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They don't care show details They don't care
by Susan Sakio on Dec 17th, 2014

I was Dr. Chang's patient for the past few years. I made an appointment in November for December. My husband took the day off to take me to this appointment only to have them cancel it at the last minute. Their excuse is a new office policy that requires all patients to have an updated EEG prior to the appointment. I tried to explain that I would get such a test but it was imperative that I see Dr. Chang as scheduled as I have new symptoms and need a new prescription for a re-fill. They did not care. I have switched doctors!

test results show details test results
Oct 9th, 2014

Dr Chang has no bedside manner since she has moved to the new location from Sahara if I remember correctly or West Charleston. She is so not interested in what you have to say and continually cuts you off and wants to get to the test at hand because that is what is giving her the revenue and never explains that to you. Hurry up and sit down so we can begin the test............Her staff has a lot to be desired and argues with you about the insurances and never gives you a straight answer until you receive a bill for a whole lot of money......and then the waiting room that is so small and then they overbook you so you are sitting there trying to watch a small TV that is so high on the wall you strain your neck to watch and hear and there is another patient facing you or a small child or baby. The office of Changs is so frustrating and also the doctor herself that is too big for her britches. Refuse to make another appointment with this office and HOPE THAT SHE IS READING ALL OF THESE REVIEWS & SITS BACK AND TAKES A LOOK AT HERSELF AND THE OFFICE PLUS HER INAPT STAFF..............signed NOT SO HAPPY WITH YOU.....10-9-2014

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Received the sought after relief that I have been looking for for 9 years show details Received the sought after relief that I have been looking for for 9 years
by Cindy on Aug 27th, 2013

Dr. Chang, saw me for two appointments. One for the consult and referral for MRI and the other to give me the results. She was quick and to the point, she listened to my problems and sent me to where I needed to go to get relief. After 9 years of pain and suffering, and umpteen other doctors I finally have some pain relief. I still have pain, but I have only had one treatment at pain management, hopefully I won't need many more and I will be able to live my life again.

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Great Experience show details Great Experience
Apr 8th, 2013

One of the few physicians I've been to who really knew what she is doing in this town. I want to say that the staff was not only friendly, but were very knowlegable as well which is hard to find these days. I would recommend this office to both family and friends. God Bless.

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Feb 13th, 2013

Good Doctor...

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STAY AWAY show details STAY AWAY
Feb 8th, 2013

Do not bother. This doctor is a waste of time. All she is interested in is billing patients. They are inept in the office. They were supposed to send my prescription to pharmacy and did not do it. After several followup calls their response was to put a message on their answering machine changing the policy to require up to 3 business days for prescription renewals. They repeatedly treat your time as worthless. I do not have any confidence in this doctor. One time she filled out a prescription for an non existent dose level causing 2 day hangup at the pharmacy. They make you wait to long for appointments. They routinely overschedule. Never have felt confident with treatment from the doctor. Too glib.

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Aug 13th, 2012

this doctor is the worst, she depends on a pa who is not qualified. they ruined my life. they took me off work from ocober 2006 to march 2007 with the promise of treating my seizures. they then reported just different findings to the insurance carrier. then believe it or not they demanded money, and that is what this doctor is about having babies and money.

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Inept Staff - Waste of Time show details Inept Staff - Waste of Time
Jun 26th, 2012

My OB/GYN called in a personal favor to get me in at Dr. Chang's office. Her office staff scheduled me in for the following week but failed to appropriately verify my insurance requirements (I needed referral paperwork and pre-authorization which they had a week to pull together but didn't). When I arrived for my appointment, they were busy with a "team meeting," so they kept me waiting for 35 minutes before even checking me in. After that, they nonchalantly said, "Oh sorry, we didn't follow up on your insurance and have to reschedule you." I heard excuse after excuse on why they didn't do their jobs. What a waste of time...I was completely disgusted by the lack of concern over the extreme inconvenience and limited follow through. Dr. Chang is only as good as her office staff, and if they are so careless, I can't see many patients returning there (I definitely won't). What's the point of physicians referring patients to her if her staff can't pull it together? As a hospital administrator myself and wife of a physician, our vote will go to someone else for Seven's Best Physicians after this experience.

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Jun 19th, 2012

Dr Chang is the worst doctor I have seen in a long time. I chose her because of her Top Doc Rating in Las Vegas Life, but have since learned that those doctors are chosen by who they know, not the patients they treat. I went to Dr. Chang because I have frequent sever headaches and tingling, numbness and sharp pain in my hands and feet. She ran thousands of dollars of tests and told me I have moderate carpal tunnel in both hands and two bulging discs in my neck, and that there was no problem with my feet. Then she dismissed me with no follow up or recommendations for treatment. She was not interested in me since I did not have a neurological disorder, and only wanted to talk about how great her kids are at playing golf. She didn't help me get to the bottom of my problems or send me to other specialists or request a follow up appointment to monitor my conditions. Don't bother asking questions, she isn't interested in your thoughts or opinions unless she can draw you a picture and tell you she's right. Since leaving her, I started seeing another neurologist who has been a life saver. She has identified my headaches as migraine and given me several medications to try to see which one works best (free samples), and sent me to an orthopedic podiatrist because she immediately noted a giant Morton's Neuroma in both feet causing severe nerve damage, both of which required surgical decompression and physical therapy to regain the feeling in my feet. She has a plan to get my hands back to normal and is monitoring my discs along with managing my pain and limiting further damage to avoid surgery.Whatever you do, if you don't know that you have MS, alzheimer's or a known neurological condition, don't go to Dr. Chang. She won't have any interest in you but she'll run up your lab and test bill in the thousands.

