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Mar 23rd, 2015

Dr. Madsen is a excellent physician. He has always done what I have asked of him the first time and is very easy to talk to.

by Jay on Dec 15th, 2014

Doctor Madsen is awesome, he has been my parents doctor, my doctor, and my daughters doctor for years. Whenever there is any kind of medical emergency or illness, we are usually seen the same day. he is always very good with my daughter and she is always excited to see him

Rude show details Rude
Aug 11th, 2014

Dr. Madsen's staff is extremely rude, mainly his wife. Not helpful in anyway. Cid

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by KM on Jan 3rd, 2014

Can't help but love the man. He is great with kids, very caring, he listens to his patients, and is very good looking.

Not bad, if you're relatively healthy... show details Not bad, if you're relatively healthy...
Oct 10th, 2013

In my experience, if you are going for the yearly checkups etc. you probably won't have any issues. He is very charming, very funny. I just need a Dr. whose answer to problems isn't just meds. Also, he does not take kindly to second opinions! My friend and her hubby who have been patients for years also, had a very odd experience there recently too. So there are plenty of other choices :)

My Step Mother Died show details My Step Mother Died
by Donna Ashley on Sep 12th, 2012

After seeing Dr. Madsen several times and still in continued and excruciating pain, I went with my step mom to help convince and explain to him what I knew she had to be feeling which was not normal pain. She did not feel or believe that Dr. Madsen believed her. Dr. Madsen insisted that she had arthritis in her shoulder and that was what was causing the pain she was having. I asked him with intense and deliberate purpose indicating our concern with the arthritis diagnosis the following question: Would the Xray definitely show cancer, and he said it would. He said, as if he was insulted, that he could not and would not recommend other more expensive tests if he did not believe the situation/condition warranted it. He recommended physical therapy which caused her even more horrible pain. I recommended that she call and ask Dr. Madsen for muscle relaxer meds. He prescribed muscle relaxers for her. He did have her on pain medication tablets for almost two weeks. Finally due to her continuing excruciating and exhausting pain, her son had her admitted to Deaconess Hospital one night asking if they could help her. Her son refused a call to Dr. Madsen's office and told the hospital staff that Dr. Madsen would not do anything to help her. The hospital did CT scans and had other doctors in control or her situation and found several masses, one mass in her shoulder area. They immediately sedated her to do a biopsy. She would never regain consciousness, lived four more days and then died. It was cancer. She suffered horrifically and all I can remember is trying to convince and assure Dr. Madsen that she was serious about the pain she was in. You decide.

Jul 11th, 2012

My daughter and I have been with Dr. Madsen and his staff for 4 years nw. I believe he is a fantastic doctor, and amazing and caring person all-around. He gets right to the point, is amazing with kiddos and even when he has tough news to give, he does so with care and concern. My daughter and I leave his office every time with a smile on our faces. We have never had any sort of problems in the last 4 years. I think Dr. Madson and his staff are brilliant and must-haves in te medical field. ~ M. Pate

Hypochondriacs Read On show details Hypochondriacs Read On
Jul 10th, 2012

To those of you who seem to think diagnosing a problem on humans is easy, give this some thought. Unlike a automobile engine, it isn't possible to look inside for the problems, and then reassemble it. Even the clues patients give doctors only barely help determine the real problem. Educated guessing is still just a guess. Hypo's look in medical journals and say " I Have That " to just about whatever they're reading. I have seen many doc's thru the years for injuries and health issues and I say Dr. Madsen is without a doubt a fantastic doctor giving quality care to the aforementioned whiners living in their negative world. With many many satisfied patients it shouldn't surprise anyone that the whiners have their posts of negativity on here.

