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Exceptional Doctor show details Exceptional Doctor
by Dawn Horak on Apr 23rd, 2015

Dr. McHenry provided a diagnosis for my mother within six (6) hours of the initial appointment time; he began with the most basic eye examinations and finished with a MRI as late as 8 p.m. in the evening. As my mother lives in a relatively rural area (seven (7) hours round-trip to Dallas), her local doctors have been misdiagnosing her for over four (4) years and have watched her deteriorate to the point where she can barely see, falls frequently, has short term and long term memory loss, and lacks almost all independence. She has seen her local ophthalmologist, neurologist, cardiologist, and general practitioner with no results other than the prescribing of additional medications that have no benefit other than to do “something” proactive. Due to Dr. McHenry’s due diligence and referral to a neurosurgeon and continuing care of Dr. McHenry, my mother now has a chance at regaining her vision, regaining her mobility, and regaining her independence…all due to Dr. McHenry’s knowledge and skill. My family and I cannot say enough kind words to profusely thank Dr. McHenry and his staff.

Apr 10th, 2015

We scheduled an appt. and flew into Dallas just to see Dr.McHenry. He was listed as a specialist for the condition we were being treated for. His office staff was great. His office itself was disgusting. I have never seen a office so dirty and unstructured. We were there for 4 hours ( which we planned for) and saw Dr. McHenry for a total of 7 minutes. I was very disappointed. His staff called the day after the appointment to see if we had any unanswered questions, and I appreciated that. Unfortunately, I feel as if he spent more time with his patients, his staff would not be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. His bedside manner is horrible. We were looking forward to seeing him, unfortunately, it was a wasted visit.

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you won't find out anything here.. show details you won't find out anything here..
Jan 31st, 2015

Dr. McHenry offers no information in regards to what is going on with you. Be prepared to ask lots of questions. He seems to follow the don't ask don't tell rule. No bedside manner. Will perscribe meds without telling you there side effects or intentions. Seems to enjoy making follow up visits that dont last more than 2 minutes just to bill you.

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Dec 20th, 2014

Very competent and knowledgable doctor.

Find another doctor show details Find another doctor
by Mm on Sep 8th, 2014

The office is a zoo and a horribly dirty one. Appointment time was 3 hours and was herded around by ill-kept, unprofessional high school/collage aged kids. Equipment was dirty and charts were scattered everywhere. I honestly do not know how they keep up with any results. Dr McHenrys bedside manner is horrible. He did not say hello, shake hands with me or even acknowledge that my wife was in the room. Left there without a clear plan or action, many questions unanswered.

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Careful show details Careful
May 29th, 2014

Please, for your own well being, be careful about this practice. On the outside, it may look like this doctor is the only expert within a 500 mile radius who is capable of treating very specific eye disorders. The reality: this office is a very badly run amalgamation of 20 year old interns working in substandard conditions under a very controlling, short-fused, egomaniacal doctor. The wait time is incredible, the insurance cash-grabbing is plainly obvious and when you finally get to see the doctor, your exam will last about 5-10 minutes because he does not speak with you, he speaks AT you (if he speaks at all). There is no teamwork here, after all - he sees 1,000,000 patients a day, didn't you realize that already? There is no time for treatment, just a string of appointments and surgeries with no end in sight. Again, be careful, and if you must experience it for yourself, make sure you have an escape plan.

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unfair show details unfair
by Kathrine on Apr 17th, 2014

This place is filthy and the Dr has no emotions. Out of the 4 hours your there you only see the him for 30 seconds max. Im sure there is HIPPA violations that this place should be shut down. For example you fill out so many papers and when you call to have a update on it they say they don't know what paper your talking about. Where is that information at now?! If you want the experience of a Dr that cares and that will dedicate that time and effort to make you feel taken care of. Do your self a favor and make your money worth.

