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Excellent Experience show details Excellent Experience
by Jarry on Mar 28th, 2015

Wonderful experience from the phone call to schedule to check out

Mar 25th, 2015

Dr. Sayani explained everything to me in great detail. Would recommend her to everyone

Mar 9th, 2015

All around excellent.

Jan 30th, 2015

Felt like I was not even a person. In and hurry up and out, and in the next room, and hurry and get out. Spent maybe 3 minutes with the Dr. only. Not happy...They automatically sent my prescription over to the optical store instead of giving it to me. I will NOT pay those outrageous prices at that store ... Some places only want your money.

Mr show details Mr
by Dennis Fulton on Jan 30th, 2015

Very Professional explains what the issues are and explains how we are going to fix the mentioned problems!!

I am so thankful Dr. Sayani is an instrument of healing show details I am so thankful Dr. Sayani is an instrument of healing
by RJ Hill on Jun 6th, 2014

At first she was very professional, but, once she learned what RJ stands for (real jerk) she relaxed and we both laughed, she is excellent at explaining what i was about to endure but, i told her do her best anyway and i would do my best to heal. i wish i had found this doctor 20 years ago, but, she would have still been in diapers. I can't say enough good things about her abilities and her concern for my eye health was quite evident. There has been absolutely no pain or any real discomfort, I have found no error in fees asked for or in fees paid, she was very clear as to all charges and where they originated. i will be getting on with a life of seeing things clearly, thank you Dr Sayani

professionalism show details professionalism
Apr 29th, 2014

My daughter had an appointment for an eye problem with peripheral vision. After the exam my daughter was told she either had a brain tumor or multiple sclerosis and needed an immediate Brain Scan. As a medical professional myself, I know you never drop an unsure, potential diagnosis of that sort on a patient without first qualifying it as a "cause for concern that needs to be investigated". The turmoil and fear this put in my daughter and the entire family was unnecessary and very poorly handled on the doctor's end. When the report was returned to the doctor's office after the brain scan, my daughter was told "It was fine". No clarification, and the person giving this information could not elaborate. Fortunately my daughter was given a referral to a doctor that examined her eye and was very informative about what the problem was and the treatment plan. Possibly bedside manner and skills in speaking to patients was not this doctor's strong point, but even uneducated people should know to not scare the crap out of patients when you don't know what is wrong.

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Get a second opinion show details Get a second opinion
Aug 27th, 2013

I would encourage you to get a second opinion. I was told I had high eye pressure closed angle glaucoma and needed surgery. I was given drops and told to schedule the surgery. This was after she tried to give me drops that I probably should not use. I went for a second opinion with a very highly respected opthamalogist that confirmed I DO NOT have glaucoma and do not need surgery at this time. It is now a year later and my eyes are fine. Subsequent visits still confirm. I personally lost all confidence in her and would not recommend her to anyone.

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Waiting to get my money back show details Waiting to get my money back
Jun 7th, 2013

On March 18th, I went to Dr. Sayani to deal with a deep corneal infection. That week I had appointments On March 18, March 20, and March 22. All the visits were in network. After the first appointment I was told that I owed $170. At this time I questioned the girl doing the billing. I asked her for an itemization of the $170 charge. She said that she didn't know and that that was negotiated rate that they had with the insurance company. I ask the girl at the desk to please go get the person that deals with insurance claims. She brought her back and we discussed the charges for the appointment. I told her that all my other doctors always file a claim with the insurance company and then build me after they receive the explanation of benefits from the insurance company. She said that if the amount was not correct that they would issue a reimbursement. The girl at the front desk by this point was very confused and said that she would just charge me $133.06. One week later I found out that the negotiated rate for this appointment was $112.23. The explanation of benefits had been completed and mailed out within a week of the initial service date. Dr. Sayani informed me that she wanted to see me two days later to check up on my progress. At the second appointment on March 20th, I was charged $210.11. Once again I questioned the charges. I still did not receive a satisfactory answer. One week later I found out that the negotiated rate for this appointment was $67.85. After the second appointment, Dr. Sayani said that she wanted to see me one more time to make sure that my eye was okay. At the March 22nd appointment, I was once again billed $210.11. After the last appointment, I questioned as to when I might expect my reimbursement. I explained that my daughter would be born within the next month and that my wife did not have health insurance. I explained that I was going to have medical expenses that I needed to pay off. They assured me that they would submit reimbursement as soon as they received the explanation of benefits from my insurance provider. After about a month of waiting for my reimbursement, I went into the office in person on April 25th to discuss why I had not received my reimbursement. I was told that they had not received any correspondence from Aetna. On or around May 24th, I finally called Aetna to find out what was going on. Aetna once again confirmed that they had mailed out the explanation of benefits a week after the date of service. Aetna did inform me that they had Dr. Sayani's old address. I asked if I could have a copy of the EOB and give it to Dr. Sayani's office. They said no, that Dr. Sayani's office would have to request it and that they could fax it to them. I spoke to Dr. Sayani's office this morning (5/28) and they told me that they had called Aetna, and Aetna had the correct address on record. Dr. Sayani's office said that Aetna would not fax the information to them, that it would have to be mailed and they would reimburse me once that had received the EOB. Earlier this week I called Aetna again. Aetna told me that they could fax the explanation of benefits over to Dr. Sayani's office. While I was on the phone with Aetna, the representative called the doctor's office. The Aetna representative got the fax number and faxed each explanation of benefit over to Dr. Sayani immediateley. I have yet to hear anything in response from Dr. Sayani's office. As my explanation of benefits shows, Dr. Sayani's office still owes me for a reimbursement of $20.83 (133.06-112.23) for the March 18 appointment, and $142.26 ($210.11-67.85) for the March 20 and March 22 appointments. The total reimbursements that I am due is $305.35.