Jan 31st, 2011

Let's start with the good: I didn't die. Beyond that, I have had nothing but negative experiences with Dr. Madsen and, specifically, his office staff. They NEVER return calls, they have NEVER called in our prescriptions in a timely or accurate manner, and they are rude and defensive when asked about these discrepancies. I have seen Twila and Carolyn browbeat a patient who (after waiting over an hour for his appointment) was $5 short on his $25 copay and they wouldn't accept his American Express card. (They were going to cancel his appointment since he didn't have the full amount!!!) When my daughter was in their office, sick with the stomach flu, they told her the bathroom was "for employees only" and told us to use the bathroom by the elevators. At one point, I had called and left over 6 messages so one of my prescriptions they forgot to call in could finally be filled. My pharmacist faxed prescription requests to them every day for 2 weeks. Even so, they never called back, responded, or filled the prescription. I finally made an appointment, saw them in person, and when I asked Carolyn about it, she got very defensive and insisted that it was all the fault of my insurance. It wasn't. I even tried to talk to Dr. Madsen about it, but he is clearly at the mercy of his nurse on these issues. He mumbled something about preauthorizations. I called to double check with my insurance company and they verified that the medication was NOT a preauth prescription and that they'd never had a scrip request or denied anything on our account. Not to mention the fact that the pharmacy NEVER got even got the prescription! Dr. Madsen seemed okay (though certainly not the brightest or the best), but his office staff is SO unprofessional and rude that I will NEVER go back. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this doctor and his staff.

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Not impressed show details Not impressed
Dec 21st, 2010

Twila can be a bit of a bully. Dr. Madsen needs to spend more time with his patients educating them and showing them he is there for what they are paying him for: to listen, educate and assist with the health of his patients.

Brandy O'Brien show details Brandy O'Brien
Jul 7th, 2010

Beware!!!! I absolutely would suggest if you are looking for a GOOD family office to do yourself a favor and stay away. Dr. Madsen has the rudest staff I have ever dealt with in my entire life. Not to mention, they have changed locations three times in the past five years. Loyalty means nothing to this office...if it's not convenient for them, too bad for you. Don't dare make mention of your concerns, the nurse will jump down your throat. Remember, you are paying THEM. I sincerely have not been so disappointed with a business/office in my life. HORRIBLE customer service!!!

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Mar 26th, 2010

Not happy with this doc, looking for someone else. Dr Madsen is very nice but does not seem to want to go beyond the obvious. Surface health care, if your problem isn't out there screaming in his face forget about it!

Very Happy with Care and Concern show details Very Happy with Care and Concern
Feb 26th, 2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Madsen's for over five years and very pleased with his medical care, and the fact that if it is something beyond his skills, he is not afraid to refer you to a specialist rather than try to play God and mess things up. That type of honesty is totally refreshing!

'Walk it off' show details 'Walk it off'
Oct 30th, 2009

My husband walked around for 12 months in horrible pain, from a broken foot. Dr madsen said it wasnt broken. wouldnt authorize a mri and continued to turn him away until finally he sent him to a podiatrist!!!! they arent doctors!!! never once even sugessted or offered anything for pain. DOESNT CARE ABOUT PATIENTS.... WANTS TO GET PAID WELL, AND HAVE IT BE EASY!!

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As a Result of his treatment show details As a Result of his treatment
Aug 24th, 2009

my stepmother died a painful and untimely death. He would not allow an MRI because he did not believe us when we told him she was in excruciating pain. We will never forget. He said that the xray would show cancer. It did not. She died when we were finally able to get her to the hospital and have a biopsy done on the cancer he said she did not have.

Misdiagnosed to Metastatic show details Misdiagnosed to Metastatic
Feb 28th, 2009

I was a patient of Dr. Madsen for years. When I became ill I saw him repeatedly for pain (he brushed it aside) and a swollen lymph node (he diagnosed as a fatty deposit). After months and many visits and begging for scans, I switched doctors and within a few days was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. If he would have at least taken the time to talk with me/ had any knowledge/ or actually touch my swollen lymph node, I probably would not have gone 5 months (crucial) before finding out.

Dec 4th, 2008

This doctor did not diagnose my illness after 3 years of going to him on a regular basis at least every 2 months for my symptoms, which was discovered by someone else as I lay almost dead, and they actually sent me home thinking I would die.

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