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Patient show details Patient
by J.Mackenzie on Apr 4th, 2014

I don't know where to start. I went to see my regular eye dr. and they set an appointment up for the next day for this Mchenry guy because of some swelling i had on my optic nerve. Yes my eye sight was getting really bad but i would rather have gone blind than to go through this disaster anymore. I got there and it was test after test after test. Machines that didn't work very few assistants that were curtious. I am scared that I am loosing my sight and the possibility of psuedotumor cerebri. But when i finaly get to see the dr i see him long enough for him to look at the back of my eyes and say a few acronyms to his assistant and run out of the room. The rooms were small cramped and uncomfortable. They parade you around from one sute to another to another. He ordered an MRI a spinal tap and NEVER did i get any results out of any of it from him. What i learned i learned from the people who preformed the procedures. He puts me on 1000MG of Diamox and says ill see you back in 6 weeks.... thats happened to me 3 times now. And every time i go in there is more and more and more tests. I aboslutely hate the field of vision tests. No one takes in consideration i work nights. you sick my face in a dark machine im going to fall asleep. So when are you truly going to get acurate readings? I am insearch of a different doctor. I want one that will sit and talk to me. I want a doctor who will understand my issues as to why i can't always dialate my eyes or take this test or that test. I am tired of the harrasing phone calls from all of these other places that he sent me to because i can't afford out of pocket expenses. Hes used up nearly 75% of my HRA account i have two kids and its only april...

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Amazing Doctor! show details Amazing Doctor!
by AutieMom on Feb 24th, 2014

Dr. McHenry is a Godsend for me. I never knew I could find a doctor that could or even would, promise to do his best to save my sight. His bedside manner is EXCELLENT! He listened to my issues and took the time to answer my questions so that I understood everything. My Family and friends prayed for so long for me to be able to find a Doctor like Dr. McHenry, and I found him! I would recommend him a million times!

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horrible experience// overall rating i feel deserves a BIG ZERO/ why doesn't your overall rating have a 0? show details horrible experience// overall rating i feel deserves a BIG ZERO/ why doesn't your overall rating have a 0?
by marge whinnery on Dec 17th, 2013

i felt i was in an asylum....i agree totally with Mr. Otterman,,,words can't explain what a nightmare i went through...I feel so called doctors as this one is just out for the money, and totally appears to be a full blown scams.....Run as fast as you can./......This so called Dr. didn't even introduce himself,,,i thought he was a staff person....never allowed me to advise him as to why i was there. never let me say a word, except take vitamin B...I was there to correct my palsy in my eye with an operation by him, can you imagine if he did....after reading all the bad reviews, i don't feel and can't see him and imagine him even having a medical degree.....i didn't even see one in the office.... I feel his appearance was awful, messy and smelled with body odor, dirty rooms, piles of patients files, only 1 chair, ceilings ready to cave in.. bathrooms were dirty and no towels to dry your hands....staff tried to used opened alcohol pads on me.... put too many drops in my eyes for dialation. and eye got irritated..i had to tell the girl the machine where my chin was suppose to rest on was dirty.. ..records on tables where anyone could look appeared the staff were all robots, and hesitant to say anything except apologies for the way I was treated. they appeared scared and sorry,,i;m sure they knew to keep quiet......I was not told of my test results, or what to do..He..just walked out of the room....while i was trying to talk to him....HE JUST WOULDN"T LET YOU TALK or explain my complaint....In a few days later , i received a typed letter from him ,(i feel it was done and detailed by one of his staff) telling me exactly what my other doctor told me, it appeared he/or someone copied the results from the reports i gave his staff from my previous doctor....How would he know and how could he rely on those blood tests and MRI's???He never took those test on me or examed me. It appears..he just copied in his letter the results from the reports i gave him..and this is a doctor???,,,now he will send in the charges and get paid from Medicare/and United Health for using the info i gave him from my other wonder the Health Care/Medicare is in the mess its in, its because of these doctors....I'm back where i started with my eye palsy....and he's suppose to be highly reccommended for such an operation.. ?????....i wouldn't bring my dog to him.....I feel he writes all those good reviews about himself..if you check, after every bad review, there appears days later of a good one....does that tell you something???...and i feel if anyone calls all THOSE hospitals he states he has his degrees from may be false and untrue. It appeared and feel there could or seemed to be some substance abuse. He did not appear or seem normal,,something was wrong......ALL YOU HEAR FROM HIS STAFF is how he has over 100 patients a day....Now ...HOW can anyone see those number of patients and give adaquate medical care....they are OUT for the money only,,,the heck with the patients and our Health System. Its ashame that they get away with it, and nothing is done about it....This is one of the reasons why our country is in such a mess with Health Care and with Medicare. ....I feel this person should be checked out by Medical authorities. I feel.there's something wrong going on.....I nor the person that was with me has nothing good to say...I felt so helpless and degraded.. and a waste of money and time (4 hours) and no help but to pass me on to another doctor and to tell me to take vitamin B....terrible treatment... .

