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Beware. show details Beware.
by JoAnn W. on Feb 21st, 2013

This doctor took me into surgery on October 12, 2011. She left me thinking everything was going to be okay but then after my recovery from surgery i went to physical therapy for 10 months, found out 2 plates in my hand were too short and loose. Then, i had to be operated on again, and transfered from different physical therapists. I also went to a doctor in Greensburg and was told i did not need a fixator and she put one in anyways just for the money. My fingers are not bending, and probably never will, neither is my wrist. If you have any of the same problems contact me at please contact me as soon as possible, this is urgent and only have 6 months left to find a lawyer. Thank you.

Malpractice Lawsuit show details Malpractice Lawsuit
Nov 17th, 2012

This woman seems like performing malpractice on most of her patients. Please send me an email: if she operated on you and I will put you in touch with good doctors and lawyers. Please don`t postpone this. You need to open the case in 2 years. She should be out of practice! Her substandard surgery ruined my life.

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Butcher! Stay as far away as possible!!! show details Butcher! Stay as far away as possible!!!
Oct 28th, 2012

She placed pins in a broken wrist that were not needed. Complete hatchet job! When we went for a follow up appointment we were told she was "out of the country". No one was notified, not even her staff.(The talk was she skipped the country for fear of a malpractice suit.) Fortunately we found a great doctor who repaired the original break and the additional damage that was done by Dr. Wollstein. She was assigned to me by Presby and I'm surprised that they still keep her on their staff!Lesson learned, research your surgeon!

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She performs malpractice show details She performs malpractice
by Jack on Sep 10th, 2012

She performs substandard surgeries all the time, and sometimes malpractices. This woman does not have skills to operate on the bones and joints. I am in a lot of pain because of her and I will remember her for the rest of my life!! Don`t go to her. Go to Allegheny General Hospital instead.

Find another Doctor show details Find another Doctor
Feb 16th, 2012

I was seen for a third degree burn on my hand. She barely glanced at my hand, did not examine it, did not answer any questions that I had about how to care for it and talked over me when I tried to speak. I found a new Doctor and you should too! Dr Wollstein is in the wrong business!

I think I could have done better job using duct tape show details I think I could have done better job using duct tape
Oct 13th, 2011

I severely cut my thumb with a table saw. The end bone was shattered an broken you can literary see inside my thumb. The emergency room wanted to amputate the tip of my thumb but I refused and had them just sew it together, they still thought it was necessary to remove my thumbnail. Ms. Wollstein then saw me the next morning. She looked at the thumb and the x-rays and thought it looked fine and I definitely didn't need an amputation. I let the finger heal for about 3 weeks. It it was still very fragile as the inside of my thumb was still needed to heal. Ms. Wollstein then talked me into a second surgery which was mostly cosmetic to smooth out the unevenness. I should have said no, but what do I know. On the day of the surgery I suggested I didn't think it would be good to have the surgery but she talked me into it. I am convinced that surgery was a way to make more money. She had no clue on the severity of my thumb and was very rough with it and destroyed all the healing that happened in the past weeks. I kept going to check ups where I had to wait upwards to 3 hour. There were many people in the waiting room and she only had very little time for each patient. After a few month and completed healing of my thumb I moved the tip of my thumb showing that the bone in my finger had separated and did not heal. Her face clearly showed what she had no idea at all that this was the case, with all the X-ray, medical records and all she was completely clueless. She suggested another surgery to roughen up the bone to see if they would grow back together. That was the last time I went there. I am not blaming everything on her given the environment she had to work in, having an overbooked schedule, not able to spend more then a couple of minutes with each patient and spending the rest doing paperwork, pressure to sell and generate profit. Looking back I think I would have had better results if I had used duct tape instead. My takeaway is that don't accept the surgeon that's being assigned to you and pick the one that knows what they are doing.

a big NO NO! show details a big NO NO!
Aug 2nd, 2011

very dissapointed in her. I won`t go back. I have seen much better surgeons.

Send her back to Isreal show details Send her back to Isreal
Jul 12th, 2011

She lies

Dr. Wollstein is a terrible surgeon show details Dr. Wollstein is a terrible surgeon
Jul 8th, 2011

Dr. Ronit Wollstein is a terrible surgeon. I wish I could show you guys the post-operative x-ray so you could see how bad my hand looks. She is a very bad surgeon overall. I wish I never made an appointment with her. Currently, I am seeing another surgeon who knows what he is doing.

I don`t recommend her at all! show details I don`t recommend her at all!
Jun 9th, 2011

She does not care about her patients. She never talked to me before the surgery. I just had a terrible experience with her.

go elsewhere show details go elsewhere
Jun 8th, 2011

Degenerative joint disease after a substandard surgery by Dr. Ronit Wollstein. Poorly performing surgeon. I am so frustrated with the results. Go elsewhere!

she's a hack surgeon show details she's a hack surgeon
May 26th, 2011

She is NOT capable of fixing anything! She should be out of practice. If you want a good hand/wrist/arm surgery, please go and search for someone good at their job. I can NOT move my joint after this surgery. I was a very active person prior to the surgery but now I can`t even move my wrist pain of arthritis. I will open a malpractice case!

Mar 16th, 2011

-She damaged my hand during surgery and I have lost significant range of motion-What she did was causing a malunion. She put some plates aligning the bone fragments in WRONG position. -Now, I will have unnecessary surgeries because of her and my new doctor will re-break my bone and try to fix it. Please do not have this surgeon operate on you. I am begging you. I had so much trouble and I am also financially in debt because of the unnecessary surgeries and bills. UPMC surgery copay was exceeding $1000. They told me that my insurance was gonna cover all. What a lie! She could not fix my broken hand but rather damaged it and I had to pay her! My new doctor says that I will develop arthritis because of her mistreatment. I am begging you!!! Save your arm and save your life! Please! Go and see some other doctor!

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Wonderful bedside manner and explains everything show details Wonderful bedside manner and explains everything
Feb 5th, 2010

I was very scared of the surgery, she made me feel more relaxed and confident in what she was going to do. My follow up visits were good, she spent as much time as needed with me and answered all my questions.