hip down). The downside is of this is obvious. Leveraging the combination of the Ilizarov method of bone transport and many other proprietary innovations, Dr. Rozbruch conveyed with full confidence, the ability to restore full function of my limb. By no means was this a typical case, as all parties involved were well aware. I came to Dr. Rozbruch with a history of infection and cancer. Dr. Rozbruch and his team managed to tackle every obstacle along the way with utmost precision and at no point did we loose faith in a favorable outcome. Using an Ilizarov external fixator, Dr. Rozbruch was able to grow back 21cm of missing femur bone spanning from just below the hip to immediately above the knee. Being "my own bone", this is an ideal outcome as it grows, heals, and behaves as a natural bone. There is no need to concern myself with hardware or allograft/donor bone wearing out over time. I am pain free and I am able to resume all of the rigorous activities that I would have only dreamed of performing (Including and not limited to, running, skiing, cycling, mountain climbing, horseback riding) after being diagnosed with bone cancer. After the 21cm bone defect was fixed, we were left with a situation where the affected leg was 4cm short due to prior bone loss from other procedures in the past. Most physicians would have simply prescribed a heel lift in all shoes to compensate for the length discrepancy. Taking account for my intended active lifestyle and acknowledging the potential for future Hip and lower back complications that could result, Dr. Rozbruch's went further to improve my overall outcome. Being at the forefront of his field, Dr. Rozbruch had access to a newly available implantable, motorized intramedullary nail that could be used to lengthen the Tibia in the affected leg by 4cm, thereby bringing both limbs to the same overall length. To the best of my knowledge, I was the first patient to have received treatment using this device upon successful completion of FDA clinical trials. This procedure was minimally invasive with no protrusions through the skin (compared to an external fixator). I read some other comments about this doctor and my response to all of them is that even if some of the comments below were true, (which was not my experience at all) results speak for themselves. In the end, I have two legs that were just as good as the ones I had before being diagnosed with Osteosacoma in my femur. I am pain free. I lead an active lifestyle to its fullest and I must express great gratitude to Dr. Rozbruch, Dustin and the rest of his team for all that they have worked so hard to accomplish. In my wildest imagination, I never would have thought things would have turned out so well.

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 |  A true miracle  |  show details
by Susan DuMoulin on Dec 30th, 2013

Our son had osteosarcoma cancer in his right leg. After a year or chemo and 17 surgeries to save his leg he finally went under the care of Dr. S. R Rozbruch . Our son had no femur bone left in his right leg and when he went to see Dr. Rozbruch, Dr. Rozbruch saw this and designed and placed an Ilizarov fixator on the leg. This was the longest bone transport in history, not only did the bone transport but the bone is just as healthy. Once this surgery was performed and the fixator was removed Dr. Rozbruch wanted to make sure that not only was his femur bone finally strong his wanted to lengthen his leg so that Mark could walk straight for the first time in 10 years. Dr. Rozbruch then placed a magnet in our sons tibia which was lengthened also so our son not only had his leg save by Dr. Rozbruch but his gait is straight. Today he rides a bike 35 miles a day. As a business owner ourselves we know the importance of a professional staff. The staff at Dr. Rozbruch's office is professional courteous and always there to help. They respond to your calls and emails immediately. I cant say enough about Dr. Rozbruch and his staff without them our lives would be so different and now with them our lives are nothing but a blessing and a miracle.

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by Norma on Dec 5th, 2013

Not a good experience with this doctor, plus he seems a little too flirtatious with patients. I work in corporate america and some of the things he says border on very HR inappropriate.

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Nov 24th, 2013

If you are looking for compassion, you won't find it with this doctor and his assistant, Dustin. This doctor took on my care and pain medicine management. Then when Dustin, who I'm convinced has the emotional depth of a robot, complained about having to constantly refill the script month and month, I receive a letter informing me my medicine is cut off and to find a pain management doctor. They cut off the medicine before I could find a doctor and I had go to the emergency room for help. Huge inconvenience!

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 |  Wrong diagnosis - Staff is brutal  |  show details
by Kabbalah on Oct 7th, 2013

Dr . Rozbruch never took an MRI before surgery when I came to him complaining of hip pain because he said one leg was 13mm shorter than the other and needed treatment. The cost would be $10,000 out of pocket. He did the osteotomy on my leg and put me it in a TSF and the opposite leg bearing all the weight the entire time, was discovered in hindsite, to be a torn labrum in the hip, which put worse stress on that injury. I suffered excruciating pain for months, years and got treated like I was crazy by the staff because I kept saying my hip was hurting and he would say, "I hear you." But he heard nothing. It wasnt until I did my own research and demanded an MRI did the idea ever come to his mind to order it. The hip was ripped and I had to go to a specialist down the hall from his office. For years, the surgeon that fixes labrum tears was three doors down and Dr. Rozbruch never sent me as I suffered. From that point on all I heard from Dr. Rozbruch was how he was scared I was going to sue him and he creatively downplayed the hip surgery in my medical records. Even after all that, the care and compassion wasnt there for a girl who spent years having needless surgeries. If you are a woman, he will pretend to listen to you but he is probably just thinking about what he is going to have for lunch or where to plan his next vacation. He will give you a lot of corny compliments about your hair or something awkward, because he thinks he is super charming. But I've seen the mean streak appear on the occasion that he gets too comfortable. A very selfish man who only cares about himself behind this veneer of compassion. The good doctor. Once I came to office after surgery, post op for X-rays and to get stitches removed, relunctantly because of the staff treatment. I walked in, he lectured and screamed at me for half hour about what a difficult patient I am and when I got home we realized he forgot to remove the stitches, they had already been left in 6 weeks post surgery.

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 |  Not a sure thing  |  show details
Aug 23rd, 2013

I have been in the office a great deal and I have seen three patients have their frames removed after Dr. Rozbruch said it was safe to remove them, and after wearing the frames for months on end, only to remove the frames and the bones collapse and the individuals lose all they that worked for and have to return right back into the frame. He is in such a rush to make the big numbers that he ends up becoming a time burglar.

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 |  Saved my leg.  |  show details
by Brett on Oct 30th, 2011

I was under Dr. Rozbruch's care from 2000 to 2002 for limb reconstruction and a bone infection on my right leg. There were no other doctors who were willing to treat me due to the massive complications I had after a dozen surgeries from different doctors for 2 years prior. I underwent an additional 10 or so operations to save my leg from amputation under his care. I am not one to heap praise on anyone but I cannot say enough good things about him and his level of expertise. I am forever grateful that I have 2 healthy legs to walk, run and hike on instead of a prosthetic. Dr. Rozbruch and the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC provide the best care that is out there.

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Aug 13th, 2011

Dr. Rozbruch and his staff are wonderful. Dr. Rozbruch is the best doctor I have ever seen. I highly recommend him. He is the best.

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 |  Phenomenal Doctor and Person  |  show details
Jun 10th, 2011

Dr Rozbruch is not only a skilled surgeon, but one who spends time listening to your issues, explains options in a way you can understand and seems to completely understand the impact of a serious injury on a persons life.His bedside manner, follow up after surgery coupled with the ability to contact him anytime and his almost instant response is unparalleled by any surgeon I have yet seen and trust me, I've seen my share.I am lucky to have Dr Rozbruch as my doctor and would highly recommend him.

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 |  Patient  |  show details
by Lacey, N.O. Louisiana on Aug 20th, 2009

My overall experience with Dr. Rozbruch, has been amazing. I highly recommend him.

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