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I know options are limited in DFW, but if you care about your health, find another doctor! show details I know options are limited in DFW, but if you care about your health, find another doctor!
by Mark Otterman on Nov 27th, 2013

I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't been said before... A four hour appointment full of random nonsensical tests designed to milk insurance for more money. Nurses telling me he sees 100 patients a day. Getting just under 2 minutes with the doctor (2 minutes!)and having him back out the door while I tried to tell him the tests he was ordering had already been done. This doctor does not care about patients. This doctor is a money maker, plain and simple. Do the math: 100 patients a day means he doesn't have time to look at those test results or images he orders you to have done. And his hopelessly undertrained staff managed to confuse me with another patient and start reviewing his medical history with me. Some guy who was tattooed up and down and looked to be 18 mumbled his way through an eye exam and declared I had 20/20 vision (nope), then they accidently dilated my eyes twice. It could have been funny if I wasn't scared of going blind. To sum up, it was a horrible experience, like a terrifying bad dream. You may have to wait to get into UTSW or drive to OK or Temple TX but you are far better off than going here.

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Brilliant Opthmalogist show details Brilliant Opthmalogist
by Gretchen on Nov 19th, 2013

Dr. McHenry is in my opinion a brilliant doctor, extremely well qualified in his field. He does see many patients because of this, however I feel extremely confident in his care. He answered all my questions and will discuss any options if there is one for you. If an accurate diagnosis and excellent treatment are your priority, I believe you would be happy with Dr. McHenry.

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Run, don't walk.... show details Run, don't walk....
by North Texas on Aug 21st, 2013

You will wait and wait and then end up seeing this rude man who acts like questions are an insult. I was given a prescription of the wrong medications for the wrong eyes and then he put a patch over my glasses to retrain my eye. There were follow up visits with painful tests and finally after no improvement I flew to another state only to be told I needed cataract surgery! It was fixed and not a problem since. This should have been an obvious issue to a trained doctor. I'm angry about the time and money wasted here.

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I felt like I was in an insane asylum show details I felt like I was in an insane asylum
by justlookingforaEYEdoctor on Mar 29th, 2013

This ophthalmologist may have very well been a good doctor when he was located at UTSW but get ready for the crazy house now. It's nothing less than running cattle. First, checking in, I was only about the tenth person having an appointment at same time in this FILTHY office. Concerns about your medical records? Well, you should be because complete files are everywhere. My gut was saying leave as the lady behind me was talking loudly about him being the best doctor in the world... Nowhere had she found a doctor that was an eye doctor, neurologist...(what..) and a PAIN doctor... Ah, now it made sense why his lobby was jam packed. I was here with legitimate concerns about my eyes due to a medical condition. I wasn't here trying to get pain medication. The banter in the lobby is just that.. exchanges between those seeking pain pills. It is a mix of patients, don't get me wrong but there is no way I would let myself or my mother be seen or something like cataracts in this clinic. Once I was finally taken back to one of the exam rooms to begin one of the tests, there was even someone else in there at the same time. HIPPA anyone? The machines are just wiped with an alcohol prep pad. Don't expect the papers to be in place where your forehead will go. Try not to concentrate on where you will be looking into. Just don't. No alcohol pads have been there in a while. After you've been moved to the "other side" where the doctor is located, the lobby is a bit more quiet but it is no less mayhem. Patients folders are strewn about once you get past the lobby. Literally everywhere. So reckless. Once Dr. McHenry came in, his initial bedside manner seemed okay other than his middle finger being colored purple. Perhaps he does this on purpose for visualization.. I found it off-putting since everything was so dirty. I want my doctors to appear clean. That's just me. Then his manner changed. I had noticed that it seemed everyone had MRI films. He thought I should get one, too. I declined. His demeanor and tenseness towards me was near palpable. He curtly instructed one of the assistants in the room to just get pictures of my eyes instead. I was to come back in a week. FOUR hours later, I was finally finished and checking out at this place and feeling sick to my stomach. I should have followed that intuitive voice inside me when I saw this doctor stacked appointments as he does causing me pause for his practice. He may be a great eye surgeon but I think he's lost his way and has turned it into a giant cattle branding mess, just as he has the whole place decorated to be. Believe me, when you finally get out of there that's what you'll feel like.