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Great doctor show details Great doctor
May 24th, 2012

I was referred to Dr. Chang by my primary care doctor because of the constant tingling sensation on my right hand that has been going on for many years. I was fist skeptical when I saw Dr. Chang because she seemed so young. She was very patient with me and listened to the history of my pain, how it has impacted my life, and she asked questions that made me think about the symptoms and helped me explain to her what it is I am feeling. She did several tests on me and explained the results and findings to me which I actually understood. I recommend Dr. Chang for her compassion, and her knowledge, and I am grateful to her in helping me understand my diagnosis.

May 23rd, 2012

Best Neurologist I have ever been to see. More knowledge than some I've been to that belonged to academic organizations.

KEEP LOOKING - Dr Bess Chang is NO WAY a "top" Neurologists show details KEEP LOOKING - Dr Bess Chang is NO WAY a "top" Neurologists
May 20th, 2012

My name is Jane, I would like to share my experience at on of the "top" Las Vegas Neurologists. I am 45 yrs old, July 2011 Dr. Bess Chang completed a Nerve Conduction Velocity Study and based on test results I was digonsed with "idopathic neurapathy", which means they dont know what the cause is of the neurapathy. My husband and I were both present when she presented her dignosis, Dr Bess Chang looked at my husband a told HIM, I had "idopathic Neurapathy" and she LAUGHED as she told HIM - how is this funny?? I am in PAIN!!! and its now for the rest of my life, she handed me a pain mangement card and wished me good luck. Well now its May 2012, the neurapathy was progressive and effected my muscles, my walking is limmited and I need a wheelchair. In a desprete attempted not to become parlised for the rest of my life, I am now in TJ MEXICO at a clinic, the DR in MEXICO ran TESTS and found toxic chemicals in blood and inflamtion in the part of my brain that controls functions. Yes some of my words might be mispled, I have suffered 2 strokes because of my condition. I start my physical theropy on monday, I cant walk, I am now underweight, very weak, now immoncompromised because of my neurapathy and I have life threathening infections. LOL- many thanks dr chang.

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KEEP LOOKING - I wouldnt even trust this dr with my DOG. show details KEEP LOOKING - I wouldnt even trust this dr with my DOG.
by Anonymous on May 20th, 2012 on

I am writing this review so this NEVER happens AGAIN.I would like to make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. My name is Jane, I would like to share my exp ...

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Please find another show details Please find another
Mar 13th, 2012

This is rhe rudest Dr. I've ever met as well as the staff I would'nt recommend

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Jan 20th, 2012

Dr. Chang has THE worst bedsire manner I have ever witnessed and I have been a caregiver for 4 years with a patient who has 8 other doctors who I would highly recommend. She was so uncaring and actually cruel to my elderly relative I would go out of my way to NOT recommend her.

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Jun 2nd, 2011

One of the best Neurologists I've ever seen. I was starting to believe that there were no good physicians in this town until I went to this doctor. She is at the top of her game. Also, very nice office and staff.

I wasn't entirely impressed show details I wasn't entirely impressed
Jan 26th, 2011

When I first came to Dr. Chang for diagnosing potential munliple sclerosis, she was very thorough in the testing that was necessary. After the diagnosis was confirmed, I found much resistance to any suggestions of alternative treatments and her attitude became very hasty. When I moved to another state, I was unable to get a referral to another neurologist even though I found the neurologist and just needed her to send referral/records.

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Awesome! show details Awesome!
Dec 18th, 2009

My daughter has a brain cyst and we looked for a long time for a doctor we could communicate with and who would respond to our questions. Dr. Chang is a dream come true! She has the best bedside manner and found a medication that makes my daughters life better. I am so thankful she is in Las Vegas. I am not always impressed with her office staff, but I have seem much worse in our area.

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Exceptional Doctor show details Exceptional Doctor
Oct 22nd, 2009

I have been her patient for 3 years. When she left her group practice and I was assigned another doctor, I realized then how good she was. Compared to the others, she cares and spends time with you. She has always given me any medical records I have requested. I find her personable and practical. Her office staff can use some improvement, but I have seen worse office staff.

Oct 14th, 2009

I think she is very good doctor she took her time and answered all my questions that i had. The office staff is great and very nice to speak with. Doctor went over my films and did the ncv/emg she is very gentel and very very nice.. I would go to her again and i have and have a wonderful experience. I do recommend her very highly...

She Cares About Her Patients show details She Cares About Her Patients
Feb 25th, 2009

Very unusual doctor in that she tells you a lot about herself while doing whatever procedure you are there for....I think this is to put you at ease. I would go to her again. She does need to train her staff better in dealing directly with her patients.

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