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Fix the problem but at what costs? show details Fix the problem but at what costs?
Apr 25th, 2013

This doctor makes you pay up front no matter what insurance carry or what negotiated rate you may have. My insurer paid a week within; however, Dr Sayani's office refuses to reimburse me for the difference for what I paid. She scheduled me for 3 appointments in one week so it was not an inconsequential she owes me. I will try calling one more time, but I suppose I will have to call the State Insurance Department or possibly file a claim in Denton County small claims court. I look forward to the day that these doctors have to step off of their pedestals and actually provide individuals with individual care and some level of adequate customer service. Don't expect that from this office anytime soon.

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Zero confidence in this doctor show details Zero confidence in this doctor
Apr 7th, 2013

I have glaucoma and after I'd been seeing Sayaniabout a year she suddenly said the channel in one eye was blocked and I "needed the laser". The day of the appointment, her assistant said they would use the laser in both eyes on different dates. Because I'd not been told that, i was alarmed. I received the laser treatment in one eye and allowed them to make an appointment for the second but had already decided to get a second opinion. A day or two later, Sayani's office called to re-schedule the second appointment. I said I'd call them, and then told my primary doctor about my concerns. He sent me to another doctor who found no evidence of blocked channels. I never went back to Sayani but also never got a follow-up call from her office. I assumed she either didn't care or knew why I hadn't returned. Some people like her very much but I have serious reservations about her and her practice.

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terrible communication show details terrible communication
Jul 26th, 2011

While having an eye problem, she scared me with worst case scenario without offering any hope of a minor problem. I had no idea what was going on and was absolutely terrified when I left her office. I did not feel I was given enough information about what was going on with my eye. I will not return to or her office.

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The best ophthalmologist show details The best ophthalmologist
Mar 19th, 2011

I think you're the best ophthalmologist in all areas

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Great staff......Dr needs pointers show details Great staff......Dr needs pointers
Jul 26th, 2010

We went to see this Dr because my husband's eye was red & we thought he had PinkEye. The dr confirmed this & gave him eye drops. We were told that the next 2 days would be worse & then he'd get better & come back in a week. Six days later we went back in because his other eye was now infected & both eyes were now swollen closed. The Dr was very short in speaking with us & her bedside manner was severely lacking. She referred us to a different Dr - the new Dr said the eye drops she gave us didn't do anything for viral pinkeye & my husband suffered for a week he shouldn't have. We are now in the beginning of week 3 & he is finally getting better. The only help we had from Dr Sayani was the referral - too bad she didn't refer him the 1st visit to her office. On another note her office staff & techs are caring & helpfull while still being professional.

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Poor Service, Never Visit Again! show details Poor Service, Never Visit Again!
Nov 11th, 2009

I made an appoint at 4, but wait there for one and half hour. Nobody made an apologize for the long time delay. Finally when I saw Dr. Sayani, she gave me a very quick and rough check (less than 2 minutes), and told me everything is fine then let me go. The staff is not friendly. It wastes your time and money to see Dr. Sayani. I'll never back to see her again, and never recommend people to see her.

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