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Don't know where I'd be show details Don't know where I'd be
by BG on Feb 22nd, 2013

If it wasn't for Dr. McHenry, I'd probably be blind. Yes, he's all business but he has the patients best interests in mind when he sees you. Don't be shy to ask him questions - he WILL answer them. When doing surgery on eyes, you don't want a doctor who will go in and do too much work; Dr. McHenry is conservative and I have my eyesight to prove it.

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by Scott W. on Jan 31st, 2013

He's a brilliant doctor and excellent surgeon, but his "bedside" manner is very brusque. He knows what he's doing and is quick to accurately diagnose, but doesn't spend more time than ABSOLUTELY necessary with the patient.

AWEFUL! show details AWEFUL!
Sep 17th, 2012

I was in the office for a total of four hours, saw the Dr about 5 mins of that time. He did not have anything to say to me, and did not even diagnose. I had to chase him out of the office, for him to even say a word to me. AWEFUL time, will NEVER go back to this doctor!

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Praises for Dr. McHenry show details Praises for Dr. McHenry
Aug 31st, 2012

I cannot give enough praise to Dr. McHenry. He saved my vision. He diagnosed my problem on my first visit and scheduled me for immediate surgery. He does not waste time telling you unnecessary information. He gets to the point and answers your questions (I write mine down, so I will not forget to ask specific questions) Dr. McHenry is a very gifted physician. I have told him that he makes me feel that he can see the world through my eyes and he know exactly how to fix them. That he does!

Chaotic Circus show details Chaotic Circus
Mar 16th, 2012

I waited four hours. Ended up seeing the doctor for MAYBE a cumulative total of 2 minutes. He didn't even answer all of my questions because he was in such a hurry to go to the next person/leave the room. The nurses probably did 10 minutes of tests total. They dilated my eyes and then didn't do any further tests, so it was for no reason. The only good thing I have to say is the nurses were for the most part very nice. I will not go back here EVER.

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Stay away show details Stay away
Oct 24th, 2011

I had a horrible experience with this doctor. The lady at the front told me that he had to see 95 patients that day! How can he devote any time to anyone when he see's that many people. He talked to me for less than two minutes. It was ridiculous. I have been caling continuosly to get medicine and they have yet to call it in. They literally put me on hold for ten minutes or more every time I call. I would not go here!

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Brillant Doctor show details Brillant Doctor
Jul 7th, 2011

I have seen Dr McHenry. Your eyes are a criticle part of your image of the world. It is not something you mess around with!! Dr. McHenry is one of the premire eye doctors in the world. He saved my eyesite. I have read these reviews.. but if you eye site is valuable to you do not go anywhere eles. I cannot thank him enough! My eyes.. my vision.. saved by Dr. McHenry. He has moved and started his own practice.. who can blame him. As one of the world best eye surgeons he see 20 - 30 patients in the morning.. and does five - seven procedures in the afternoon. Some people will not be happy with this schedule.. but if you want the best, you may have to wait. Don't complain.. what is you eyesite worth to you??

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Jun 30th, 2011

Dr Mchenry is a brilliant dr. He isn't very talkative, however he has addressed all of my vision problems, The only problem I have is his support staff. I cant think of a way to put it besides they are just plain lazy, everyone one of them I have dealt with, including his office manager Ms. Rich. Good luck getting a prescription refill or anything faxed.

I would not recommend Dr. McHenry's office to anybody show details I would not recommend Dr. McHenry's office to anybody
Jun 25th, 2011

Dr. McHenry was very polite, but other than that I would not recommend him to anybody.

