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house wife show details house wife
by ann on Apr 24th, 2015

you have a bad service, your phone service is very bad you need to fix your phone system. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

Very Rude show details Very Rude
by kevin vereecke on Jul 29th, 2014

I saw this doctor at his farmington office on 6-10-14. Now let me start with the staff who were real nice and the young doctor he is training was nice. Now back in 1981 and 1993 I had operations on my right ear and the first one was done at botsford hospital because I had a tumor. Now dr. brandes was there at the time but he did not do the operation. So this doctor comes in the room and he don,t even bother to look at all of my records and I was trying to explain whats going on. So he cleans out my ear and then orders a hearing test and then he has the nerve to tell me I stink and says next time I come in take a shower and I said I just took a shower this morning and he said well take another one. So I kept my cool and then he gives me ear drops to take which I can,t because of my previous ear operations which if he would of look at my records he would of know this. So I went to SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN EAR,NOSE,and THROAT and I got the right treatment and I told my new ent about what he did and he rolled his eyes. DR. BRANDES is not only rude and arrogant he is a QUACK.

The best! show details The best!
by Soumaya jouaidi on Mar 29th, 2014

So I ve been visiting dr warren brandes for about two month. I ve had a rhinoplasty done before but I ended up with lots of scar tissue and a deviated septum. Dr warren tried using steroids first so that we won t go through surgery but it didn t help as much so we had to do a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty. He s an amazing doctor! He s not talkative but he s experienced and he knows what he s doing ! Some people have issues talking #$%$ about him! I had a surgery with him he s very calm and he knows what he s doing he s such a sweet guy!! When I read some of the negative reviews I was so scared but now that I ve done the surgery my rhinoplasty is successful! I had a closed nostril opening now they are equally opened ! He made me breath better and I ve got the nose I ve been waiting to get for a while. I cried when my cast was off and have him a hug! People need to calm down and stop talking bad about him! I will take everyone I know and all of my family to see him.

by Jen on Jan 19th, 2014

I should of left the office when I witnessed a girl storm out crying while I was waiting for my first consultation. He made me feel stupid for asking questions, doesn't listen, and rushed me to get to the next client. Wasn't interested in what I wanted or was saying - He only heard me when I said "My insurance covers it". Besides him being rude, he did a horrible nose job. Why? 1) Doesn't listen 2) Probably rushed the surgery just as he rushed the consultation. Result: One side is bigger than the other, the tip goes to the right, I have craters on my nose and a big scar near the tip that wasn't there before.

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Stop before you regret this visit! show details Stop before you regret this visit!
Jun 17th, 2013

My child needed a refill for his allergy medication and I called 5 times in one day and was treated like a crazy idiot by his staff. I was hung up on twice. They passed my call around as much as they could so each one would not have to help me. The staff could not even pull up a patient chart or make a simple appointment. And when I was told I owed on my account they could not even tell me what the bill was for because they said they didn't know how to use the computer system. I can only get allergy shots 6 hours out of the whole week. And then you will wait for long periods because there are so many patients and so few hours. I felt like I was in a heard of cattle. The doctor spends very little time with you and dosen't seem to listen to you.

Bad treatment - Bad review show details Bad treatment - Bad review
Mar 21st, 2013

I visited Dr. Brandes for buzzing noise in one of my ears. About five staff members were in the room with me in my first visit, which made me feel as a test object to them. Then he arrived and glanced at my chart and advised to take few tests first. He recommended (blood work at a clinic that didn’t accept people and a hearing test. I went in for the second time, I sat in his office. He stated that I need to take bills for my dizziness. I told him I don’t have dizziness I have buzzing noise in my ear. Obviously he didn’t bother to check my chart. He almost prescribed a medicine that I didn’t need. Then, he asked me to leave his office to take a phone call after 20 minutes he asked me to get back in. Then I asked about my test results, he had none. He asked his assistant and she gave them to him. He prescribed a medicine for me and I asked if that would conflict with a recent medication I am taking. He told me to (ask the pharmacist). Then he said go back to your primary doctor and have her test this hormone as it’s abnormal (as if this wasn't his job to do). As a result, I got nothing from him that helped me understand the cause of buzzing noise in my ear. My experience with him was horrible and his discussion style was outrageous. He cared less about my condition, as if I was an animal sitting in front of him. If he’s too busy, then he should stop seeing new patients and not mess up their health and give them the wrong medication. It’s obvious his main concern was “Money”. The office staff are completely disorganized and out of control. I called the office and complained to the office manager, he called me and left me a message apologizing and admitting his mistake. Well at least he did that. But I will never go back to his office again, I can't trust him with my health.

Setum repair show details Setum repair
by Georgietta G. on Feb 24th, 2013

I saw Dr. Brandes from a referene of my practioner who I really like and trust, Dr. Hasbany, to help me with a deviated septum. I have sleep apnea and have not been able to breathe thru my nose for over twenty years now. I had seen other doctors in Georgia but nobody had offered me with any solutions because of the size being so large. Dr. Brandes had a solution and performed the surgery in a matter of no time. By taking a small piece of cartildge from my ear, where it cannot be seen, he suppoted the side of my nose so it was no longer collapsed. I can't tell you what an improvement in my breathing and sleeping this short little surgery took. The nose and ear healed in a matter of a few days and I couldn't be happier! Bless you for hightening my quality of life Dr. Brandes!

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Nov 28th, 2011

I went to Dr. Brandes for a septoplasty/corrective rhinoplasty and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the result. Neither he nor his staff demeaned me for my weight or smoking habbit (both things I'm working on), or said that either would prevent me from having surgery. Dr. Brandes is not the most talkative man, but I prefer that. I would much rather see a competent doctor that cares more about doing a good job than making chit-chat!

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not happy with result show details not happy with result
Dec 17th, 2010

He did an earlobe repair and it looks terrible. He commented that it looked better than before which it actually looks much worse. It has a gap where it looks mismatched and not lined up. I went back in to show him and he told me he would re fix but honestly I am thinking I will see someone else. He said it may look worse if I fix... It looks like a butt crack on my ear.. Not happy.

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Fatphobic with a god complex show details Fatphobic with a god complex
by CC on Nov 5th, 2009

I went to see this doctor to assist in my snoring and all he wanted to do was tell me to lose weight and go on Weight Watchers, despite acknowledging that I had two other reasons that could be causing my snoring. He was also pompous, arrogant and had a total god complex, telling me NOTHING about the medication he was prescribing, and expecting me to listen politely like a good, compliant patient.DO NOT SEE THIS JERK!

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