Worst Healthcare Experience of my Life show details Worst Healthcare Experience of my Life
Mar 10th, 2011

I was excited to see Dr. McHenry when I needed a neuro-opthalmologist. His website was very thorough - had very interesting information about the doctor and information pertaining to my condition.Every appointment has been more disappointing. Because there are very few doctors in the area, I continued to see him hoping it would improve. One visit, I kept track of my wait time. Of a 2 hour, 5 minute appointment: 10 minutes was spent taking a computerized test, 4 minutes speaking with Dr. McHenry, 5 minutes speaking with an assistant, and 106 minutes waiting. The icing on the cake was when they were removed from my insurance plan, did not tell me, and tried to bill me an outrageous amount. Dr. McHenry then tried to charge me to change physicians.

Excellent show details Excellent
Dec 27th, 2010

Tried several doctors and could not find a solution to my problem. Dr. McHenry give me a diagnosis on the first visit and took immediate action to correct the problem.

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Oct 14th, 2010

This doctor totally missed my eye infections and inflammation, causing me to see another doctor within two days who correctly diagnosed the problem and took corrective treatment. As the problems were quite simple to detect, I would not trust this doctor ever again.

Dr. McHenry is back!! show details Dr. McHenry is back!!
Jul 1st, 2010

I received a letter from his new practice!!

One of His Many Highly Complex Satisfied Patients show details One of His Many Highly Complex Satisfied Patients
by Chandra Vokoun on Jun 15th, 2010

Dr. McHenry is simply the BEST!Dr. McHenry is an exceptional diagnostician. Other patientshave commented to me how much they trust him; how ill they have been; and how their eyes are so improved.I've been his patient for 7 years. Consistently professionaland caring, he is. When a new patient questioned me about her upcomingrecommended surgery and Dr. McHenry's quiet demeanor,I told her to listen to what he said; have the surgery. Toldher what other surgery patients have said to me after hissuccessful surgeries with them. I told her that he was veryfocused---and that he isn't a pediatrician---he's a surgeon.She told me thanks; she was going to have him do her surgery.THANKFUL for all he has done---not only for me, but alsofor his care of others.

by Marcia Isaacs on May 6th, 2010

I was referred to Dr. McHenry by my opthamologist for a problem with double vision. I have been seeing Dr. McHenry for five years.No, he is not warm and fuzzy but that is not why I went to him. I believe he is the best doctor for my problem and I have full confidence in his ability to treat my ongoing problem. I miss him terribly.I do not like the doctor I saw a couple of months ago in his absence. She referred me to another specialist at UTSW for my glaucoma problem. She told me if I wanted I could call back in a year and schedule another appointment with a neuro-optho. If Dr. McHenry has not returned, I will refuse to see her. I hope, if he wishes to do so, Dr. McHenry will be able to return to UTSW. I am also selfish enough and concerned enough about my eyesight that, if and when he does return, he will continue to see me as a patient.I have been very concerned about his well-being and hope that he is doing well.Sincerely,Marcia Isaacs

May 5th, 2010

Dr. Mchenry is a very good doctor he doseexcellent in his job I have psuedtumor subri in my nureo pathic eye diease. He treats that and also treated my sleep apnea and my noricolespy. He is vey good doctor. I preferre doctor McHenry then any other doctors.

Truly Miraculous Doctor show details Truly Miraculous Doctor
by Christine on Dec 29th, 2009

I will miss Dr. McHenry because he has always done and said exactly the right thing for my eye problem. It may sound silly, but I feel as if he knows my eye. I am afraid to leave it up to a new doctor to diagnose my problem but I am hopeful Dr. McHenry will be back soon.

by Chanda on Dec 5th, 2009

Dr. McHenry saved my sight!!! I know eveytime I'm there for an appointment, which 4 years ago was 2 time a week to now every few months, that I am getting the best care I can get. When my diagnosis was derirmined he admitted me to the hospital and did surgury that night. I am sad that he will be out for a while and I will see another Dr. because even though the wait is sometimes long and we all know he isn't the most chatting person, he knows me and not just from reading my chart but remembers me and details from my surgury and my time as his patient.

Nov 22nd, 2009

Gifted healer

Sep 16th, 2009

Wait in hours, not minutes. Lack of person skills obvious. COLDNo consideration for patient comfort.

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